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Soaring oil prices and troubled economies worldwide have driven the cost of travel and vacations today beyond the reach of everyday people. However, all is not lost... You can find great deals on affordable luxury travel if you really take the time by spending hours researching many different web sites and their offers. Unfortunately, I believe there are two problems with this:

Many of us have very busy lives and schedules and simple don't have the hours to spare doing hours of research. You just never know what you are going to get for your money. But there is another way for you to enjoy affordable luxury travel and know the value you get for your money without time consuming research. Thousands of people worldwide have discovered the secret to affordable travel, and I will share it with you today: A Luxury Resort Membership. This type of membership brings Luxury Travel within everyone's reach, in spite of the ailing economy and tight budgets. Everyone can now enjoy affordable luxury travel without breaking the bank. A Luxury Resort Membership that gives you the best quality and value for your money should meet all of the following criteria:

A reputation of over 10 years in good standing and reliable service. Unrestricted access to thousands of Luxury Resorts Worldwide Flexibility to travel when you want throughout the entire year: no restricted weeks or blackout dates Offers savings on airfare, cruises and car rentals Lifetime membership option to save on annual or monthly fees A Luxury Resort Membership that meets all of the above conditions gives you complete control to enjoy affordable luxury travel when and where you want for the rest of your life! Take the stress out travel and vacation planning and replace it with comfortable, practical, and affordable luxury travel options that you, your family and friends can enjoy.

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Finally the Secret to Affordable Luxury Travel Revealed