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Waller Middle School

Vol. I, No. 4

Eagle Gazette

Dates to Remember March 30th NJHS Installation

February 2017

Waller Band’s Road to Red Carpet

Ceremony 7:30 p.m. Waller Auditorium

April 8th 8th Grade Prom 7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Waller North Gym

April 20th PTSA General Meeting 6:00 p.m. Waller RM 108

May 11th Art Show, Film Festival & Choir Concert Starting at 5:15 p.m.

May 12th 6th Grade Track Day @ Waller

May 16 Band Concert 6:00 p.m. Waller Auditorium

May 22nd Talent Show 1:-00

On February 24 & 25, Waller 7th and 8th Grade Band students that auditioned for Red Carpet Honor Band and made it, traveled to Alva for the clinic. They spent two days rehearsing music with students from all over northwest Oklahoma and then performed a concert on Saturday afternoon. They had fun and did a wonderful job.

p.m. Waller Auditorium

May 23rd Activity/Sports Awards 9:00 a.m.. Waller Auditorium

May 24th Academic Awards 9:00 a.m. Waller Auditorium

May 25th Last day of school-8 Grade Recognition 9:00 a.m. Waller Auditorium

May 29th Final Report Cards Mailed Home

Eighth grade has been studying post-Revolutionary War America and the ups and downs our government had in its early years. The students in Mrs. Burroughs' class have enjoyed learning through the iCivics Bill of Rights game and reviewing what they know with the Yarn Toss, a game that puts all of that bottle flipping practice to good use. Currently, students are studying important movements leading up the the Civil War, including the Industrial Revolution, Westward Expansion, and the Mexican-American War. When we return from Spring Break, we will study the Gold Rush and start talking about the division between North and South in the mid-1800s.

At the end of January, the Intermediate Orchestra played “We Will Rock You” on the Monday Assembly. The audience participated in the performance with stomping and clapping. The class mostly learned the song by ear. We used the music as a guide to help keep track of our performance and repeats. The students began a Baroque piece entitled “La Rejouissance” which means “The Rejoicing.” It is a piece by Handel and arranged by Richard Meyer. The students are utilizing short and separated bowings (staccato) throughout the piece. This piece corresponds to the staccato section we studied in the All for Strings Book 2. The beginner class has been working through All for Strings Book 1. They are working on the technique called “slur.” It is a technique where the students must play multiple different notes in one bow. They are also learning about string crossings. On February 21, an instrument try out was held in the orchestra room. Students from Hayes and Prairie View came to try out the different instruments of the orchestra to help them make a decision about what they want to play when they enroll in the Beginning Orchestra class.

Each Wednesday we work through steps to compose music. This month the students learned out to create their own words to a specific rhythm. They also learned about chord tones. We sang them, plucked the notes, and used the bow. The students then made their own rhythmic compositions in groups. We are well on our way to students creating their own music. In March, Jayla Adams, Brieanna Bolenbaugh, and Emmy Lichty are going to district solo contest. The orchestra director at OSU will be in the building March 23rd to give a clinic to the classes.

Mrs. Glover’s 8th Gr students sh Rock Cycle

rade Pre-AP Science how off their e projects

In my science class, we are currently working on our energy unit. Students are building a trebuchet to demonstrate energy transfer from one object to another (OAS MS-PS3-6: Construct, use, and present arguments to support the claim that when the kinetic energy of an object changes, energy is transferred to or from the object.). They must describe how their trebuchet goes from gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy. For the project grade, the trebuchets simply have to work using only gravity as the force. However, students groups will be competing against one another for bonus and prizes.

Mrs. Buckles' Pre-Algebra students have started learning about scatterplots, line of best fits, and probability. Algebra students are currently learning about solving systems of equations. All students were evaluated in February using a district wide benchmark and every class showed improvement from the previous benchmark. As we near the state testing window, parents can help by making sure their child is in school every day because we will be reinforcing all previously learned content.

We are just working on equations and the process of solving for “X” through engaging activities and Hands on Equations. -Mrs. Boss

7th graders have just finished a unit on 2-step equations and will be testing Wednesday 3/ 8. March 14th is Pi Day (3.14), and we’re celebrating before spring break. Math teachers will be serving up some tasty chocolate cream pie along with fun Pi Day activities. Thank you PTSA! When we return from Spring Break the count down toward state testing begins. 7th grade will start reviewing concepts they have covered this year and prep for testing. -Mrs. Binkley

Mrs. Burns’ classes are continuing their research for argumentative essays. Brainstorming, organizing/ outlining, writing, editing, revising…they are deep into the recursive process. The seventh grade are reading Red Scarf Girl: Memoir of the Cultural Revolution by Ji-Li Jiang. A factual retelling of Jiang’s family’s courage and determination during the 60-70’s, a terrifying and tumultuous era in the twentieth century.

