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For convenience and ease, the internet is hard to beat when looking for travel bargains. While it's true that your local travel agent can do everything from help you decide where you want to go to how you want to get there, it does cost a few dollars for this convenience. Travel agents work on commission so the price you pay will generally include their commission for helping you. This is a small price to pay for the personal attention your agent can give you but for those that like to "do it yourself" or those willing to do a little work them selves, shopping online is hard to beat. Just a few minutes online will reveal some fantastic savings on air fares, care rentals, hotel rooms, even complete packages and cruises. One of the other big benefits of shopping online is the convenience. While it may take more than ten minutes just to drive to your local travel agent, in ten minutes you could have made all of your travel arrangements online. A great place to start your online travel search is with one or all of the larger travel websites. Travelocity is one of the giants, with Orbitz and Expedia right there in the mix as well. These sites specialize in rate comparisons. You can compare many airlines and hotels and car rental companies side by side in literally just a few minutes. And in those few minutes you could save a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. If you're planning a trip to a specific region, you can also look for a travel website that caters exclusively to travelers looking for specific regional information. These niche travel sites tend to get into a little more detail about the area you may be planning to visit. If there is one disadvantage to shopping online it would be that some of the deals you find will be limited offers. Always have your credit card ready so that you can take advantage of any super deals you may found. A bargain that is here today could very well be gone tomorrow. Whether you plan on taking a dream vacation or a business trip, the internet can be used as a huge advantage to savvy travelers that wish to save money.

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