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2017 Issue 3

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s we move towards the end of the year, it is always a good opportunity to look back and reflect upon what this year has brought. 2017 has been a turbulent year for the shipping industry with continued overcapacity and increased consolidation in various sectors. However, the global economy does seem to be picking up, albeit slowly.

Despite the difficult business environment, we are thankful to have dedicated, professional and forward-thinking staff, both on shore and at sea, working hard towards the common goal of providing the highest quality services to our customers. Wallem Group is large enough to be sustainable but small enough to personally care about its clients, seafarers and employees. We hold true to our True North Values of business integrity and in demonstrating the highest ethical standards in conducting business. Turn to page 20 to read the article on anti-bribery and how we hope to eliminate corruption in the industry by being an active part of the Marine Anti-Corruption Network (MACN). The theme of this issue is Longevity, an apt one as we celebrate past achievements and look ahead to future investments, opportunities and milestones. This summer we said goodbye to the M.V. Golden Fan, a vessel which has been in our management for over 20 years and has come to the end of its lifespan. Turn to the Lead Story on pages 3-5 to hear why we hold the vessel dear to our hearts and about the special relationship that we have with the vessel’s owner. Speaking of special relationships, our managed vessel the M.T Tofteviken and its crew played host to marine inspectors from the US Coast Guard over the summer. Find out more about this story in our feature on page 17. We have long declared that the safety and wellness of our seafarers is our top priority at Wallem. On pages 21-22 we sit down to talk with Dr Kevin Menon, clinical psychologist and author of our Wellness@Sea guide. Dr Menon talks about what makes our Wellness@Sea guide unique and why the issue of mental health is so critical for seafarers. In our Safety Focus section on page 13, we hear about the launch of our special Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) system and how this will further improve transparency and safety onboard. Turn to page 14 to read more about what Wallem is doing regarding energy efficiency. You can also learn more on how our Technical team have been preparing for the EU MRV regulation in order to best serve our customers with the monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 data. I hope that you enjoy reading our final issue of True North magazine for 2017. Please contact us if you have any comments or enquiries. Thanks to all our people, on shore and at sea and here’s to a good and safe end of the year. Calm winds and fair seas!

Simon Doughty Wallen Group CEO


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Issue 3 2017




We’ll Always be a Fan

The life and times of the M.V Golden Fan


fter more than 20 years under Wallem management, the 32-year-old Golden Fan has retired and has been sold for scrap. The Golden Fan is a Pure Car Carrier (PCC) built in 1985 in Shimanami Shipyard in Imabari, Japan. It was owner Sanasia’s flagship vessel. The vessel came under Wallem management in 1995 and has been on charter to K-Line the entire period. This is testament to our technical capabilities at the highest level. Let’s take a look at the history of the vessel under our management, what the vessel’s owner appreciated most about our service over the years and what the vessel’s former Masters have to say as we bid her farewell.

Captain Syed Mujib Baksh was the first Wallem Master of the Golden Fan. He reminds us that the Golden Fan is not just a vessel, it’s also been a home. He reports that it was a comfortable ship to live on thanks to Wallem ensuring that it had home comforts such as internet connectivity, a theatre room and a spacious mess to make the crew feel at home. He says, “For most of us sailors, sailing is not just a career, or a job option. It’s a life, and a way of living. It disciplines you as much as it sets you free. We gather memories down this journey, ones that may last us a lifetime. Over the years that TRUE NORTH THE WAY FORWARD

the ship has sailed around the world, Mother Nature has not always been kind. The ship has braved storms and lived to tell the tale. But there have been good days, where she has glided on the open, glassy water, into the sunrise. Sailing with vigilant eyes under the starry night, braving whatever lies ahead.” Captain Baksh shares that the crew also faced many challenges – mainly because his crew strived to deliver the best possible service. Each car, loaded onto this car carrier was treated with the utmost care, as the customers are of paramount importance and the vessel was always kept in optimum condition. There was incredible attention to detail and great support from the technical team on land to ensure smooth and safe sailing.


