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When people think of a childhood trip to the happiest place on Earth, they might think about Mickey Mouse, or that first view when they come through the turnstiles, but many people just think about the Disney World rides. The rides that we knew as children as are still there (or at least some of them are), and there are many new and exciting rides that even the adults will love. Some of the newer Disney rides will blow your mind, especially if you think back to the tame rides we rode as children. But, your kids will love them and so will you. What you won't love is the price you have to pay to get there. A trip for four to Disney's World theme parks can cost thousands of dollars and it is no surprise to anyone that this kind of money is way out of the travel budget for most families. When you factor in the cost of admission tickets, lodging, meals, travel, and other things like souvenirs, you are talking a lot of money! The key is to find a way to get to Disney World while still having enough money in your pocket to have a great time when you get there. A guide like the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide can give you all this information and more, from what Disney World rides are best, to where to eat when you are famished late at night. You can also learn how to get cut-rate admission tickets, great deals at some of the nicest Disney resorts, and how to put together your own Disney package at a fraction of the price it would cost you if you went to your local travel agent. You can afford to have a Disney vacation - you just need to know where to get the deals!

Jean Mayfair is a writer, bargain hunter, and an expert on Disney World rides. Check out her website for tons of tips and tricks on how to get the best deals for your Disney World vacation!

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Disney World Rides on a Budget