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If you're not prepared for it to be over soon, do something about it. Saving your marriage is no small feat and time is always of the essence. Especially if she's very hurt by something you just did, saying you're sorry won't undo the pain. So while you wait for time to heal her wounds, you can try wooing her again. It helps - immensely. And is always the case, a change of scenery is a welcome distraction. Even if you're not going to be with her, it will be a wonderful gesture for you to gift her with a getaway trip to some place quiet. You needn't spend much. Give her travel airfare discount ticket. Here's why you should do it: oShe needs time alone. She needs to process her feelings and reevaluate them in light of recent events. She can't do that if she's so near the source of her pain. So while you allow her that time alone, the fact that the travel airfare discount ticket itself she used for this trip was a gift from you makes you an inevitable part of it. She's not bound to forget you in this alone time and that's a very important step toward rebuilding whatever you've lost. oShe needs to think for herself. Many people suddenly realize, sometimes even regret, giving up themselves in the name of love. It shouldn't be. But alas, it happens a lot. When deeply hurt, the recollection of all the sacrifices they've made to make a relationship work is often inevitable. But, if you gave her the travel airfare discount ticket she flew to France with, that would speak volumes on your behalf. Like one of the many secrets in 'Save on Airfare Secrets' eBook, it works like a subtle reminder, it would argue your case for you as she mulls over things.

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Save Your Marriage With Travel - Airfare Discounts