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My wife and I are frequent travelers to Walt Disney World. It's a magical place we can be kids again. Since we've been so many times, we've learned some tips and tricks that save us thousands each time we go. Below are 5 easy ways to save big on your next trip. 1. Take advantage of periodic Free Disney Dining promotions. You have to stay at a Disney Resort, but with this one promotion, you can save several thousand dollars and eat at the finest Disney Restaurants for free. The trick is finding the times it's offered. It's not highly touted. Usually it's offered during the off-season. Your travel agent will know, or you can search for it on the internet. Most recently we discovered it briefly mentioned on the Walt Disney World website in the fine print, but it was being offered during a peak time, just when we were planning a big trip, taking 12 other people with us. This one tip alone saved us over $700 per couple, and for a family of 8, it saved them $2,700. 2. Keep an eye out for special deals for hotels in and out of the Walt Disney World resort. We watch several places, and have often found the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels will often offer special discounts up to 35% or more off the normal rates. The trip I was just talking about above not only offered the free dining promotion, but had a 72 hour room sale going on at the resort we wanted to stay at. It saved us $75 per room just from calling at the right time. Also, the Orland area is filled with posh hotels and discount chains that offer special pricing to lure travelers. There's often a special of one type or another no matter what time of the year you're planning to go. Just browse the internet a bit, and you can find top hotels at bargain prices. 3. Time your trips to travel on the off-season. September, early December or early January are offseasons. The resorts and hotels are priced accordingly. You can save up to 35% on the room prices just from going during those times. Not only do you save on hotels, but you also save on airfare if you're flying. The parks are the least crowded during these times, so you see much more with less hassle. If you have children, take them out of school. It's educational. 4. Go to the Orlando Visitors Guide online. They'll also mail you a free vacation planning kit. On the site you'll find significant discounts for hotels, area attractions, rental cars and dining. The guide is free, and if you're staying outside the Disney Resorts, you'll save significantly just using the special offers inside the guide. 5. If you're into souvenirs, don't buy them in the Disney Parks. There are several discount Disney Outlets in the Orlando / Kissimmee area that have Disney souvenirs at 75% off the regular retail price. The savings listed above only scratch the surface of what we've learned from our many trips to Walt Disney World. We could write a book, but then we ran across a book written by a former Cast

Member who revealed all the tips above and many more. So rather than write the book, we'll recommend hers. If you're thinking of traveling to Walt Disney World, this book is a must. Just Google "DW Secrets" and it will pop up. Great book. Happy travels to the Happiest Place on Earth. Maybe I'll see you there.

H. Bradley Stucki has been a director in three different investment companies, a Vice President in one of the country's largest regional banks, and owns three businesses. He helped pioneer the concept of "Business Incubation" and worked with over 250 fledgling companies helping them grow and flourish while still early in his career. Born and raised in southern Utah with horses, cows and other assorted pets, he is the third of six children and survived childhood only by utilizing an active imagination. His hobbies include reading and travel. During one international trip he and his wife were detained as suspected terrorists. They live in a small mountain community in Southwestern Utah, population 130. He is the author of 8 books. Check them out at your favorite ebook retailer or at

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5 Ways to Save $1,000's On Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation  

4. Go to the Orlando Visitors Guide online. They'll also mail you a free vacation planning kit. On the site you'll find significant discount...

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