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NEATLOAF - The real deal 4 eggs

z/g enuelope Lipton OnionSoup Mix (the whole packet mea.sures t/4 cup, so use slightlA less or use the whole packet if you like the onion soup -mix taste) - for u eg etorian uersion substitute dry soup mix utithout beef bouillion t/S LB lou-fat ricotta cheese t/ g LB firm tofu (mashed into small pieces)

t/4 cup uegetable oil of choice t/3 cup onions t/z cup cooked broun rice

t/z tsp. oregano t/z tsp. basil t/4 tsp. rosemary

(fresh is good)

4 cups (dry measured) Special K (note: this approximately equals 4 oz or grams of the cer.ealby weight) t t/z tbsp. garlic FORTHE StUCn,



cup ketchup t/B cup Dijonmustard t/4 cup molasses t/B cup to t/4 cup apple cider uinegar (to taste) Pinch caAenne groundpepper (to taste) Preheqt ouen to goo degrees F.

Saut6 onions and garlic. Beat eggs in abotal, and then add aII other ingredients except the Special K. Mix well and then qdd the Special K last. Put in pan that is sprayed with cooking oil

Bakefor t hour. Pour sauce ouer loaf after t hour, and minutes.



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Neat Loaf  
Neat Loaf  

Neat Loaf Recipe