Captain Baksh also touches on the teamwork he experienced onboard. “On a ship, you give respect and you get respect. The seniors on the Golden Fan were always helpful, and the juniors, always eager to learn and help. Wallem’s emphasis on safety initiatives such as Stop cards and Behaviour Based System (BBS) cards also helped strengthen communication among the team – helping us work closely together, learn from one another’s mistakes, making sure not to repeat them. It was this teamwork environment that brought us together as one family,” he says.

“It is not the going out of port, but the coming in that determines the success of a voyage.”

Captain Baksh concludes that every seafarer would agree that sailing was one of the best choices they have made no matter the challenges thanks to the people they meet and memories they make. For he and his crew, the Golden Fan will always have a special place in their hearts.

Senior Technical Manager for Sanasia, Umesh Razdan tells us the story of Sanasia’s long and prosperous relationship with Wallem. He says,

Captain Gurmit Wig began his career at sea back in 1973. He joined Wallem as a Second Mate in November 1979 and has been with us ever since. In 1989, Gurmit was promoted to Master and after having gained years of sailing experience, was assigned to command the Golden Fan in 2016.

“Haruki Aono came to Hong Kong in 1993 and founded the Hong Kong based company, Sanasia. In 1995 Aono san secured his first vessel to be operated out of Hong Kong, which, as an entrepreneur, was a big challenge. He had to secure the support of a first class management company to reassure K Line with whom the vessel was on long-term charter, and at the same time ensure safe and economic operations of the vessel. He chose Wallem because the company shared his vision and could meet his stringent requirements.

He tells us, “The Golden Fan has been sailing international waters for over three decades with the same vigor and strength as she did when she was built and is still braving rough oceans with great dominance. During my tenure onboard, K-Line Japan, the charterers, graded the vessel as ‘A-b’ during their Annual Safety Inspection / Audit. This was possible thanks to the excellent and timely support provided by the Management team ashore along with hard work and dedication of the team onboard.”

– Captain Gurmit Wig

When Captain Wig was informed that the Golden Fan would soon be undertaking her last commercial voyage, and on completion of discharge would be handed over to a ship breaking yard for demolition, he said,

The foundation of our relationship was established with the Golden Fan. Over the years, as Aono san’s business expanded and as his fleet increased, Wallem was the natural choice for ship manager. The secret to our good relationship today is not due to good performance alone but Wallem’s unflagging support and thorough understanding of our needs; in addition to the peace of mind which comes with having close and personal rapport 24/7 with Wallem’s frontline team (Superintendents and Fleet Managers).

“Looking back at her life’s voyage I can only say that it has fanned a long, wonderful and golden trip and it would be a pity to see her go where no ship ever comes back from. Of course it is a new world so the Golden Fan may soon be replaced by a new, state-of-the-art, innovative vessel. As the saying goes, “It is not the going out of port, but the coming in that determines the success of a voyage.”

We definitely all feel quite sad that our company’s flagship vessel, the Golden Fan has now been retired. However, we are very proud thanks to Wallem’s exemplary management of over 22 years, that the vessel had a longer than normal lifespan (the Golden Fan and the Frisia are in fact the oldest vehicle carriers in the world trading internationally). Thanks to our close relationship and with consistency of performance, we are confident that we will continue to look to Wallem as a Issue 3 2017



partner and manager for our PCTC fleet, which we hope to expand in the next 1-2 years.”

Appreciation & Continued relationship Head of Vehicle Carriers for Wallem Ship Management, Rajan Gupta says, “Our long term relationship with the owner Sanasia has been built on trust, transparency and on prompt and close communication. I would like to thank Sanasia for their continuous support to Wallem and to our Superintendents and Fleet Managers who have worked hard to maintain and build upon this trust.” As a token of our appreciation, Wallem presented the senior Sanasia team with a framed momento of the Golden Fan. Given the nostalgia associated with this vessel, we are confident that it will have pride of place on their office wall. We look forward to continuous strengthening of our relationship with Sanasia today and in the years to come. TRUE NORTH THE WAY FORWARD

