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CATALOG 2022 Essential Tools that Give Back to Nature WALRUSOIL.COM



OUR PURPOSE THIS PRODUCT HELPS PLANT TREES Our purpose is to confront climate change through social enterprise and the reforestation of trees across North America for the longterm health of the planet. Trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere and heal the land from the effects of climate change. Since logging is essential for woodworking and wood finishes is our primary business, this is a solution to not only replace the trees cut down for woodworking, but to create a surplus. We donate a portion of our revenue to tree planting programs administrated by National Forest Foundation®, verified by 1% For The Planet®. Additionally, we’ve been Climate Neutral® Certified since 2021 to cover our own footprint. Our planet needs a lot of help and this is our contribution to the global effort to fight climate change and to protect wild places. Every product sold supports this mission and together we believe we can make a positive environmental impact in the world. - Dave Darr, Founder/CEO A PORTION OF EVERY PRODUCT SOLD SUPPORTS THE NATIONAL FOREST FOUNDATION ALL OF OUR GIVING IS VERIFIED ®




CUTTING BOARD OIL FINISH AND MAINTAIN YOUR CUTTING BOARD WITH THE PRODUCT TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONAL WOODWORKERS 100% Food-Safe Cutting Board Oil free of toxins and synthetics, designed for new builds or for reconditioning heavily used cutting boards. It doesn’t require multiple coats and will leave your board with a silky smooth finish, rich color, and a little sheen. The perfect ratio of ingredients locks in natural wood tones while repelling water and food particles when in use. 2 oz. | 8 oz. | 32 oz. | 128 oz. | 5 Gal. Semi-Gloss Finish Unscented



Cutting Boards Butcher Blocks Charcuterie Boards Wood Bowls Spoons and Knives

Coconut Oil Beeswax Pure Mineral Oil Vitamin E

WOOD WAX WATERPROOF ANY WOOD SURFACE AND ENHANCE NATURAL WOOD COLOR WITH THE WOOD WAX THE PROS USE Wood Wax will add extra protection from water and moisture while bringing out a more vivid wood color and shine. Our Wood Wax is very dense and a pinch goes a long way. It can be used as a standalone product or after applying a layer of our Cutting Board Oil. .75 oz. | 3 oz. | 16 oz Semi-Gloss Finish Unscented

PROJECT IDEAS Cutting Boards Butcher Blocks Charcuterie Boards Wood Bowls Spoons, and Knives


INGREDIENTS Coconut Oil Beeswax Pure Mineral Oil Vitamin E

Trevor Davies from Madira Design, in Idaho, USA @madiradesign



JAK NATURAL DESIGNS Hello! I’m Jackie and I am the self-taught woodworker, designer, and creator of Jak. Natural Designs. I create small batches of functional wooden art in my humble shop nestled in the beautiful Inland Temperate Rainforest of British Columbia. Inspired by natural wonders and fuelled by my quest to live an adventure-filled life, I embarked on a new journey of woodturning and woodworking the summer of 2018. By primarily using foraged timber, I love giving new life to our precious natural resources as well as incorporating whatever journey the tree has already been on into my designs. My favourite pieces to make usually come with the biggest organic challenges - there is always beauty to be found within nature’s flaws and imperfections. I consider every piece created to be an extension of nature and a symbol of inherent beauty, intended to bring a sense of serenity, delight, and wonder into the space in which it resides. My goal with Jak. Natural Designs is essentially to bring people joy. Using ethically sourced wood and sustainable practices, I can only hope that these intentionally made goods will inspire a life lived in the same way the pieces are made: with love, with passion, and exceptionally.


“Walrus Oil really checks all the boxes: A top quality, all natural, and plant-based product. A small business with a huge focus on the environment and the future of our planet, and amazing people who sincerely care about the way their products are made and the people who buy them.”


