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No individual is spared from the malefic influence of the planets in this material world. Performing Astrological remedies and thereby offsetting Own actions (Karmas), of course would go a long way in solving your problems. However the ultimate secret of getting out of the vicious cycle of Karma and consequent liberation of the individual from the realm of the karmic influence is the final answer to all the mundane problems of the human kind. The revelations in this regard by my Master preceptor are explained here for the benefit of the uninitiated. Self Realization the ultimate Goal:The realization of the ultimate truth is the purpose of all living souls but a few individuals could succeed in their endeavor towards this end, leaving the rest of them to get entangled in the illusions of life and making them wander in their spiritual pursuits causing numerous births and deaths. Chasing the illusions like Money, power, and love, life after life, the individual gradually grows and stops wavering about these mundane affairs, and start seeking the ultimate purpose of one's life. We need to be clear about the three basic concepts, to move further in the direction of realization. The Soul, the Mind and the Body, are these three components, those are necessary to carry on the incarnations. The Soul is pure and detached (Nirguna). It is also the manifestation of god on the individual, what we call the Individual soul (jeevathma ). The body is just the vehicle of the soul, without which no one can continue the journey in this material world. The body though very important the sustenance or maintenance of which is not an end in itself. The body being the vehicle of the soul is to be controlled and not be allowed to control by itself. The Mind the third element can be equated with a driver that controls the vehicle . The Mind is however not as pure as the soul. One's prejudiced Perceptions to various experiences of life , teachings of wrong preceptors , Wrong or distorted learning ,or unwanted and endless desires emanating from the ignorance about the concept of happiness (Sukha) and bliss (As there is no better comfort than bliss ) all may contribute for the immaturity and imperfection of the mind as compared to the soul. When someone succeeds in graduating his/her unsteady and immature mind to make it realize the truth, the mind may also get purified like the soul. This process of purification can be achieved either by sheer repeated cycle of births and deaths mentioned above, akin to a bad student, who takes more time to complete the assignments , or by resorting to any of the acceptable routes of realization like enlightenment (Jnana), Devotion (Bhakthi ), Service (Karma ) etc. This state of mind is known as Realization. To realize the ultimate truth which is referred to by many a nomenclature, like God (Brahma) or the Universal soul, one needs to know about the Self. Knowing the self would facilitate knowing the Purpose of life and fulfilling the cause. This can be achieved in many ways . One way is through Self inquiry which leads to sharpening of the universally accepted individual positive traits and

simultaneously weeding off the negative traits of the individual. This is known as Self development in the modern management theory or as per the terminology of the behavioral science, and is purely logical in concept though a circuitous route. Secondly it is through Initiation. Here one seeks a preceptor. The preceptor needs be one who is realized, impartial, open and truthful. One of the pitfalls of this system, as critics put it, is its inherent drawback of 'thinking within the Box', Since one may be completely overpowered by the preceptor and he/she may forget the faculty of inquiry, though ideally no Good teacher(Sat guru ) allows this to creep in to the mind of any of his/her disciples. In this context it may be added that, a Teacher Student relationship need not be that of a Master and Servant relationship and no bondage or strings need to get attached to their relationship. Third option for Self Realization is by self inquiry, through the proven tools like, Meditation where the individual mind get equated and immersed with the universal mind and no Knowledge would be alien to the person thereafter since he/she can comprehend things from a very higher angle. Of course, that calls for tremendous will and focused attention. In my opinion the concept of self inquiry propounded by Lord Buddha and in our own time by J. Krishnamoorthy is a classic example of this route. The second option seems to be more practical and people friendly, though not idealistic. Whatever the path one follows, one needs to have the conviction. However it is up to the individual to choose the path. It is always desirable to have a good preceptor (Sat Guru) to help and guide the individual, for there may be many occasions when one get blockades in his/her journey of realization, and to resume the same there need to be someone who can lift and bail him/her out. I am not here to enter into any debate, on self seekers or those who have opened up new realms of thinking. Many popular and revered Masters, Saints and preachers of today are yet to attain the above stage and they are on their way of exploring the unknown realms of the ultimate knowledge. Those who have crossed the ocean of Ignorance , are never to be seen in this material world, for they guide and direct us, as Masters from the Cosmic World, and are perhaps being referred to as Angels. (The Ideas presented here are based on the essence of Divine Advices given to the author by his most Revered and Omniscient preceptor, and are purely personal.) (The words in bracket are of Sanskrit origin) (Copy right reserved.)

Raveendranath menon is a professional Vedic Astrologer with 25 years of experience. He may be contacted for consultations at the following site.For more Articles on Astrology, Philosophy and related topics, visit the Blog.

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Self Realization, The Ultimate Remedy in Solving Your Planetary Afflictions  

To realize the ultimate truth which is referred to by many a nomenclature, like God (Brahma) or the Universal soul, one needs to know about...

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