Wallem has a long history and strong experience in managing a fleet of vessels of varying ages and types. This includes dry bulk carriers, tankers, gas carriers, container ships, multi-purpose vessels and PCTCs. For more information, please contact Managing Director of Wallem Ship Management, David Price at DP@wallem.com


China Ship Agency Signs Agreement with G2 Ocean

Delivery of the Nordic Thunder

The Captain and crew of the Nordic Thunder. Pony Chen, General Manager Wallem Ship Agency, China with G2 Ocean team.


ur Wallem China team were successful in their bid for G2 Ocean business and signed an agency agreement on 1st July. Well done to the team who worked hard during the bidding procedure, including the preparation of a proposal showcasing our business expertise. G2 Ocean is a joint venture of two world leading breakbulk and bulk shipping companies: Gearbulk and Grieg Star, with a joint fleet of 130 vessels. The total China calls per year is expected to reach 700, making them our biggest client in China to date.

Another successful Dry Docking


ur Marine Director Fared Khan together with Fleet Manager, Amitabh Gupta and Senior Technical Superintendent Sachin Kulkarni travelled to Korea to mark the occasion of the delivery of the Nordic Thunder, with the vessel’s owner, Captain and crew. We wish the Captain and crew safe sailing!

Business Win for SeaSafe

Managing Director of SeaSafe Marine, Andrew Lemmis with representatives of Eagle Bulk.

The FSL Osaka.


n August, the Wallem dry docking team completed another successful dry docking project - our managed oil tanker the FSL Osaka was drydocked in Desan Shipyard in Turkey. The owners expressed their satisfaction at the job well done and paid appreciation to the crew and to our Technical Superintendent, Mishu Raja for his help in coordinating the project.


e are pleased to announce that SeaSafe Marine has entered into a fleetwide lifeboat servicing contract with Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. The contract covers planned statutory annual and 5Y services as well as unplanned services and supply of spares for 49 vessels (managed out of Connecticut & Singapore) for a period of 5 years. This represents the largest service contract SeaSafe has entered to date and is a clear indicator of demand for our unique service delivery. Well done team! Issue 3 2017



Wallem Welcomes Majestic Princess to Singapore & to HK on Maiden Calls

1millioneth Kai Tak guest celebration.

The Majestic Princess at berth.


allem Ship Agency was delighted to support the recent maiden calls to Singapore and Hong Kong of the Majestic Princess.

The Majestic Princess is the third ship in Princess Cruises’ Royal class of ships. Designed specifically for the Chinese cruise market, the vessel will be homeported in Shanghai for cruises to Japan and Korea. As agent for the vessel in Singapore and Hong Kong, we handled the disembarkation and embarkation of passengers, crew changes, immigration formalities and stores replenishment among others. The vessel’s call to the Hong Kong International Cruise Terminal (at the site of the old Kai Tak airport) also coincided with a celebration for the cruise terminal’s one millionth cruise ship guest. Managing Director of Wallem Ship Agency Dickson Chin and General Manager of Operations, K F Chan attended a special ceremony to

The Majestic Princess in Singapore.

mark this milestone for the terminal and to welcome the vessel to town. As you can see, the cruise ship lives up to her name and received a welcome fit for a Princess!

Wallem Sponsoring Chinese version of CHIRP Maritime


allem is proud to help spread the word of safety to seafarers in China by sponsoring the Mandarin Chinese version of the CHIRP Maritime newsletter, along with Dalian Maritime University. CHIRP Maritime is a UK-based confidential reporting programme for the Maritime industry which aims to promote safety awareness among seafarers through the sharing of news, videos and case studies. With safety and the welfare of our seafarers as our highest priority, Wallem is proud to support this initiative.

Marching band welcomes the Majestic Princess to Hong Kong.


For more information, go to www.chirpmaritime.org


Agency in Malaysia Re-Appointed by Costa Group

Sales drive in Singapore

We are pleased to share the news that our agency business in Malaysia (Wallem Shipping Malaysia) has been reappointed by the Costa Group to support calls to all Malaysian ports. This extended appointment will also cover AIDA Cruises. The local team will attend to 31 calls for Costa Cruises and 19 calls for AIDA Cruises, totaling 50 calls for 2017/18 season. Our Agency team in Malaysia is looking forward to providing further high quality services to Costa.

