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America's love for food and cooking is not hidden from the world. May it be a cookery show or a low down on the favorite eating places of a specific region, we love to learn and explore the art of cooking and it shows right from the childhood. No wonder, toy kitchens or play kitchens are so popular with our kids. The pretend play toy kitchens offer years of non-stop fun and let children expand their world of imagination. Even experts agree that play kitchens nurture children's creativity and instill healthy eating habits for lifetime. There are several different benefits that play kitchens offer to children rather than just passing time. Role modeling Role modeling is vital for children's development. By emulating real life, they understand the roles different people perform for smooth functioning of the house. They can assume any role right from the chef, food tester to a host of the party or a guest and can get the basic view of what it is to be like any of these characters. Role modeling also gives them the confidence and the drive to explore new things in life. Communication Play kitchens are mainly about playing with mates, parents, stuffed animals or imaginary friends and having a conversation with them. It encourages children to transform their thoughts into words and pushes them to communicate effectively. When they start imitating grown up talks and actions, they begin feeling the need of self expression. This further encourages them to read and write as they teach their play pal while cooking like you do in real life. Responsibility While playing with toy kitchens, children should be informed about what responsibilities come with it. Placing the utensils at their rightful spots, cleaning the kitchen, serving the food, setting the table, turning off the flame and oven all teach children the importance of discipline, organization, leadership and the need to take responsibility for their actions. Being in charge of the situation boosts their self-confidence and helps them to assume a position of importance with responsibility in real life. Mental development Pretend play in toy kitchens can be very challenging depending on the situations created. Concerns like what to be used when there is no spoon available, choosing the replacement to take

their charge when they are away somewhere, what to be served when, what items need to be stored in fridge, how to manage a sudden guest require them to look for alternatives and hence promote problem solving capabilities. The skills children learn during pretend play last for life time. So start getting kitchen play sets to your child today and make him or her learn the important lessons of life in fun way.

Troy James Macraft is the Chief Editor of online content at Great Kid Gifts. Great Kid Gifts is a premier shop that specializes in child development and toys that build and enhance those skill through fun and creativity. Puzzles for Toddler Learning.

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The pretend play toy kitchens offer years of non-stop fun and let children expand their world of imagination. Even experts agree that play k...

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