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You've finally decided to quit your job, travel the world, and now you want to write about it. Although travel blogging can appear glamorous, there are a few rules every travel blogger must live by. Travel and adventure blogs are the hot rage because they are so inviting: photos of Bali beaches, descriptions of spicy dishes, and tons of stories entwined with universal human themes. The sad reality is that most bloggers grow tired of constantly dispersing articles, photos, and their soul if they don't plan their blog methodically. In order to provide inspiration for wannabe and seasoned travel bloggers, I've laid out a few tips to get you started or keep you going when it just doesn't seem worth it. Remember, you always have a story to tell, so go share it with the world. Entice the Senses Not everyone who reads a travel blog is actually a traveler. That's why you need to write with your audience in mind. You can't really write a blog about Argentina without mentioning the tango dancers, the icy glaciers, or the sizzling steaks. That's what your audience wants. They want to vicariously live through the travel blogger because it inspires individuals to have their own travel dreams. Have a Plan Although blogging can be a hobby, it's also work, so decide if you're going to treat it as such. Create a constructed plan and time frame for when you're going to blog on your website. Will you blog once a week or once a month? Will you add travel photos every week or whenever you feel like it? Network, Network, Network If you're not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the other social networks, you do not exist. I say this with love, because it's vital that you get on those sites and make connections with people. Each social media network is a different beast, but start networking on all of them and see which audience is most receptive to your travel blog. Start with the people you know and branch off into the greater world community. Write for a Focused Travel Niche What's your focus? If you focus on the world, that's the whole pie. Why not concentrate on a single continent or country? If you write about how you wanted to explore Asia, you have plenty of countries to work with and will attract those current and future travelers who also plan on hitting

Asia as their destination. With focused articles, photos, and descriptions, you'll attract your target travel niche. Get Donations or Sell a Product Most travel bloggers are blogging for free, and yet some are blogging for selfish reasons, most people don't really care. Yes, it's interesting that you rode a camel in Egypt or you ate all the sushi you could stuff in your cheeks, but people aren't going to care unless you offer them something. Offering free articles and resources are wonderful ways to get traffic to your site, but getting compensated for your wisdom is most advantageous. Place a donation button on your site or offer an affiliate product or write an eBook to your followers and fans. It's hard staying up all hours of the day to write an enticing blog and have nothing but words on a page to show for it. Get paid! Travel blogs are more popular than ever because people are dying to have amazing life experiences. Use your fortunate travel experiences with people, places, and food to whet your reader's appetites and keep the fire going. When you offer something to the world like travel advice and entertainment, you should receive some compensation and praise. Just make sure you keep your blog going or no one will know of either.

Rachel Duhon writes a blog that helps people travel, live their dreams, and pursue their passions from anywhere in the world. To read more about Rachel and her articles, check out her latest website with information on Inspire Lady, where she offers informative and inspirational articles and products.

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Inspiration for the Wannabe Travel Blogger - 5 Tips  

If you're not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the other social networks, you do not exist. I say this with love, because it's vital that...

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