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Freedom! Have you considered lately whether or not you are actively creating freedom in your life? I just got back from a short trip to NYC, and being away makes me realize just how much we push ourselves in our day-to-day lives to produce, accomplish, and achieve! But even beyond that, we unconsciously create our worlds in limitation and forget to create freedom. What do you want that you currently are not creating? Where are you living in limitation? Where do you say you want more freedom? Do you want more freedom in terms of money? Maybe in work? More freedom in your schedule? Where do you want to create expansion and release limitation? Really think about this... Now that you have clarity on what you want, it's time to own that you created this limitation. Beyond that, it's time to own that our infinite nature is to be free... our birthright is to have freedom, abundance and love! So what does that little gem of insight mean to you? How does it help you right now? It means that if you weren't in a state of resistance somehow then you would be living in freedom, abundance, and joy. (Nothing wrong with being in resistance- it's what we are here on Earth to learn how to get over!) But if you could really know and if you could really feel it in your body and live this knowledge that your natural state is freedom and abundance, how could you live differently? Could you be more relaxed and confident? Could you take a few more risks and really take some leaps of faith? What could open up for you if you walked through your life with the intention of being in freedom? Now, let me remind you of something very important that will really help you: Whatever shows up in your life is a reflection of what you are creating from within. So when something arises in your life that brings up feelings of lack and limitation then that simply means that you are carrying around feelings of lack and limitation. The circumstances that arise are simply gifts designed to help you get over your feelings of lack. So if you can embrace what shows up as a gift instead of a curse then you can move forward into more freedom and abundance. This week, view everything that shows up in your life with this perspective- "it is a gift to show me what I'm creating". Remember also that you can't just slap a smiling face over whatever you are feeling- that never works! Instead, if you are feeling lack, restriction, or limitation then sit with that feeling (without the mind's story- just feel it!). Let the feelings have about 5 minutes...ask the feelings if they have a message. (If that sounds silly then just try it anyway! These underlying feelings need to be acknowledged before they will move.) Then after you really feel what is coming up you can remind yourself that your true nature is to be in abundance and freedom. Start focusing on all the abundance around you (trust me, it's there!). Focus on the freedom you do have, and focus on creating more of it...take those baby steps! Affirm that there is more than enough and that you are free. Begin to walk forward into freedom and abundance. Ground the energy of freedom and

abundance down into your body...take a walk, do yoga, go dancing, go to the beach (or even something as simple as going outside barefoot in the grass and affirming your abundance) and set the intention to ground this energy of freedom. This week, see the freedom and abundance that is all around you, and that is waiting for you to claim as yours. (This article is from the "Intention of the Week" Series on Your Joyous

Cari Campbell

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Freedom, Here I Come!  

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