Cyber Security – Wallem Response

Denzyl Allwright

Jack Hu

Tomas Langgard


Ship Agency team spent a week in Singapore in September to visit existing and potential ship agency clients.

Denzyl Allwright, MD Indochina was accompanied by Jack Hu from China to promote our wide range of agency services. Tomas Langgard, BD Manager Europe also attended to introduce the team to his European based operators who have now moved their agency decision making to Asia. They were joined by local agency Operations Manager Francis Khan who joined some of the meetings. The team had meetings with 20 clients and attended several networking events. These sales efforts are supported by our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform “Salesforce” which is used to manage our client relationships and ensure that business information is shared effectively between all our offices.


few months ago a cyber attack hit various companies around the globe including Maersk, one of the world's largest shipping companies; marking the first time that the industry has felt the effect of an attack. Phishing scams are becoming more and more sophisticated and harder to spot. They often appear to be from a legitimate source; even using company logos and signatures. At Wallem we have long had a cyber security policy in place; sending regular reminders through our internal newsletter about cyber security best practices and things to look out for. All staff have completed mandatory additional cyber security training in recent months. We are also reviewing our cyber security measures with a specialist to ensure that we are protected to the highest degree. We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure that our staff, our Company and indeed our customers are protected.

Takeover of the Front Capella


allem Ship Management was delighted to take over management of another vessel, the Front Capella. Technical Superintendent, Carl Horvat paid a visit to the vessel’s Captain and crew for the takeover ceremony. Issue 3 2017



Zurich Shipping Network Event


allem was pleased to sponsor the Zurich Shipping Network’s July networking event which was held at the Johann Jacobs Museum. The event consisted of a tour of the museum (including the exhibition, ‘Stealing the Trapese’, a history of Singapore from a sailor’s viewpoint), followed by Business Development networking drinks. As sponsor, Manager for Wallem our logo was on all the invitations Europe, Tomas Langgard. and delegate lists and a brief presentation of our services was included in the welcome speech. Business Development Manager for Europe Tomas Langgard was happy to share information about Wallem at the event. We will also be corporate sponsor of Zurich Shipping Network events in 2018.

Wallem at London International Shipping Week


ur CEO, Simon Doughty, Director of Sales & Marketing, Nigel Moore and Sales Manager for Europe, Tomas Langgard all represented Wallem at

L-R: Ross Webber, CEO of Bermuda Business Development Agency with Director, Sales & Marketing Nigel Moore.

September’s London International Shipping Week (LISW) events. Simon took part in both the International Shipowners and Ship Managers’ Summit (ISSS) and Global Maritime Cluster Events on Monday 11th and Wallem held a special media get-together lunch for associated trade media on Wednesday 13th. The week was a busy one and a good opportunity for the team to meet with existing and potential customers and industry partners.

Wallem Take Part in NYK Safety Awareness Competition

CEO Simon Doughty speaking at the Global Maritime Cluster debate.

Wallem’s Head of Vehicle Carriers, Rajan Gupta pictured with representatives from other ship owner and ship management companies.

O CEO Simon Doughty speaking at the ISSS.


n 3rd July, NYK held a “Brush Up on Safety Awareness” competition. This was part of the Remember Naka-no-Se safety campaign, which draws on the lessons learnt from the Diamond Grace oil spill in July 1997, to encourage all NYK Group employees to bear in mind the importance of safe operations. Since 2006, the NYK Group has been working on Near Miss 3000 activities with partner shipowners and shipmanagement companies, aiming to prevent accidents by making use of the slogan “DEVIL Hunting!” to nip accidents in the bud by identifying

INDUSTRY EVENTS and dealing with the often over-looked precursors to accidents, or DEVILs (Dangerous Events and Irregular Looks). 19 shipowners and ship management companies, both domestic and foreign, participated in this competition, the first year it was held. Two representatives from Wallem, Marine Director, Fared Khan and Head of Vehicle Carriers, Rajan Gupta, represented Wallem at the event and found it to be a very valuable learning experience.

