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Welcome back to an exploration of freedom. Let us continue with three more factors used by people who regularly enjoy feeling free. 4. FIND YOUR POINT OF POWER RIGHT NOW Freedom and Power are closely linked qualities. I'll be discussing power in more detail in another article. For now- I invite you to claim your freedom at the only place where real power exists. Right now, in this present moment, NOW! Whatever thoughts you carry forward from your history that do not any longer serve or support you - let them go. Drop them right now and choose fresh thoughts. You may have to keep choosing your fresh thoughts for a period of time before the old ones start dissolving but so what? The process is exhilarating and energizing. 5. LIVE KNOWING THAT YOU ARE ETERNAL If you think that this one physical body and life is all that you are or ever will be you are missing the bigger picture. The physical aspect of you is only one part of your totality. Remember you are an ever-expanding consciousness. Understand this and you will be free to engage your life fully while relaxing and not taking each and every single event that happens too seriously. How freeing! 6. BE COURAGEOUS AND BE WILLING TO WOBBLE When you claim your freedom you face a whole new reality. The limits you previously accepted are lifted. That is a very liberating experience! Many times I have witnessed clients as they tap their innate freedom. It is not uncommon for them to start to shake and quiver. When their resistance to their own freedom is removed a huge wave of energy -that has been pent up and trapped - rushes through them. Often the body signals relief before the mind registers it. In my groups we have a term for this liberation. We call it "the squirm that confirms." When it happens it is undeniable and everyone in the room recognizes it. We welcome these energetic surges and celebrate them. * Freedom can take your breath away! * It clears out the brains resistance to change

* It energizes us with physical vitality * It undoes deeply ingrained pathways of constricted thinking * It opens the heart for more genuine connections with others and * Freedom flings open closed doorways so that we can more easily connect with all of our other spiritual qualities. The Connection Option: Freedom Life energy is not constricted or contained by human limitations. The Energy of Life flows freely into, through and as all that we see, know and experience. When we feel constricted, limited or trapped we can examine our own thoughts and we will discover that we are imprisoning our natural energy with our own thinking. We have forgotten our essential freedom and we have the option to remember. As a Victim I am sure others are holding me back, restricting me and keeping me stuck. I find reasons for selfimprisonment everywhere I look. If it is not my body it is my bank account. If it is not my relationships it is my work. I am very familiar (and comfortable) with being stuck. As a Creator I know freedom belongs to me. I love the ride from constriction to freedom. Each time I notice a stuck or trapped feeling I examine my options, shift my focus and ride the wave of energy that liberates me. I am free and I love it! Action for Freedom One word: Permission! Only you can grant yourself freedom. Give yourself permission to live connected to your own freedom and even if you squirm and shake and wobble have courage. Freedom will not hurt you or others - it is a gift of the utmost respect and reverence to recognize and honor freedom in your self and in others.

Peri is the Founder of Creators Choice™Don’t Leave Your Future to Chance! Programs, Products for the Practical Spirituality that makes a difference in your life now. Peri lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and mentors clients around the world through Tele-Classes and Personal Mentoring Programs ~ Aware Entrepreneurs, Your Issue Now! and The Turnaround – A Curriculum for a Fulfilling Lifestyle. []

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Twelve Qualities of Spirit - Freedom - Part Two  

Whatever thoughts you carry forward from your history that do not any longer serve or support you - let them go. Drop them right now and cho...

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