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While not likely, the possibilities of problems and catastrophes occurring during a suborbital space flight are many. As a prospective space adventurer, you may wonder "How could this experience kill me?" Let me count the ways! Whether caused by human error or from a known or unknown event the following could result in death. These events could take place from a spark or fuel leak, from an engine issue, cash landing, cabin or flight suit problem, fear or injury or anything that could result in killing you. Here's the list: 1) Explosion 2) Heart Attack 3) Suffocate From Lack Of Oxygen 4) Crash 5) Collision 6) Fire 7) Loss Of Pressure 8) Freezing 9) Blood Loss Injury Additionally you could get hit from space debris, a meteorite, even an alien attack or struck by a missile... but since these possibilities are so remote we have not included them above. Of course the insurance to cover many of these catastrophes has not as of yet become available and the waivers that are required from the space company and its agents, for acceptance of liability from any of the above scenarios, is also questionable, as all participants have acknowledged these possibilities in their agreement of accepting all risks of the experience. With all this why would anyone still want to go? Well the world is made up of lots of crazy people and the daredevils, adventures and thrill seekers are coming out to wait their turn to go to space. Ok, why would anyone want to undertake all these possible risks? It's true that each day as you drive your car or even take a commercial flight some where there is a small element of risk to your life or injury, but why would someone take on all these dangerous possibilities to go into space? Maybe it is the excitement of the unknown, the high adventure and all the risks that create the thrill? No one is seriously going to think about all these perils for very long. Life is to live, to dare, to explore and for those that choose to take on this adventure, all the rest can only imagine how nuts they are but wish everyone who ventures out a good time and a safe journey. After looking at what could be fatal now lets look at what could make our space experience unpleasant if not disrupt from the thrill and enjoyment of it? Many things can make this trip very uncomfortable, painful or just so unpleasant it would have been better to go see a space movie? Here's what can happen:

1) Poor weather, rainy, cloudy with poor visibility 2) Blurry vision 3) Cabin pressure, temperature being too hot or too cold 4) You blackout, get air sick, can't see, get dizzy, nauseous or vomit from flight 5) Oxygen issue, space suit malfunction, can't breathe properly 6) Very brief time in space 7) Take off or landing problems 8) Cramping, upset stomach, headache or other pain 9) Nerves. fright, fear, anxiety 10) Pain from too much G-force pressure 11) Uncomfortable in flight suit, cabin, cramped, or have to go to bathroom 12) Have injury-bleeding or chest pain After looking at all the possibilities of problematic issues, its still a good bet that all will go well and our future space participants will enjoy the excitement of a life thrilling experience that will be remembered forever. With over 500 new space pioneers already registered and thousands more waiting to see and hear of how well these initial space pioneers make out, it is almost a certainty that the space tourism industry, over the next twenty years, is headed for a sky rocketing surge of interest.

Mitchell J Schultz is a Space Tourism Specialist developing a space travel agency to provide information about the new Lynx spaceplane. Visit and sign up now for your FREE newsletter to keep current with civilian space travel.

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Going To Space What Are The Dangers, Risks And Possible Problems In Taking A Suborbital Space Trip  

After looking at what could be fatal now lets look at what could make our space experience unpleasant if not disrupt from the thrill and enj...

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