Indonesia Maritime Forum 2017

Wallem Attends Royal Caribbean 10th Anniversary Managing Director of Wallem Group Singapore, Nitin Mathur.


n 23rd August, MD of Wallem Singapore, Nitin Mathur spoke at the Indonesia Maritime Forum. The forum is one of the largest trade shows for the maritime & offshore industries in Indonesia and covers everything from shipbuilding and navigation to innovation, safety & maintenance and financing,etc. Nitin spoke on digitalization & the future of shipping.


n July, Royal Caribbean Cruises (Asia) Pte Ltd. marked its 10th anniversary with a big celebration in Singapore at Clifford Pier, attended by more than 150 trade, media, corporate and government partners from the region. Our Wallem Singapore colleagues were delighted to attend and celebrate this milestone.

Technical Director Invited to speak at BIMCO conference

Over the last 10 years, Royal Caribbean have increased their presence and deployment to Singapore and today have three ships (Ovation of the Seas, Voyager of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas) based there. Wallem Ship Agency provides agency services to the three Royal Caribbean brands (Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises).

Wallem Represented at Marine Money


itin Mathur, Managing Director of Wallem Group Singapore attended the 30th Annual Marine Money Week event “Capital for Shipping: Collaboration�. The event was held 19th-21st June, 2017 at The Pierre Hotel in New York City and attended by over 1,000 industry experts.

Group Technical Director, Ioannis Stefanou.

O Managing Director of Wallem Group Singapore, Nitin Mathur.

ur Group Technical Director, Ioannis Stefanou was invited to give a presentation on Ballast Water Management at the BIMCO conference held from 12th-13th September in Qingdao, China. In his presentation, Ioannis acknowledged the problems with various systems but also thanked the suppliers for support provided in overcoming these challenges. Issue 3 2017



Asia Cruise Forum Jeju

Wallem at Breakbulk Asia

Managing Director of Wallem Ship Agency, Dickson Chin with Operations Manager, Jason Jeong and Managing Director of Wallem Ship Agency Korea, William Han.


ur Managing Director of Wallem Ship Agency, Dickson Chin attended the Asia Cruise Forum in Jeju on 24th – 26th August, along with our team in Korea, Operations Manager, Jason Jeong and Managing Director of Wallem Ship Agency Korea, William Han.

Dickson Chin pictured with representatives of tourism boards from Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines and Korea.

Wallem at Lloyd’s Register Technical Committee


ead of Dry Ship Operations, Chris Hassall attended the annual Lloyd’s Register Technical Committee meeting on behalf of Wallem. The meeting, which took place in Hong Kong was an opportunity to discuss hot topics and give and receive instructive feedback regarding rule changes and development.


L-R: Satwant Singh, Tu Anh Bui, Asia Thamby and Denzyl Allwright.


allem colleagues from Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia attended this year’s Breakbulk SE Asia which was held from 4th – 6th September in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The team who attended were Denzyl Allwright, Managing Director Wallem Ship Agency, IndoChina, Tu Anh Bui General Manager, Wallem Ship Agency Vietnam; Asia Thamby, Shipping Operations Manager, Wallem Ship Agency Malaysia and Satwant Singh, Shipping Operations Executive, Wallem Ship Agency Malaysia. They were delighted to meet with current and potential customers and talk about our Breakbulk expertise.

Samuel Morales Takes Part in Joint Industry Project

Technical Superintendent Samuel Morales.


echnical Superintendent Samuel Morales was nominated at the request of Viken Shipping to participate in a Joint Industry Project workshop from 13th-14th September on the feasibility of using of batteries as supplementary means of power on Small Tankers.


Safety4Sea Tanker Operator Award


allem Ship Management is proud to have been awarded the Safety4Sea Tanker Operator Award. Wallem was shortlisted for the award along with four other top tanker operators.

Finalist for Lloyd’s List Asia Shipmanager of the Year Award

Managing Director of Wallem Ship Management David Price accepted the award on behalf of Wallem at the Safety4sea Awards ceremony and conference, held on 3rd October at the Yacht Club of Greece in Piraeus. David also spoke at the Safety4Sea conference held on the following day on the Wallem Engagement Programme, its benefits, focuses and successes in relation to safety.

