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If, when your ready to book your next vacation or business trip you decide to look for a really cheap plane ticket online, you wouldn't be alone in not really knowing where to start. After all there are literally millions of websites supposedly offering great deals. In this article i'm going to show you how to save a lot of time and a whole lot of money by pointing you in the direction of some great money saving strategies. Flexibility If you can afford to be a little flexible with your travel plans then the savings to be made are often huge! The day of the week on which you travel can have a big impact on the price you pay, so if possible instead of just looking at the price of flights on a Wednesday for instance, check out Tuesday's and Thursday's prices too. Though there is usually no obvious reason why there should be price variations dependent on the day of travel, it is a fact that there is often a significant difference which means that there is money to be saved! Comparison Sites While i accept that comparison sites are no big secret, most people use one, take the best price offered and are under the illusion that they got themselves a great deal and a really cheap plane ticket. While this may be true it is a mistake not to check at least three different sites before 'taking the plunge' and booking the flight. The reason, of course is that even the top comparison sites come up with different prices for the same seat on the same flight, so always check at least three sites and you can be pretty much assured that you got the best deal available. Travel Industry Insiders This is my number one strategy for obtaining a really cheap plane ticket every single time i travel! These airline and travel industry employees travel the world at quite unbelievable prices, simply because they know exactly what to do and say when booking a flight. If you know any of these guys, just ask them how they do it (legally of course) and stand by to be amazed!

If, like most people you aren't fortunate enough to know an 'insider', don't be too downhearted because i do! He worked in the airline industry for over 16 years and he just loves 'spilling the beans' on how to get amazing discounts every time. Using his tricks of the trade I have flown all over the world with discounts of up to 80% off the price of a ticket! If your interested in hearing more about these tricks of the trade then please click here Cheap Plane Ticket [] If you'd like any further information on how to save money on your

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Really Cheap Plane Ticket - How to Get One Every Time You Travel  

This is my number one strategy for obtaining a really cheap plane ticket every single time i travel! These airline and travel industry emplo...