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People choose to move from their home country for a better life and better opportunities for themselves and their families. The move could be permanent, or temporary in order to earn money to support family members back home. Skilled immigrants do have choices but no country offers what Canada does. Some of the best reasons to move to Canada: Quality of Life Quality of life is of primary importance when considering emigration from your home country. Vancouver, BC ranked the third most liveable city in the world, with Toronto and Calgary following at fourth and fifth, respectively. Canada always ranks near the top of quality of life surveys or the human development index. Canada offers smaller cities and huge spaces of land with large parks and outdoor activities throughout the country. Canadian people are generally welcoming of foreigners as Canada takes a mosaic view of society, rather than the melting pot of the United States. Economic Stability One needs to look no further than the financial meltdown in Europe and the US to see the effects of economic stability on a country's population's well-being.Canada has weathered the economic storms of recent years, with a solid banking system and rational economic policies. The United States has high unemployment and very high home foreclosure rates. The US debt is currently over $15 trillion and growing steadily. European citizens in Greece, Spain, Italy, Iceland (and others) have seen high unemployment, devaluation of their assets and the constant threat of default which would de-value their savings. Meanwhile, Canada has weathered the economic storms of recent years, with a solid banking system and rational economic policies. Our Chair of the Bank of Canada - Mark Carney - is also Chair of the Financial Stability Board of the G20 which is trying to stabilize the world economy. Iceland is considering the adoption of the Canadian dollar in order to stabilize its economy. Established Rights One aspect that rarely gets discussed but is vitally important is Canada's established human rights policies. At the federal level, we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that ensures individuals are afforded rights as against the government.The Charter protects the freedom of religion,

freedom of thought and belief and expression, freedom of the press, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association. It also secures life, liberty and security of the person and prevents arbitrary detainment or imprisonment, or unreasonable search and seizure. Each Province of Canada also has a Human Rights Code which also protects against discrimination and other human rights violations. These qualities and several other advantages have the potential to drive many more immigrants to Canada. Luckily, the Canadian immigration system is also recognized as being one of the more fair and sensible programs in the world.

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Good Reasons to Immigrate To Canada