Recognition from Owners’ for Exemplary Teamwork


allem Ship Management have made it to the list of finalists for the Lloyd's List Asia Shipmanager of the Year Award. The winners will be announced at a dinner to be held in Singapore on 23rd October; which will be attended by our Managing Director of Wallem Group, Singapore Nitin Mathur.

Wallem Presented with AMVER Award


ongratulations to the Captain and crew of the VLCC La Paz who worked closely with our Superintendents to solve a tricky operational problem that came up onboard, enabling the vessel to discharge ontime. Harry Hajimichael, General Manager of Tsakos Shipping wrote, “Our sincere congratulations to the vessel's command , officers and crew and your Superintendents for their efforts to resolve this operational problem. The combined efforts and expertise of all involved have indeed made the difference in a professional handling of this case.”

Well done to all involved. This is a good example of ship and shore working closely together with the owners to solve a problem.


allem was proud to be presented with an AMVER award in early September for ships with a 17 year participation history. David Price, Managing Director of Wallem Ship Management was presented the award by a representative of the US Coast Guard at a special ceremony held in Hong Kong. Issue 3 2017



Presenting the New Wallem Behaviour Based Safety System I

n order to enhance awareness and enhance positive safety culture, we have revamped our Behavior Based Safety (BBS) system on all our vessels.

About our BBS system The system is centered around our newly designed Wallem BBS cards which are placed onboard every ship. The cards are designed to help our seafarers focus on and highlight any behaviour which may be unsafe or increase the risk of any incidents happening. The system is designed to enhance positive safety behaviors onboard; in addition to the Wallem Safety Rules which all seafarers onboard our ships must follow with zero tolerance to non-compliance.

Identification of “risky behaviour” onboard The purpose of the new Wallem BBS cards is to help the observer pay attention to the “discretionary” behavior (i.e. not related to compliance) of an individual performing a task onboard. The idea is to look at other factors which might constitute “risky behaviour” onboard which could lead to accidents or Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) and to highlight these factors and eliminate them. In doing generic tasks onboard, seafarers may face certain barriers such as tiredness or mental focus or complacency. These are barriers to safety and operational excellence. TRUE NORTH THE WAY FORWARD

Observation, conversation & communication The new cards are designed to increase observation, conversation and communication onboard. The new cards also provide our seafarers with an opportunity for noting the positive behaviour of those being observed.

Features z z z z

Handy format – perforated notebook for removal & sharing Lean – less words, quick & easy to understand and fill out Positive reinforcement - focus on positive action, preventing risky behavior from slipping through the net. Interactive – space and opportunity for seafarers to jot down notes on improving safety to be shared in safety meetings for discussion and learning purposes.

The new Wallem BBS Safety Cards support our efforts on safety, wellness and engagement; which are the Company’s main areas of focus.


Wallem Goes the Extra Mile with MRV project

Fleet Manager, Samar Das.


s Shipmanagers we are always faced with new regulations coming into force that require us to put more resources and systems in place to meet these new regulatory requirements.

Finally, we submitted all ship specific MRV plans to the verifiers ahead of the deadline without any major observation, which was proof of the hard work and good preparation that the team had made.

One such regulation that came into force recently was the EU MRV regulation for monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport. This required that a ship specific monitoring plan be prepared for each ship in our fleet to be sent to an accredited verifier for Conformity assessment. Based on this plan, and starting next year, we are required to capture emissions data of the ships travelling to the EU and at the end of the year produce an emissions report to be presented to an accredited verifier.

Today there are more and more regulatory requirements in shipping but at Wallem we are committed to achieving compliance with minimum additional burden to the ship’s crew workload. This can be done thanks to being organizing and preparing thoroughly ahead of time; as well as leveraging our experience and expertise.

