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One of the most essential tools for anyone traveling on a budget is where to look to find information. The following cheap travel resources can be of great assistance in planning your next vacation. The travel assistance described is centered on European travel, but the resources described will benefit the world wide traveler. These are all tools I have used and will continue to use in my future travels. #1 Resource: A Good Starting Point A good starting point is a site that you trust to help give you a sense of the range of airfare prices, allowing you to be a better informed shopper. My personal choice is Kayak, but there are many sites that you can use. Try to find a site that searches a multitude of airlines and gives the bargain shopper a chance to compare fares and flights at a glance. In addition, search results can give you the ability to identify local airlines in foreign countries. From there you can search the websites of local airlines to ensure you are getting the best airfare. These types of sites also offers searches for discount hotels, car rentals, cruises, etc. #2 Resource: No Frills Travel Options There are many no frills airlines that offer competitive prices, two that I have used are EasyJet and RyanAir. These airlines offer affordable rates to customers, but if you want to get a steal you will need to book early. I have learned from my own mistakes. I have found airfare where you pay pennies for the ticket so the only cost is the taxes and fees. The first time I saw this deal I let the opportunity pass, I ended up paying a higher yet still affordable rate. The next time I was planning a trip I knew the financial benefits of planning ahead, this time I ended up taking advantage of these great deals. These airlines were also a great way to travel from country to county in Europe without having to spend a fortune. Please note the cost of these no frill airlines can creep up with the amount and weight of your luggage. #3 Resource: Overland Travel The means you use to travel overland will set the pace for your trip. There are three main ways to travel overland: train, car, and a tour. I have done all three and each has its own benefits. Tours allow the traveler to see sites without having to worry about reading maps and train schedules. Tour guides will point out sites and give historical background that may be missed by travelers that utilize cars and trains. Trains can be an efficient way to travel from place to place; railways give travelers flexibility without the hassle of trying to navigate foreign roads. One of the best options is to find a rail pass

that best fits your trip. Purchasing a rail pass can help save you money and allow your trip greater flexibility. Last minute tickets can be very expensive, especially, if you desire an open return date. If you are traveling in the off-season (November-February) you may want to wait until low season tickets become available for purchase. Renting a car allows travelers to control the pace and destinations of the vacation. The driver needs to ensure that he or she will be comfortable driving on foreign roads, remember you are going on vacation to have a good time. Car rentals are ideal in countries such as Ireland where the railway infrastructure does not take tourists to many of the worthwhile sites. By knowing and utilizing the resources available, you will be able to plan a memorable and affordable vacation. Remember when traveling on budget you need to balance affordability with enjoyability.

A.F. Larson writes about keeping life enjoyable and affordable. Visit my blog Cheap Travel Tips for further information about traveling on a budget.

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The means you use to travel overland will set the pace for your trip. There are three main ways to travel overland: train, car, and a tour....