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There are many travel guides available to Disney World. Trouble is, most of the guides are general information and leave out important information that could save you time and money. There is a lot of money spent at the Disney World resort that is unnecessary and families often leave the park with souvenirs that cost more than next week's groceries! Is it possible to go to Disney World and not spend your child's college tuition? Yes! With someone as your guide to Disney World you could learn how to avoid the Disney money trap and have an even better time on your vacation. Finding the proper guide to everything Disney took me a little time, but while researching information for our next vacation I uncovered a priceless guide to Disney World that revealed tricks and tips from a former Disney cast member. She outlined all of the mistakes most people make during their vacations that cost them dearly, not only financially but on time as well. We all know that Disney World and Disneyland are infamous for their long lines and thousands of people, but did you know that there is a way to avoid the lines and spend less money on everything including a 5-star resort? As your guide to Disney World, Beth Haworth reveals the secrets that she learned over the years working at Disney and offers her best advice from how to travel for less to how to buy tickets in advance that not only get you in faster, help you avoid the lines, but also offers you a considerable discount. She will teach you how to eat out for less and where to buy souvenirs up to 75% off of what you pay at the park.

You can start planning your dream vacation today knowing that Your Guide to Disney World will save you over $2000, while offering you the same vacation others are taking and spending considerably more on. The tips that she reveals she uses each time she travels with her own family, and they will make your vacation more enjoyable while saving you money at the same time!

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Your Guide to Disney World - Learn How to Save Money and Have More Fun