Blue River - British Columbia @jak.naturaldesigns



FURNITURE BUTTER A 100% PLANT-BASED OIL AND ROSIN WOOD FINISH FORTIFIED WITH HARD WAXES. INSPIRED BY FINISHES PRODUCED BY ANCIENT VIOLIN AND CELLO MAKERS, IT’S EASY TO APPLY AND CURES TO A GORGEOUS SATIN FINISH Walrus Oil’s Furniture Butter penetrates and seals with plant-based polymerizing oils, rosin, and hard waxes, pulling out natural wood colors and tones, and locking them in permanently. The rosin and hard waxes add sheen and provides water protection after fully cured. Furniture Butter can be used as a completely standalone product and “one n done” solution. It also can be used after our Furniture Finish or before our Furniture Wax. 16 oz. | Matte to Satin Finish | Lightly Scented

PROJECT IDEAS Tables Chairs Bookcases Coffee Tables Dressers Wooden Signs Picture Frames


Tung Oil Safflower Oil Hemp Seed Oil Carnauba Wax Candelilla Wax Pine Rosin Lime Oil

Made by Doug Hardy of Photon Lasery. Chair designed by Foureyes Furniture. Photo by Zak Coker 8 WALRUSOIL.COM

FURNITURE FINISH A TRADITIONAL DANISH OIL STYLE WOOD FINISH WITHOUT DRIERS, HARMFUL CHEMICALS, AND MADE WITH A SPECIFIC RATIO OF POLYMERIZING OILS TO MINIMIZE YELLOWING AND UNWANTED WOOD COLOR CHANGES Walrus Oil’s Furniture Finish is a penetrating oil-based finish that soaks deep into hardwoods, pulling out natural wood colors, and locking them in permanently. It is completely natural, safe for food-contact surfaces, and cures to a beautifully smooth matte finish. It is best used before our Furniture Butter and/or Furniture Wax wood finishes. 8 oz. | 32 oz. | 128 oz. | 5 Gal. Matte Finish Lightly Scented



Tables Chairs Coffee Tables Bookcases Wooden Signs

Tung Oil Safflower Oil Hemp Seed Oil Lime Oil

FURNITURE WAX THE HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF HARD WAXES IN OUR FURNITURE FINISH LINE. PERFECT FOR A FINAL COAT TO ADD EXTRA WATER PROTECTION TO YOUR WOODWORKING PROJECTS Walrus Oil Furniture Wax is a dense, hard wax designed to add water protection, a little shine, and color richness to woodworking projects. Also useful for polishing old furniture and wood items. 3 oz. Matte to Satin Finish Lightly Scented



Tables Chairs Bookcases Coffee Tables Dressers Wooden Signs Picture Frames

Tung Oil Safflower Oil Hemp Seed Oil Carnauba Wax Candelilla Wax Pine Rosin Lime Oil WALRUSOIL.COM



SHEA ALEXANDER - “Many woodworkers hate applying finishes. Walrus Oil has made it the most loved step by making sustainable finishes reminiscent of traditional methods accessible to today’s hobbyists and professionals.”

PURE TUNG OIL Our 100% Pure Tung Oil is ideal for interior cabin walls, hardwood floors, and outdoor furniture. With the natural commercial grade finish tung oil offers, it can be used for virtually any interior architectural application. It’s also suitable for refinishing and protecting outdoor wood furniture. It locks in natural wood colors, while protecting wood surfaces from UV, water, and everyday wear and tear. 32 oz. | 128 oz. | 5 Gal. Polymerizing Matte to Satin Finish

PROJECT IDEAS Hardwood Floors, Cabinets, Interior Hardwood Walls, Ceiling Beams, Adirondack Chairs, Outdoor Wood Tables, BBQ Island, and more.











WOOD PREPARATION All hardwoods need to be properly kiln dried or air dried until moisture levels are under 10%. A higher moisture level will cause finishes to take much longer to dry. To prevent raised grain, use the sand-wet-sand method before applying any finishes. Sand wood surface between 120 - 220, wet surface with water to raise the grain, let it dry, then sand surface again between 220 - 600 to remove the raised grain. The higher the sanding grit, the tighter the surface will seal and smoother the surface should feel.

APPLY FINISH Basic application is almost the same for all of our finishes. Pour a small amount of oil or apply a pinch of wax directly to wood surface. Begin working it into the wood by hand with a rag or with an electric buffer until all surfaces are covered with a very thin layer. A little bit goes a long way, so start with small amounts and only apply more until all surfaces are covered.

