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Waller Middle School

Vol. I, No. 2

Eagle Gazette

October 2016

Tedx @Waller


In This Issue:

Waller students are once again participating in Waller’s own independent TEDx event on November 19th starting at 9:00 a.m. as part of TEDx Youth Weekend.

Principal’s Letter-pg 24 Counselor’s Corner-pg 18 Zombie Run-pg 22 Upcoming Events-pg 26

Last year’s presentation was the first known youth event of its kind in Oklahoma.

Super Nerd, Mrs. Boss (shown here with regular nerd, Miss Fenley) celebrating Red Ribbon Week.

Tickets are only $10 and a very limited quantity are available. Please call the school to reserve yours today!

Chromebooks have been deployed! Teachers & Students thrilled with our new EPS 1:1 Program! Thanks to last spring’s bond issue, and the hard work of our EPS-IT team, Waller students now have a Chromebook to use throughout the school year. The Chromebooks offer each student the same access to information and resources. They will also help the district save money, as they will

replace traditional textbooks and paper worksheets. Waller students are asked to bring their fully charged device and headphones with them every day, just as they would with any of their textbooks or traditional ‘paper’ work. 1

99% of our Waller students are participating In our EPS 1:1 program!

The Waller 8th Grade Band is busy working in m the Veteran's Day Assembly. They will be playing Leg Heroes and Armed Forces on Parade.

7th and 8th Grade Band members are also work their audition material for Red Carpet Honor Band. to play a selected Etude, their major scales, the chr scale and they have to sight-read for the judges. students audition on Saturday, November 19, at Chish School. 2

We wish them lots of luck on their auditions

Choir has been preparing for the upcoming winter concert. The winter concert will be December 15th at 7:00 pm in the Waller MS auditorium. A portion of the choir will sing on the Veteran's Day assembly on November 11th.

On October 1st, five students from Waller went to audition at North Central Honor Orchestra at Edmond Santa Fe High School. This is a competition that includes all the schools in northern and central Oklahoma where only a certain of spots are chosen for the Honors Ensemble November 18-19 that will take place at Oklahoma City University. Sarah Kim made second chair in the seventh grade ensemble. Congratulations, Sarah!

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We have finished reading the novel The Giver, and the students are rewriting the ending. Our next novel will be The Diary of Anne Frank. The classes will be taking a district benchmark this coming Thursday. This benchmark will be used as data to determine if re-teaching the skill will be necessary for those who did not do well on this benchmark. -Susie Cameron

Mrs. Kennedy's Paulsen and the 7th learned and review opportunity to think characters in each

The 6th grader graders imagined a

Both grades ar when we start them

“That's all it took to solve problems just sense.” - Gary Paulsen, Hatchet

We finished reading the book Hatchet. Every student wrote a story about some event in Hatchet as seen through another character’s point of view. They also did a great job of sharing these stories with the rest of their class. We just started reading our next novel Out of the Dust. Already we have noticed it contains many examples of figurative language. -Mrs. Wilson 4

6th graders have recently finished reading Hatchet by Gary h graders have finished The Giver by Lois Lowry. Both grades wed many concepts throughout the books and have also had the k outside the box while putting themselves in the shoes of h book.

rs discussed ways to survive with nearly nothing while the 7th a society with no choices.

re looking forward to seeing what their new books will contain m shortly!


Mrs. Burns' ELA students have been writing and answering questions from class novels using the depth of knowledge (DOK) words. The DOK list is used to increase rigor and cognitive depth. Additionally, these students are working through the writing process, relearning brainstorming ideas, and practicing with a variety of graphic organizers. Following fall break, the eighth grade began Downsiders by Neal Shusterman. The seventh grade began Diary of Anne Frank by Goodrich and Hackett.


Pre AP Languag three major projects student created a pe using Learning Choice subject matter using kinesthetic learning. own understanding of siders by selecting pe discuss in a dialectica they created drafts o knowledge to use for work.

