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1. Iqbal Hotel of -Nairobi Kenya inexpensive Hotels The Iqbal Nairobi hotel has retained its fame among budget travelers until today. This Nairobi Kenya hotel is still possibly the best place in the area to meet fellow budget travelers. There is hot water available only you may have to wake up early to be able to use it. A Neighbouring church with 7am service will make sure you do not oversleep and miss your rig. There is a secure hotel store room where you can leave your excess gear for Kshs 40 storage fee per day. The Nairobi Kenya hotel is very secure and often, taxis to other joints in town can be arranged at a fee by the watchman. The reduced price range at this Nairobi Kenya budget hotel is Kshs 400/600/960 for s/d/triple. Nairobi Kenya on sale & Budget Hotels: Best reduced price Nairobi Kenya Hotels-not expensive Nairobi accommodation hotels 2. New Kenya Lodge –in Nairobi Kenya Budget & cost effective Hotels This Nairobi Kenya budget hotel is another long standing traveler’s joint located on river road. The staff is very friendly and they have a sociable lounge area. Hot water may be available in the evenings. They have a very helpful notice board and the hotel also runs its own safaris. The price range is Kshs 300 for a double with shared or private bathrooms. Nairobi Kenya discounted and Budget Hotels: Best cut-rate Nairobi Kenya Hotels-Nairobi accommodation hotels 3. Hotel Africana –in Nairobi Kenya reasonable & Budget Hotels The Africana hotel in Nairobi Kenya has very clean and bright rooms. The Africana hotel is better looked after than many places of its class. It has a common TV room and a roof garden offering a bird’s eye view of the busy streets. The well catered but rather plain coffee house restaurant specializes in Indian food. Prices include breakfast, although you can opt out if you have other ideas. Economy Budget hotel prices here are Kshs 600/800/1000/1500 for s/d/tw/tri. Nairobi Kenya economy Hotels: Best economical Nairobi Kenya Hotels-Nairobi accommodation hotels 4. Wilton Gateway Hotel-in Nairobi Kenya Reduced Budget Hotels

The Wilton gateway Nairobi Kenya hotel is a decent and comfortable hotel popular with Kenyan salesmen. Breakfast is offered at Kshs 100 per person. The gateway pub below claims its beers are still sold at the 1990’s prices. This may explain the slight evening noise factor due to heavy patronage. Budget inexpensive hotel prices here are Kshs 700/1000/1300 for s/d/tw. Nairobi Kenya inexpensive Hotels: Best low priced Nairobi Kenya Hotels-Nairobi accommodation hotels 5. Eva May Lodge -in Nairobi Kenya Budget Hotels This is a decent Nairobi guest house with the only downside being that the standard doesn’t really do justice to the lovely sounding name. It is located at the junction of River & Duruma roads. The Nairobi hotel rooms are small but decent enough and averagely reasonable. Breakfast is included in your room rates. Hot water is more or less guaranteed with an instant water heater attachment when the water and electricity feel like matching their deal. The Low priced Budget hotel prices here are Kshs 700/1000/1300 for s/d/tw. Nairobi Kenya good buy Hotels: Best give-away Nairobi Kenya Hotels-Nairobi cut-rate accommodation hotels 6. Terrace hotel-in Nairobi Kenya Budget Hotels This budget hotel in Nairobi Kenya is located at Ronald Ngala Street and is one of the few valuefor-your-money deals you will get at these price ranges. The budget Nairobi hotel wears its age as a badge of honour and compares very favorably to some of the claustrophobia inducing establishments around it. Their budget good deal price ranges are Kshs 500/800 for the s/d. Nairobi Kenya good deal Hotels: Best steal Nairobi Kenya Hotels-Nairobi accommodation hotels 7. YMCA -in Nairobi Kenya Budget Hotels The YMCA is a guest house located on the foot of Nairobi upper hill section and is therefore away from the noise and activity of the central district. Though it may not convince the village people the YMCA guest house in Nairobi is OK place with a range of rooms. Their prices however just manage to make it within the budget category. The YMCA Nairobi has just done some much needed renovations and is now looking more appealing and comfortable to the eye. Good deal hotel prices here are Kshs 940/1480 for an s/d and shared rooms at 690/1180. Nairobi Kenya cheap Hotels: Best buy Bargain Nairobi Kenya Hotels-Nairobi Kenya accommodation hotels

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Budget Hotels in Nairobi Best 7 Nairobi Kenya Bargain Hotels