CURING PROCESS Before applying additional coats or other finishes, allow finish to start curing. For faster dry time you can mix a small amount of natural solvent with our finishes. Note, surface won’t start to feel dry to touch until after buffing away excess residue. More tips and details can be found at www.walrusoil.com/pages/how-to-use

100% FOOD-SAFE Walrus Oil is made only with ingredients that are 100% FDA approved for food contact surfaces. This means every finish can be used for any woodworking project. You can use Cutting Board Oil or even Furniture Butter on your butcher blocks or wooden utensils.




In 2021 Walrus Oil teamed up with Janus Motorcycles out of Goshen, Indiana to create a fully custom Walrus Oil co-branded motorcycle suitable for both road and trail. The bike has been used for field testing the durability of our leather care products which can be used on boots, bike seats, protective gear, leather accessories, and more.







KITS & GIFT SETS CUTTING BOARD CARE KIT The Cutting Board Care Kit by Walrus Oil is a collection of our cutting board products, plus a buffing rag, all packaged in an exclusive collectible box. Perfect as a gift for the woodworker in your life, whether they’re a seasoned professional or hobbyist just getting started. Also great for the home chef who has a wooden cutting board that needs some extra love.

KIT INCLUDES Cutting Board Oil, 8 oz. Bottle Wood Wax, 3 oz. Can Buffing Rag

FURNITURE MAKER MASTER KIT The Furniture Maker Master Kit by Walrus Oil is a collection of our entire line of furniture finishes, plus a buffing rag, all packaged in an exclusive collectible box. Perfect as a gift for the woodworker in your life, whether they’re a seasoned professional or hobbyist just getting started. All finishes are made with 100% plant-based ingredients.

KIT INCLUDES Furniture Finish, 8 oz. Bottle Furniture Butter, 16 oz. Can Furniture Wax, 3 oz. Can Buffing Rag


CAST IRON OIL WELL MAINTAINED CAST IRON WILL WORK JUST AS GOOD AS IT DID 100 YEARS AGO WHEN IT WAS FIRST MADE Walrus Oil Cast Iron Oil is made with two simple ingredients: polymerizing Safflower Oil and plant-derived Vitamin E. This specific variety of Safflower Oil is the most ideal oil for cast iron seasoning. Its high smoke point and thin viscosity allow it to penetrate the metal easier, and helps to build durable coats over time, even when applied outside of heat seasoning. 8 oz. | Matte to Satin Finish



LEATHER OIL Bring your old boots and leather goods back to life with our Leather Oil made with nourishing plant-based oils and beeswax. It conditions and rehydrates dried and brittle leather, and with the beeswax component it also shines and adds a good base coat of water protection. Works with all types of leather. 4 oz. | Lightly Scented



Boot Repair Motorcycle Gear Leather Accessories Horse Saddles

Almond Oil Beeswax Vitamin E Clove Oil

LEATHER WAX Our Leather Wax is designed to add extra water protection to boots and leather surfaces while enhancing color and shine. With the addition of shea butter, it provides additional nourishing qualities to prolong the life of leather. 2 oz. | Lightly Scented



Boot Repair Motorcycle Gear Leather Accessories Horse Saddles

Beeswax Shea Butter Almond Oil Vitamin E Clove Oil


AXE OIL Every woodsman and woodworker worth their salt knows an axe must be kept rust-free and well oiled. That’s why Walrus Oil teamed up with Peter Buchanan-Smith, the founder of Best Made Co. and author of BuchananSmith’s Axe Handbook, to formulate the perfect conditioner to bring old hatchets and axes back to life and to properly maintain them for decades of use. Made with all natural ingredients including coconut oil, carnauba wax, and beeswax, it conditions both the handle and axe head, naturally restoring original character while protecting your axe with a water-repellent wax. This “all-in-one” axe oil goes on like a gel, and because it contains no linseed oil, the product won’t gum up on the axe head.