These drafts will Quarter 2 to create a of their life story in p paragraphs, and cre forms. Many high sch applications and job i personal essays. Th provide many opportu essay creation.

ge Arts 8 pushed for this quarter. Each ersonal learning plan es to enhance the visual, auditory, or They challenged their f the novel The Outersonal passages to al journal. Finally, of autobiographical their published

Language Arts 8 students have been learning to read in sustained blocks of time. Beginning at the first of the quarter, students read for ten minutes at the end of class. This gradually lengthened to 15 minutes, and now they have 30 minute reading blocks. Many have improved their focus and attention to detail in the reading. Some choose to keep up with current events reading the local newspaper. Next quarter, students will be encouraged to focus on history and science in their reading.

-Mrs. Milacek

l be used during a polished publication poems, free verse, eative written hool college entrance interview require his publication will unities for strong 7

Computer Explorations I (6th graders) finished typing on October 26th. They are n

Presidential Election assignment. They are researching a candidate of their choice a plays a role in the election process.

Computer Explorations II (7th graders) finished typing October 19th and just finishin

Election assignment. Watching the 6th and 7th graders work on this assignment has be

hearing their ideas about the various policies that the candidates support and their opi date’s websites.

Computer Explorations III (8th graders) are currently in Rotation #3. They are doi

They have created a turtle, elephant, lion, bat, and others using the Hummingbird Robo

are going great with Spheros and they are having lots of fun designing things to be 3-D

Pictures and projects are posted on my classroom Facebook site: https://www.facebo


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and seeing how technology

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inions about the candi-

ing some amazing things!

otics Kit. The maze races

D printed.


This month we've been getting ready for the Oklahoma State Wildlife archery shoot we have also learned how to stalk animals (how to move silently and be motionless). In November we will hold an archery shoot on the 28th and the 2nd of December to determine who will qualify for the shoot in February. Students will also be entering an essay in the wildlife essay contest for a chance to win a hunt. We will also be learning about putting in food plots and where to place tree stand and general wildlife management for hunting.



Playing Tic-Tac-Toe as a running game

1st Hr Soccer winners 10

3rd Hr Pickle Ball Champs

Basketball 11

We would like to say a there for your students. We these past few months and without you!

We would also like to th allowing your child to receiv We will be able to use these Miss Johnson and Miss Fenl with these Chromebooks. W amount of zeros students h turn in the assignments onlin opportunity to use a progra child's fluency in a multitude

Speaking of which, the reviewing this month involve fractions as well as multiply With that we will be learning adding and subtracting integ exciting skill of Algebra.

Please check your stud as they may have practice prepare them for unit tests.

Another friendly reminder th tutoring, we offer tutoring o and Fridays during six plus.

Have a fantastic month of N

Miss Fenley and Miss Joh 12

a big "Thank You!" for being e have had many changes they could not do it

hank many of you for e a Google Chromebook. e in many different ways. ley have two goals in mind We would like to limit the have by being allowed to ne. We also have the am called IXL to enhance a e of skills.

e skills that we will be multiplying and dividing ying and dividing decimals. g new skills spanning from gers, ratios, and the most

dent's planner frequently problems often in order to .

hat if a child is in need of on Mondays, Wednesdays,


hnson 13

7th graders are working on a survey project, where they must interview 36 people and find an answer to a question they come up with. We then disaggregate (pull apart) the data several ways: Male vs female, age groups. We then put it into charts and graphs and display it. Students are also working on IXL with their new Chromebooks to hone those basic math skills -Mrs. Binkley

Our equations and abso will help m All st will help u -Mrs 14

Pre-Algebra students have been working on combining like terms, solving s and understanding properties. Algebra is learning about inequalities olute value. They have also started their Function Friday workbooks that many of them understand functions. tudents will have their first district benchmark in the next 2 weeks. This us identify the progress they have made identify any weaknesses. s. Buckles 15

7th grade students have been exploring mitosis and meiosis to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both asexual and sexual reproduction. In addition, we have begun to discuss reproductive strategies and seed dispersal methods to reduce resource competition in plants. -Mr. Nickels

Mr. Nickels’ clas Seed dispersal


ss demonstrates methods

The 6th grade class has been working on cell structure and functions of organelles. We have made animal and plant cell models. We are starting cellular organization and learning how many cells together eventually make up an organism.

