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Go on... I know you want to yell it, "We're Going to Disney World!" You booked your trip and now you wait until it is time to go on your vacation. Why not make the waiting fun, too? Get your kids involved at home and have some fun while you countdown the days until your trip to Disney World. Here are some ideas for fun family activities to help countdown to your Disney World vacation: 1. Have a movie night - Find your favorite Disney or Pixar movie, pop some popcorn. Just calling it Disney Movie Night will get everyone excited! It will also make all the characters fresh in your minds for the trip. 2. Plan out your Theme Park days - Pull out a guide map of Disney Theme Parks (you can find this online). Then have each family member pick out their favorite rides that they want to enjoy during your trip. Hitting only the families favorites can help you maximize your time at the parks, and will get everyone excited about your trip. 3. Have a Themed Dinner - If your child loves Alice in Wonderland then have a night called "Alice in Wonderland Tea Party". You can make sandwiches, fruit, and tea or punch. Have the whole family join in. Bring out hats and have them pick out their favorite ones and all join in on the fun! Maybe play a fun round of cards. 4. Decorate the Car - If you are driving, then buy some shoe polish (the stick kind) you may let the kids decorate your windows with fun sayings like "Mickey Mouse here we come" or "Running on Tinker bell Dust" or "Disney or Bust". The kids will love decorating your car and it will wash right off with the rain or car wash.

Planning a Disney World vacation can be as much fun as visiting Disney World []. Plan some fun activities at home to get the whole family ready for a Walt Disney World vacation. Along the way you are sure to want to save money, right? Well, for tips on how you can do just that visit us at []. Here you will find a ton savings ideas from a ex-Disney World cast member. Then kids and adults alike can all have a happy vacation. Now that is something to get super excited about!

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Planning a Disney World Vacation - Now Let's Get Excited!