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Whether you book your flights through a travel agency or online, you can buy cheap airfare by using different techniques. Most airlines sell blocks of seats to tour operators but by law have to be able to sell at least 20% of their stock through their own agents. Learning how to buy cheap airfare is quite simple and I use all these techniques when I travel. How much can I save? That depends on a lot of factors and how flexible you are with your scheduling. Last minute deals are great, but such a pain to fly standby. The total savings is not worth your time and aggravation. If you can book up to 20 days before departure, you will get the best deal. I once paid for a return flight from Madrid to Munich through Air Canada for only $65.00US. The regular retail price on that flight through Lufthansa was 210 Euros. Why is one-way fares more than return fares? This is a question that bugs people a lot. In your travels you sometimes only need a one-way ticket back. When you go book it, the price is double what the return rate is. Why you ask. Simple, airlines sell their seats based on the fact that you left with them, there is a 90% chance you have to return to your original departure city. Not always the case. So buying 2 return tickets and only using one part of the leg will save you huge cash. Note: you can only use the outgoing portion of the ticket. Why connecting can be boring but CHEAP! When flying from point A to point B is the easiest, fastest and more enjoyable way to fly. I always try to book flights with at least 2 connections. I plan the day I fly is a write off anyways, so why not cut your airfare in half. This works great for booking trips to Mexico or the Caribbean. Most cities have charters to those destinations, but learning how to connect the right way will help you save at least $200.00 off your package price. What is all the talk about air couriers? This is still the oldest trick to fly cheap. This will never give you a free flight as some companies promise you, but you can save with this program. Most major airlines offer this, but you have to know how to get on their list. If you want to back pack, this way of buying cheap airfare can be fun. It's an adventure all on its own. Very few people know the tricks of the trade when it comes to buying cheap airfare. Find out what

the airlines don't want you to know and learn how you can buy cheap airfare and use the extra savings for those things that you want on your next holiday.

Learn and save today!

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How to Buy Cheap Airfare