The 7th grade class has been learning about cell functions. We are learning about the cell cycle and mitosis right now. We have modeled the different stages of mitosis and cell division. We begin work on meiosis this week. The 8th grade class has learned about atoms and colored their own periodic table. They are currently learning about different types of matter and chemical and physical changes and reactions. -Mrs. Koehn 17

The month of October, has been busy in the Counselor’ s Corner. We feel we are settling in with many opportunities that have been given our Waller student body. The 8th graders toured Autry Technology Center on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Autry was very gracious in opening their doors to us and showing many great programs students can be a part of as they continue on their growth journey to adults. The programs the students toured were Architecture & Construction, Arts & Communications, Business, Management & Technology, Health Science, Hospitality & Human Services, Manufacturing & Trades, Public Safety & Law, Transportation. Autry tours and staff emphasized when students attend their programs, the student is job ready upon completion. Mrs. Waggoner has been working with Mr. Beauchamp on our 5th grade transition for our 2017-2018 school year. I know this seems a little early but it isn’ t. We want to give our students every opportunity to be ready, comfortable, and feel safe when they arrive at WMS. They have been in contact with the elementary school principals regarding upcoming events at Waller and new enrollment. If you, as parents, have questions please feel free to call. 18

It was

For the

a sweet trip

e 8th graders To Autry Technology! Parents of 8th grade students: We have Oklahoma’ s PROMISE 2016-17 Application/Agreement form in the Counselor’ s offices. This is a program to help students with finances to attend Students may sign up during th th their 8 -, 9 - or 10 grade year. Please contact us for more information/questions or you can go on line at; and Our Chromebook distribution was a smooth go. We want to thank each of you for your “Yes” vote on the Bond Issue. The Chromebooks will help our students and teachers enjoy a new teaching tool as each day goes by. Parents, please contact us at any time with your concerns you may have for your student. In the meantime, we encourage all to work hard and be nice. Let us all Be the Change you want to see in the World. Mrs. Skaggs and Mrs. Waggoner 19

For 13 years, Mrs. teaching our Eagle are always helping

At STEAMmaker camp

Taking a minute away from the zombies.

Packaging food for 20

. Baker has been filling our Waller halls with a smile & es to love science. As our NJHS sponsor, her hands g-both our students and our community! Congratulations, Mrs. Baker!

Kids Against Hunger 21

It was a quiet Friday morning at Waller...

One lonely z

Just your friendly, Neighborhood Werewolf




Meanwhile, back in the Office...


October has come and gone and with it several different areas to be proud of: -8th grader Cannon Cribley was recognized by Vance AFB as honorary airman of the month -Ruben Daniels won second place in the state cross country meet -72 Waller students took the PSAT at Enid High School -Mrs. Baker was recognized as our teacher of the year -Ms. Peters was named a finalist for the Oklahoma Assistant Principal of the year -Kylee Stanley and Beau Lamoreaux placed first in Enid Lions Club art competition ...and our students raised over $4,000 in this years third annual PTSA Zombie run and fitness fair. A special thank you to Cammeron Kaiser, Lora Whitehead, and our own Mrs. Miller for organizing this event and the many volunteers that go into making it successful!

November has a lot of the start of basketball and w ans Day assembly, TEDx, and Please see our school calend ties and times. Students and hard to address our AAA Go been promising. Every mont student body on where we a to reaching our goals and st versations with students da tude – no suspensions and a of students get detention ea minimum of 95%; and Acade gle assignment, all grades a all GPA of 3.25.

