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If you were able to achieve financial freedom now, wouldn't that ensure a more comfortable lifestyle in your future years? I submit that the key to your future wealth may be to buy one more house now. It is said that there are more millionaires because of real estate than any other investment. After many years of home ownership, people often discover that their house has greatly appreciated in value, and is worth many times what they originally paid. Although real estate markets are cyclical and there will always be ups and downs, the general trend in the long run is generally up. Imagine how much better off many of our elderly would be today, if they had made the effort to buy one more house? Right now, in most areas of the country, real estate prices are dropping and may continue to do so for some time. After years of record-breaking appreciation, resulting in some of the hottest markets in history, we are now experiencing a normal market correction. In addition, a large number of sub prime lenders have recently gone out of business because they took too much risk, and now people are not as easily able to get zero-down loans as before. Thus, there are fewer qualified buyers who have a down payment who can qualify for a mortgage. These changes have resulted in more houses for sale, and fewer buyers who want them. It follows then, that sellers who would like to sell, but who have not had many offers are probably getting impatient, especially if their homes have been on the market for many months. The good news for buyers is this: the longer a property is on the market, the more likely it can be bought at a lower price using creative strategies. Now is the ideal time to invest in real estate because buyers have never been more motivated! More "For Sale" signs have switched to "For Rent" signs than ever before. Desperate sellers are settling for rental income rather than paying for a vacant home with no buyer in sight. Now, many sellers are willing to consider alternatives to the typical sales transaction. Today, both buyers and sellers are seeking real WIN-WIN property solutions that will benefit all parties involved. Here are some examples:

Taking a property Subject To its existing financing. In this case the seller deeds the home to the buyer who simply takes over the mortgage payments without assuming the loan. Taking this one step further, a property taken "subject to" can then be rented out to a tenant, and the rent collected will pay the monthly mortgage payment that the seller took over.

Lease Option allows the seller to have immediate rental income now, and the tenant-buyer has the option to buy it later. For an investor who is leasing in this way, he can sub-lease the house to another tenant-buyer for a higher rent than he is paying, and make a positive monthly cash flow now, and profit from the sale later as well.

Seller Financing allows the buyer to pay the seller his money in monthly installments instead of paying the bank. This allows the buyer to avoid having to qualify for a loan.

These strategies, and others, can allow buyers to purchase properties without necessarily using their own money or credit. In today's market, an investor can buy one more house at a good price from a motivated seller, and achieve financial freedom via real WIN-WIN property solutions. Talking to someone who does what I do could help you acquire a second, income-producing, appreciating property, and ensure that in the future you will have a more comfortable lifestyle!

Alexandra Taylor, M.D. is a real estate investor who was an OB/GYN doctor for nearly 20 years. Having transitioned from health-related problems to property problems, it is her passion to provide real WIN-WIN property solutions that benefit all parties. She assists new investors to achieve financial freedom and have a more comfortable lifestyle buy showing them how to buy one more house and more! For those who wish to sell or those who wish to buy, Dr. Taylor offers free confidential telephone consultations.

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Achieve Financial Freedom - Buy One More House  

Today, both buyers and sellers are seeking real WIN-WIN property solutions that will benefit all parties involved. Here are some examples: i...

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