Our Wallem Technical Department understood that there were many challenges to be overcome. Firstly, we had to ensure that we had the right system in place to capture the required data and produce the annual emissions report without adding to the vessels’ reporting requirements or to the workload of the shore team. We saw this as an opportunity, rather than a hindrance. We worked with the software provider of our integrated Planned Maintenance System to create a module that will collect all required data from the vessels’ standard voyage reporting. This new module will also allow us to do voyage performance trending and other analysis. The technical team then had to prepare a Monitoring plan template that would satisfy the requirements of the various accredited verifiers. This was achieved by studying the regulatory requirements, our systems and the available systems on board our ships and by working closely with the verifiers to produce a final product. This MRV template also had to be adapted to become ship specific.

“Thank you to all the team members for their hard work and cooperation. Particular thanks to Fleet Manager Gavin Dsouza, Technical Superintendent Akhil Dhawan, Consultant Biswas Saha, Fleet Manager Amitabh Gupta and Graduate Engineer, Adrian Lam.” – Project Leader, Samar Das Issue 3 2017



Wallem Fleet Officers Meeting and “Viken Day�, Manila


allem Fleet Officers Meetings are held at regular intervals throughout the year at our training centres where the majority of our seafarers hail from: China, the Philippines, India and Ukraine. The aim is to ensure that all seafarers are aligned on expectations and safety best practices, to close the gap between ship and shore and to increase seafarer engagement. We also arrange and hold special customer conferences since training at Wallem in-house training centres is customer/owner specific.



Another successful Wallem Fleet Officers’ Meeting was held from 16th – 17th August in Manila. The meeting was attended by our Filipino seafarers, along with a few other seafarers from other countries; in addition to Wallem shore staff from our Hong Kong, Germany and Mumbai offices. The agenda, which was over two days included presentations and sessions on wellness, compliance, operational excellence, social media awareness and cyber security. The

A special Viken Conference was held the following day at the same location for our “Proud Viken Seafarers”. Presentations were made on High Performing Teams, Setting Goals and accepting challenges and cyber security. The conference was attended by the Wallem team and by Vidar Winciansen, Technical Director for Viken Shipping. The event was also a very interactive one, with a special section run by a motivational speaker which was both fun and

event was characterised by its interactive nature, with plenty of workshops and games to keep it fun and engaging, to support our focus on building high performing teams. In the evening, our seafarers, along with their families and Wallem staff from Hong Kong and Hamburg all got together to celebrate with a special and fun ‘Masquerade Party’.

inspiring with an open Q&A session to wrap up the event. The evening culminated with a party for our seafarers and their families, with the theme ‘Great Gatsby’. A fun and memorable time was had by all! A big thank you to the President / General Manager of our Manila Training centre, Capt Ceferino Leal and his team for such a great job in organising these events. Issue 3 2017



Ride on board with Wallem an experience of a lifetime


he United States Coast Guard (USCG) Ship Rider programme is aimed at enabling USCG Marine Inspectors to experience a number of operations on tanker work firsthand in order to ensure and enhance safety and security at sea. In mid-2017 two USCG Marine Inspectors were welcomed for a ‘ride onboard’ experience on the Wallemmanaged vessel the M.T. Tofteviken.

STS Operations that were observed firsthand by the USCG Marine Inspectors from onboard the M.T. Tofteviken.

On 5th June 2017, two USCG Marine Inspectors went onboard the M.T. Tofteviken at the Port of Delaware City. The duo then sailed on the vessel, along with the ship’s crew to Cape Henlopen Lightering Area. Over the three day voyage, the inspectors experienced what life was like at sea and learnt all about various operations onboard, including but not limited to discharging and loading operations, STS/Lightering operations and operations in the pumproom and engine room, all made possible thanks to the crew who went out of their way to teach, guide and help them. After their stint onboard, the inspectors expressed how much they TRUE NORTH THE WAY FORWARD

valued the experience and in particular how welcomed they felt by the ship’s crew. Not only was the experience a positive one for all involved but this has marked the start of a great relationship between the USCG, the charterer and Wallem.

Message of thanks from Charterer Capt. Richard H. Russell, Global Head of Crude Operations for AET: “The below compliments (from the US Coast Guard) are passed along with my thanks. Once again you have shown the best in Wallem, Miller’s and AET that we have all become used to seeing.”

