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The first of Homeboy’s social enterprises, the Bakery is a training ground for aspiring bakers. Supplying fresh breads, pastries and specialty goods to the walk-up counter at Homegirl Café, Homeboy Farmers Markets and restaurants throughout Los Angeles, the bakery is a place where former enemies bake bread side by side, learning the science behind their skills. HOMEBOY BAKE RY

A favorite farm-to-table breakfast and lunch spot featuring Latino flavors with a healthy, contemporary twist where homegirls serve tables instead of serving time. Homegirl offers an extensive training program empowering women and men to undertake what is often their first “real job” in the restaurant industry and urban farming. As trainees learn to grow, prep, and serve local and organic food, they grow in self-understanding and prepare themselves to serve as leaders in their families and communities. Homegirl offers a full catering service, HOMEGIRL CAFÉ & CATERING

With more than 17 years as a social enterprise serving thousands of clients, Homeboy Silkscreen & Embroidery has also trained over 500 men and women. The team offers expert screen printing and embroidering and assists clients with specialty promotional items such as coffee mugs, commuter cups, pens and much more. Customers gain satisfaction in supporting a social enterprise that supports individuals seeking hope and positive change in their lives. Connect with our experienced staff for large or small orders: HOMEBOY SILKSCREEN & EMBROIDERY

Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job.

Our first food products, Homeboy Tortilla Strips and Salsas created by Homegirl Café, are now available at Ralphs and Food 4 Less stores across Southern California. Look for more exciting grocery items coming soon. Each purchase of our products supports Homeboy programs. Visit our food demonstration team at a grocer near you. HOMEBOY GROCERY

Our newest social enterprise, the Homeboy Diner at Los Angeles City Hall is a casual dining spot where our trainees serve the public and those who keep the city humming! Check it out on the second floor at City Hall. HOMEBOY DINER

The retail store in our headquarters showcases Homeboy and Homegirl logo products. Stop by for t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, books and much more. The store serves as an excellent customer service training incubator for our clients. Order online, or direct inquiries to HOMEBOY/HOM EGIRL MERCHANDISE

Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Café items are now available at more than 20 local markets across the city. Our teams of trainees bring fresh baked bread, creative salads and other goods to neighborhood farmers markets in Los Angeles. To find a market near you, HOMEBOY FARMERS MARKETS

A distinctive feature of Homeboy Industries is its social enterprises, where the most difficult to place individuals are hired in transitional jobs. In a safe, supportive environment, men and women learn fundamental job skills while simultaneously building their resumes and work experience. Former rivals soon find themselves working side-by-side, experiencing true friendship in place of the limited community of gang life.

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Social enterprises created by Homeboy Industries.