Our AAA data for the m Attendance 8 93.80% 7 95.50% 6 96.20% Goal 95% 96.00%

Attitude "Work hard, Be Nice"

8 7 6 Goal 100%

Nothing says ‘Happy Birthday’ quite like a mariachi band! 24

98.80% 99.10% 100% 99.30%

"Positive Attitude" 8 79.20% 7 85.50% 6


Goal 95%


f upcoming activities with wrestling seasons, Veterd Thanksgiving break. dar for a list of all activid staff have been working oals and the results have th we visit with our entire are as a building in regards taff have individual conaily. Our goals address Attia goal that no more than 5% ach month; Attendance – emics – no zero on any sinat C or above, and an over-

month of October is: Academics "No Zeros" 8 57.14% 7 72.34% 6 88.72% Goal 100% 72.73% All Grades C or above

8 7 6 Goal 100%

94.80% 92.80% 94.80% 94.13%

GPA 8 7

3.16 3.25



Goal 3.25


Checking in from Austin

If your child is not meeting these goals there are several interventions available and teachers that can assist with a plan for their success. One of the main ways we are addressing students not meeting mastery of their learning goals is by offering RTI classes every Tuesday-Friday with a focus on building the skills they have not yet mastered or if students have mastered them we are offering a variety of enrichment activities. Be sure to ask your son or daughter how they are doing in their RTI classes. Another option is one of our tutoring or study hall classes that teachers host every day from 2:35-3:30pm. Chromebooks have been dispersed to all students who have returned their permission slip and teachers have started implementing them into the school day. Students are expected to bring them and headphones/ earbuds to school daily, have them charged, and use them only for educational purposes. The ChromeBooks have been able to speed up the feedback loop between teachers and students and provide ways for students to access and communicate information more efficiently than before. Additional details are listed on the EPS website under EPSConnect. Thank you for being engaged in your child’s education.

We Will Win! 25

7th Grade Decision Making Tips Define Safe and Smart Choices With Your Middle-Schooler For example, talk to her about her physical health and the consequences of making irresponsible decisions like smoking cigarettes. Tell her about the impact on her health, like how it would affect her soccer skills or singing ability. Also talk through alternatives to negative choices. For instance, explain to her that she can always call you or other family members for a ride home instead of getting into a car with someone who has been drinking or using drugs.

Support Your Middle-Schooler's Decisions Support your child when he makes decisions you don’t agree with. It is bound to happen in every parent-child relationship. Even if you knew it was a bad decision, take the opportunity to talk with your child about it. Try not to lecture; instead, ask what he learned from the choice, and how he’ll handle a similar situation in the future. If he hurt you or someone else, give him the opportunity to make amends and ask for forgiveness. It’s important to show your adolescent that even if you don’t agree, you will still love him and be there to talk with him. For example, instead of saying, “I told you it was a bad idea to skip studying for that test,” say “Do you think you’ll skip studying next time? What would have been a better choice?”

Bring Your Middle-Schooler Into Discussions About Family Issues By allowing him into discussions like which movie to see or what to have for dinner -- as well as more important matters, such as how to deal with issues affecting younger siblings -- you’re giving him the opportunity to have his opinions heard. This shows that his opinions matter and that you’re open to hearing about his ideas. This may encourage him to share decisions he has to make about school or friends with you as well. Visit http:// for more Parent Tips!

Upcoming Waller Events Veteran’s Day Assembly

Winter Choir Concert Waller Day

December 15th, 7:00

December 2nd, 10:00 am

pm Waller Auditorium


Waller Auditorium —-


Winter Orchestra Concert

November 11th, 10:15 am Waller Auditorium

WallerMiddleSchool November 19th, 9:00 am

December 8th, 6:00 pm Waller Auditorium —Winter Band Concert

Waller Auditorium —-

December 13th, 6:00 pm

Thanksgiving Break

Waller Auditorium

November 21st-25th


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