“Physics, Chemist had been replaced of Industry and A because of Chairm instruction to “c with practical ex ― Ji-li Jiang,

The eighth grade classes are completing Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen. Paulsen brings the American Revolution alive in the telling of Samuel Smith’s struggle in the long, bloody war. The story revolves around Samuel’s search for his parents, who were taken during an attack of the family’s settlement.

Ms. Cameron’s 7th on main idea and c have finished the n along with the ass

try, and Biology d by Fundamentals Agriculture, man Mao’s combine education xperience.” , Red Scarf Girl


grade is working context clues. We novel Red Scarf Girl signed projects.

Mrs. Milacek’s Language Arts 8 and Pre-AP Language Arts 8 challenged their writing skills with multi-paragraph essays combining types of paragraphs. The focus must be on text evidence and transitions as student write about the novel, Woods Runner. Each paragraph must undergo three drafts adding skill levels as the paragraphs are developed. Students are showing excellent mastery of these key skills! Part of the learning process uses framed paragraphs that are designed to hone the pattern of the paragraph so that improvement is easier. Write right, students!

Reading Essentials has welcomed several new students in the last month. We are currently reviewing the standards we've learned this year in order to prepare for the OCCT in April. We also use reading games (LAVA is the favorite) in order to increase fluency with more complex texts. -Mrs. Ford

6th and 7th graders in Computer Explorations are working on their typing skills. They will continue typing until Spring Break. They do typing lessons three days a week and typing games two days a week. I am so excited to see how much they have learned in the short time we have been typing.

8th graders are currently on rotation #2. They are doing some AMAZING things. I’ve greatly enjoyed watching two classes build a horse and cart robot and a dragon robot.

In February, we traveled to Oklahoma City to the fairgrounds to shoot in the Wildlife departments state archery shoot. We did very well and everybody had fun. In the last few weeks we have been doing some things in class. Along with shooting, we played camo hide and seek. We have also started doing some casting with fishing poles. In the coming weeks we will learn to be silent and stalk prey, learn how to call pray using various calls, how to pace and judge distance and use scent to bring pray closer.

An Interview

With Principal

Beauchamp Part II By Newsletter Staff Members: Areona Bangura, Evelyn Hartling, Jayden Hudson, Jaylynne Jackson, Jamie Marin & Vanisha Stewart

Why did you choose waller? I did not so much choose Waller, as maybe it is one of those deals that Waller chose me. 5 years ago, when the job opened and the superintendent was speaking to me about it, I first told him I didn’t want to come to Waller. I wanted a different school, with a different background that might fit my passions and my talents a little better. He had me do some homework about Waller and learn a little bit. I found out that it was just as good a fit for me, what I wanted to do, and where I could see myself making a difference. The opportunity presented itself for both myself and for my involvement in Waller.

How do you build leadership? Involvement! When have you ever been ready for a job? Sometimes you have to get ready by taking the job. I think it’s putting students onstage in Monday assemblies, and

putting people in situations & rol leadership.

They’re not ready for that right aw comfortable in the roles. The sam able to stand up there in front of almost 800 kids.

When we have visitors and the in the students lead the tours. I thin ship opportunities helps grow the

Why are you so confide Goals? They’ve been working!

Being able to track the three thin Academics, Attendance, & Attitud to our students. There’s a feeling international conference and hea be successful, you have to create that’s what we’re already doing.

We have the confidence because visited with other people across t they say best helps kids.

What’s your favorite t

This connects back to the first qu would be the people. The teache that joy and the moment when th band, orchestra, art or English-Se because of people working hard.

les where they can gain

way, but they become more me thing with talent-being our student body with

ncoming 5th graders, we let nk giving them the leadereir leadership.

ent in the AAA

ngs that we look atde-show these are beneficial g of confidence going to an aring ‘If you want to help kids e success in these 3 areas’, and

e it works for us, and we’ve the country, and that’s what

thing about waller?

uestion-that my favorite thing ers, staff, and students-seeing hey succeed. Whether in eeing that moment happen That’s my favorite thing.

Counselor’s Corner February and March have been busy with Enid High School enrollment for our eighth graders, Waller enrollment for our sixth and seventh graders, and grade school enrollment from our feeder schools. Parents please be sure and work with your student to ensure the best classes for them to take next year. If your student wants to be in AP and Pre-AP classes and have not been, they must get and fill out the form Teacher Recommendation for AP and Pre-AP Course (s). This form is in the counselor’s office. We feel our students continue to thrive in the Waller environment through classroom participation. Our 6+ Clubs and tutoring have helped with creativity and raising awareness in their grades and getting extra help wherever needed. As a reminder, the Enid District will be involved in OCCT State testing during the month of April. The testing window is April 3-April 28. Waller will start April 11. We will need help with parents as monitors. If you are available, please call Susie Skaggs, 366-7900 or 3667904. The time frame will be at least 2 hours. We would love to have your help. Our doors are always open and welcome any concerns you as parents and students may have. We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Spring Break. Be the Change you want to see in the World.

Mrs. Skaggs and Mrs. Waggoner

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