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Check in While buying your electronic ticket online you have received the with which you will confirm your ticket at the airport. It is best to come to the airport as soon as possible to avoid stress with checking in at last minute. Also, early check in with some carrires ensures higher priority while boarding. At check-in counter you are obliged to show your reservation code and some kind of ID, usually passport is required for international flights. It is recommended to ensure that your passport is valid at least six mont after entering foreign country. Low-cost carriers usually have free seating without assignes seats meaning passangers are able to choose their own seats. Be aware that checkin is usually closed 30 minutes before flight departs and later check-in is not possible. Low-cost carriers can be very rigid with this rule because you already paid the ticket so no metter if you fly or not they received their money. Boarding Considering tham most low-cost carrieers have free seating, some of them developed priority boarding system. First priority for boardin usually have famillies with small children as well people who need assistance while boarding. Other passangers can be prioritized by the chec-in time. In case that carriers dont have priority system you can try to assure suitable place in the aircraft in several ways. Low-cost carriers aircraft are usually parked at remote positions and transport is done by buses. It is recomneded to enter last in the bus because most likely you will exit first meaning that you will enter the aircraft among the first. If entrance to the aircraft is ensured with airbridges passngers standing closest to the entrance will enter first. Denied boarding compensation Low-cost cariiers as well as other carriers allways sell few seats more than actual capacity of the aircraft, because there is always certain percentage of passangers that don't show up on specific flight. Therefore in case that your boarding is denied for the flight you have a valid ticket yu have right on denied boarding compensation. Further details can be obtained from staff representing the carrier. Connecting flights low-cost carriers usually dont offer connecting flights but only point-to-point flights. So if you book a travel that considers connecting to another low-cost carriers flight be aware that most likely you will have to take cre of your own luggage to be trtansfered from flight to flight and you will have to check in again for your next flight. That is why it is recommneded to take with you as less luggage as possible (best option is only carry-on luggage) and to try to study airport facilities so you could

find your way thrue the airport easily and quickly... Lowcost carraiers usually dont take the responsibility for losing your connecting flights so be sure you have enough time between flight so you would have enough time (min. recommneded 2 hours) for all the neccesarry actions. Changing the booking It is usually possible to change your booking but sometimes it is the more expencive option too. If you need to change your flight for the later date it is better to check if there are cheap options for the required dates because it may be cheaper than simply changing the bookin. Refunding Lowcost carries do not offer refunding of money paid for the ticket, you can most likely only change your reservation for different date for certain compensation. But keep in mind that certain amount of money you have paid are airport taxes and in case you are not taking the flight carrier is obliged to refund you amount paid for taxes. If you are sure that you canceled your travel contact the carrier from which you bought the ticket giving them your name flight date, booking number and all other relevant data. Fly healthy To make your flight more comfortable we give you few tips tha will help you to reduce the negative effects of flying: Wear light and comfortable clothes Drink pleanty of liquids, primarily water so you can compansate watere lost due to very dry air in an aircraft. Be cautious with intake of coffee, tee, coca-cola and alcoholic beverages which stimulate dehydration of your body Stretch your arms and legs regulary If you wear contact-lenses it will probably be more comfortable to wear spectacles instead READ MORE AT:

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When Flying With Low-cost Carriers  

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