4 oz. | Matte to Satin Finish Made with Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, and Beeswax



NATURAL BUG OFF BALM 2 OZ. Instantly turn into a repulsively unattractive human to mosquitoes, flies, and other woodland pests. Walrus Oil Natural Bug Off Balm is a 100% plant-based and DEET free mosquito repellent that uses the power of nature to help keep the pests away while hiking, canoeing, or whatever your adventure looks like. Scent is designed to ward off pests without smelling like chemicals.

INGREDIENTS Castor Oil Cedarwood Oil Citronella Oil Rosemary Oil


Clove Oil Almond Oil Carnauba Wax Cocoa Butter


Our hand salve is a dense, creamy conditioner that revitalizes dried out cracked hands with nutrient rich oils, butters, and waxes for long hard days working in the toughest conditions. The tin easily slides in your back pocket. Formula is non-greasy, non-sticky, and non-shiny.

INGREDIENTS Coconut Oil Olive Wax Candelilla Wax Cocoa Butter

Kokum Butter Clove Oil Peppermint Oil Vitamin E


Made for cold and brutal weather, and those who work outdoors. Our plant-based lip balm soothes, moisturizes, and protects with nutrient rich ingredients. Oval shaped stick for easy carry. Formula is non-greasy, non-sticky, and non-shiny.

INGREDIENTS Almond Oil Coconut Oil Shea Butter Jojoba Oil Black Current Oil

Candelilla Wax Menthol Clove Oil Vitamin E WALRUSOIL.COM


A GOOD STORY IN THE MAKING Dave Darr Walrus Oil Founder & CEO


After one hell of a childhood riddled with years of health complications, Dave Darr graduates from college in 2009 and moves to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the kayaking and cycling friendly community. He refinishes antique furniture in his free time and starts experimenting with unique and natural ingredients that could be used as a wood finish. A few years later Dave relocates to the Ozarks and starts a commercial woodshop supplying tables and cutting boards to restaurants made from locally sourced timber from the Ozark Mountains. Noticing a lack of food-safe wood finishes in the marketplace with transparent ingredients, he also begins bottling and selling his time-tested wood finish recipes. He called it “Walrus Oil,” the name loosely inspired by the large mustache he was known for.

2017 - THE WALRUS IS BORN - WOOD FINISHES Walrus Oil’s initial market tests were very positive, but after a few short months, demand unexpectedly explodes, thanks in part to a lot of happy customers sharing their experiences on social media. Quickly becoming a full-time job, Dave starts acquiring industrial brewing equipment. The following year Walrus Oil is featured in the world’s largest woodworking magazine, Wood Magazine, and is picked up by the largest woodworking store chain in the USA, Rockler Woodworking. These milestones help establish Walrus Oil as a household name in the woodworking community across North America. Over the following years new wood finishes are released and new product categories are tackled. Walrus Oil also begins exporting internationally.

2018 - TOOLS FOR THE BRUTAL NORTH - SKIN PROTECTION AND LEATHER CARE After frequent travels to Montana and Wyoming in the dead of winter, the region was adopted as a second home by Dave. Using his brewing equipment and the same quality standards, he creates Logger’s Lip Balm and Logger’s Hand Salve, a 100% plant-based skincare line formulated to keep your skin moisturized and protected in the harsh conditions of the Northern Rockies. A line of leather care products were also created to help keep duck boots and leather goods better protected while hiking or working the old logging roads.

2020 - TREE PLANTING INITIATIVE Walrus Oil has donated profits to environmental programs since it’s inception, however in 2020 they began a relationship with National Forest Foundation by committing to plant a few thousand trees in one year. The following year in 2021 they increased their involvement with National Forest Foundation by becoming an official tree planting partner, reserved for select businesses. Walrus Oil is also an official member of 1% For The Planet. To read more on our tree planting initiative, visit walrusoil.com.

TODAY Walrus Oil continues to forge a legacy of creating much needed tools, handcrafted by people who truly care about the environment as much as the product itself.



THE WORKER’S CREED “Above all else nurture a culture of good, honoring your fellow colleagues with patience, kindness, and respect, to cultivate a harmonious team-centered environment for all to succeed.”





Founder & CEO

General Manager

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Wholesale Manager

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E-Commerce Manager



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Cover Photo Credit: Jak Natural Designs jaknaturaldesigns.com