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If you are intent on having a wonderful experience at Walt Disney World or at least providing one for your children, it is bound to happen: a moment or two of worry when you are faced with a problem you aren't prepared for. The 47 square miles of WDW are extremely daunting at first, but with the necessary knowledge and preparation going in, you can feel like a seasoned professional. First, remember to plan ahead. There is an entire section at your local bookstore dedicated to Disney World guidebooks and you better take advantage of them. The ultimate savings guide shown on this website is a must have for starters. Secondly, remember to budget. You need to stay away from the three-dollar sodas and you can do so by viewing the menus of various restaurants you may want to consider. Whenever possible, shop ahead at the local Orlando grocery store instead of paying for the overpriced food and beverages inside the park. Also, the "Magic Your Way" ticket can be customized. Check out the options on the official website before you buy because it can be a real pain to upgrade at the park. Your basic items (snacks, water, sunscreen, diapers, over the counter medication, etc.) should always be purchased ahead of time. Sure you can get it at the WDW stores, but you will always pay the unnecessary premium price. Additionally, if you or someone in your party is intent on having that special meal with Cinderella in the Castle, you better make your reservation right now. Another interesting thing to consider when navigating Disney World is whether to use a stroller for your child. Even if he or she has outgrown a stroller, they probably won't be able to last the miles you will walk each day. On that note, it is recommended that you plan some breaks during your day. The walking can be draining and heading back to the resort for a nap or meal can be very rejuvenating. If you are looking to save time, do some serious research into the Fastpass. If you use it correctly, and time it right, you are your family can waltz to the front of the lines. While typically very nice, Orlando weather can be very unpredictable and at times tropically rainy. Head to the dollar store and get some inexpensive plastic ponchos because they can save your day. Further, if you are traveling with a young one who wants nothing more than a picture with their favorite Disney character, you better have your camera handy. Photo opportunities come and go very quickly and they can make or break that child's time. Another rookie mistake at WDW is not considering the height requirements. Know them ahead of time so you do not walk all the way across the park only to find your children are not tall enough to ride! Remember to wear powerful sunscreen and re-lather a couple times throughout the day. Nothing can ruin a trip more than being sun burnt the entire time. Also, when it comes to parades or shows, make sure you find a spot very early or consider hitting the rides while many are busy watching. As an aside, if you are looking forward to the Animal Kingdom Theme Park, go on a day with great weather because this park requires a lot of outside touring. In conclusion, if you keep these small tips in mind and do some thorough research, there is no

reason you will not be prepared for an excellent Disney World adventure. However, nothing is ever going to go perfect, so always go in with a good attitude and have fun with the problems. You are on vacation! Roll with the punches and enjoy the ride, literally and figuratively.

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First Timer Mistakes To Avoid When Visiting Walt Disney World  

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