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In this article today I would like to discuss several tips, tricks, and techniques that just about everybody can use to enjoy the magic of Disney World with your family at much lower prices than everybody else. When it comes to vacations, you have an almost infinite number of choices. Let's face it, you can go anywhere in the world. But there's just something special about Disney World that makes it one of the number one travel destinations for families around the world. The only problem is that it can be incredibly expensive if you don't know a few tips and tricks to lower the prices and that's exactly what I'm going to talk about in this article with you today. My first tip for lowering the price of Disney World is to stay at a Disney World hotel on the property. The main advantage to doing this is the free transportation to and from the different sites, as well as early entry into the parks and also even priority seating for lunches and other meals throughout the park. You can also sometimes get babysitting and free parking and even preferential treatment for tee times at the different golf courses which is quite a deal if you're into golf. When you come right down to it there is basically no reason not to take advantage of this particular tip. If, however you don't want to stay on-site for some reason then it's important to find out where the best discount hotels are in the area and you can do this by ordering a free Orlando guide from the town's main tourist office. It will usually offer discounts of up to 50% in some cases at the more than 75 local hotels in the area. This guide usually costs money, but it's usually only a few bucks. Next, in order to bring down some of the cost consider joining the Magic Kingdom club before hand. You can purchase membership for a nominal fee but it is also offered for free by many employers of major corporations to their employees and also by many credit unions and different trade associations. Membership can often save you up to 20% on cost of lodging and park admissions. Finally, the best tip for lowering your prices is to stay at Disney World during the off-season. The off-season is usually from the beginning of January to the middle of February in the winter and from the end of August to the middle to end of December... usually around Christmas. If you are able to tailor your travel times to these particular seasons, you can notice dramatic price reductions across the board but you won't notice or have any less fun at the park itself! So there you have several very simple tips, tricks, and techniques that you can use to lower your costs, sometimes dramatically, to one of the most exciting and popular travel destinations in the world... Disney World.

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How to Enjoy Disney World at Much Lower Prices!