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There is almost nothing worse than watching your child endure being bullied. Even if your child is not currently being bullied, there is always the potential for it to happen. Children being bullied, has actually been on the rise even after a slight decline followed years ago upon the heels of the tragedy at Columbine. Unfortunately, with the increasing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, came an increase along with the ability to cyber bully kids as well. Kids are often tormented at school and then even in their personal lives in the online world of social media. It is important to teach kids how to defend themselves from verbal and physical abuse from a bully. Learning self-defense with BJJ is a great way to help prevent bully attacks. If nothing else, it can help prepare your child to defend him or herself in the event that a physical altercation should happen. Help your children have the best tools available to prevent bully attacks or defend themselves should the need arise. Why BJJ Is Right for Your Child Any type of martial arts training can help your children improve their level of physical fitness, but Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can really give your child self-defense training. The reason BJJ is a preferred method of training for self-defense is that it teaches students how to defend either from a standing position or from ground attack. This is a crucial aspect often overlooked, but once a victim is taken to the ground this can make them so much more vulnerable. It can be so much harder to get up from a ground position and be able to regain control of a physical attack situation. These are techniques important to recover not just from a bully situation but any type of attack on your child by an assailant. Help your children protect themselves by giving them the self-defense techniques they need to be safe. Other Things to Consider One of the most important aspects of your child learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also the level of selfconfidence that comes with it. Often times, once your child appears more confident this alone will help eliminate the potential threat of being picked on by a bully. Bullies seek out kids who appear weak and timid. If your kids take BJJ training, they will immediately feel better about themselves. This in turn helps them come across to others as more confident. Take the target off your kids' backs for bullying by enrolling them in Jiu Jitsu kids classes as soon as possible. In fact, many parents themselves end up enrolling in BJJ classes once they see the almost immediate results their child experiences. Men, women and children of all ages and fitness levels

are finding out how beneficial this type of martial arts training can be. Regardless of age, it is never too early or too late to pick up these types of self-defense techniques.

It is natural to have questions about whether or not martial arts are right for your child. That is why we at Jiu Jitsu Foundation encourage parents to come by with their little ones to have a look around. Meet the friendly staff, tour the family friendly atmosphere and get a feel for how martial arts can help improve your child's life. Who knows, you may even want to join them. Try us for 30 days FREE!

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BJJ - The Ultimate Bully Prevention Strategy  

It can be so much harder to get up from a ground position and be able to regain control of a physical attack situation. These are techniques...