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Finding a deal for getting married in Las Vegas is more possible than ever before in today's travel and tourism industry. With the right approach you can save a lot of money and get a great deal for your Vegas wedding. The secret to getting the best deal will be revealed at the end of this informative article written by a top Las Vegas wedding insider. It's just plain amazing how many people are getting married in Vegas these days. Just last weekend I was walking through the Mandalay Bay casino and hotel area. Well, I was actually walking through their expansive mall (it's one of my very favorite properties in the city). I must have spotted four or five different couples in gowns and tuxes (some wearing shorts and t-shirts too) throughout just one area. Vegas wedding rates are definitely on the rise as couples are looking for a much more cost effective way to start their new life together. So what's the big secret for saving big money on Las Vegas weddings? I thought you would never ask. The secret is the package deal. Whether you already knew about the package deal or not, this alone is just half of the "big secret" you need to know. Packaged weddings are put together by major companies who pool their resources to help you get much more for much less to have a great time getting married in Las Vegas. See, these businesses know that if you come to get married you are probably going to bring other people. They also know that if you wed in Las Vegas, you are far more likely to come back later. You might have your ten year anniversary party in Las Vegas. You also might bring your kids (or even their kids) in the many years to come of your beautiful life together. So the biggest secret is to find package deals and learn from them. Sure, finding hotel and airfare combos is easy. But can you also find a cake decorator, a limo company, and a chapel that work together too? This is where you are more likely to save wads of cash - find package deals and create your own packages where they don't already exist. With a little creativity and inspiration, you can save tons on your fabulous Vegas wedding trip. I have heard of some couples pulling off some amazing arrangements by simply making the right phone calls and asking the right questions!

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Las Vegas Deals For Getting Married - How to Avoid Losing Your Shirt