USCG Marine Inspectors pictured with Third Officer Jonalyn Alarin Sabornido.

Message of thanks from the USCG Marine Inspectors

that had plans been made they would happily have remained onboard for an extended period of time.

The two USCG Marine Inspectors who participated in the Ship Rider Programme onboard the Wallem-managed vessel wanted to express their deepest gratitude to the charterer and to Wallem. They shared that the Master and crew were extremely pleasant and professional from the moment they stepped on the vessel - the crew openly shared their expertise, ensuring the inspectors had no lingering questions before departing their vessel.

In their message of thanks the marine inspectors concluded that the overall experience far exceeded their expectations and wanted to send a special thank you for enabling them to work with such an unbelievable Master, Crew and their Vessel.

They reported back that the second engineer took the time to give them an hour long explanation of the IGS/IGG system and engine space and added that it was evident that he has a true passion for training (and that the engine room is immaculate). They also said that every officer allowed them to occupy their working space with countless questions pertaining to the cargo operations. The second officer explained the piping system and cargo control panel. The two third officers assisted in the understanding of why trim and ballasting are important, during cargo operations. The inspectors also worked with the Chief Officer who explained gas calibration and span gases and enabled them to witness the countless amount of paperwork involved with cargo operations. They learned how involved the Pumpman and ABs are with ensuring valves are opened or closed. The cargo evolution is extremely involved and a rare opportunity for Coast Guard Inspectors to witness. They stated that they learned an immeasurable amount of information which will only aid in building better Marine Inspectors. The inspectors also made a particular mention of how very accommodating the cook was during their voyage, noticing that their appetites were limited and altering his meal preparation to fit their dietary desires. They were made so welcome that they stated that they were left feeling closer to home each day, which is indeed a big compliment. In fact the inspectors shared that their berths were so comfortable

Ongoing support Wallem is one of the few Ship Management companies that has offered this learning experience for US Coast Guard Marine Inspectors. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with the USCG and in supporting them to the best of our ability with this programme.

Well done to the Captain and crew of the M.T. Tofteviken. Thank you for your professionalism and boundless hospitality. May you continue to do Wallem proud! Issue 3 2017



A Day in the Life onboard NOCC Baltic


n 29th June, Tomas Langgard, Business Development Manager, Europe, paid a visit onboard the Wallemmanaged vessel the NOCC Baltic which was delivered from the shipyard earlier this year.

stated – he is only as good as his team. The teamwork spirit was very much present the whole time.”

Tomas followed NOCC Operations Manager Jørgen Føyen for an inspection onboard the vessel in Bristol, then travelled onboard to Southampton. Tomas also shadowed the vessel’s Captain, Chief Officer and Chief Engineer to find out more about their duties and challenges.

Feedback from NOCC Operations Manager Jørgen Føyen was that he values our seafarers' ability to not only follow the work scope as stated in their contract but also think outside the box. Several of his action points were to add an extra layer of paint in areas where the yard had made shortcuts by either not painting at all or painting too thin. This was something which was easy to correct while the vessel is still very new.”

Tomas says, “What impressed me most was seeing how close-knit the crew is and how they cooperated with one another to solve the daily tasks onboard. As Capt. Jha

Tomas would like to thank the crew of the NOCC Baltic for welcoming him onboard and to Jørgen for patiently showing him around and explaining everything to him.



Integrity, Transparency & Anti-Corruption


he Wallem Group understands that our reputation is reliant upon our integrity and on the highest standards of corporate governance.

The Group has strong management controls in place, solid risk management, transparency in our customer interactions, and full compliance with applicable regulations. Our culture centres around our True North Values, covering how we treat one another and our customers and ensuring all communication is honest and transparent. A Code of Conduct binds all our staff to observe these requirements, values and commitments. Wallem is dedicated to the long-term sustainability of our business. In addition to being members of various regulatory bodies to ensure that we stay up to date and informed of the latest

of many maritime regulations, we have also been members of The Marine Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) since 2015. This initiative is aimed at working towards the elimination of all forms of maritime corruption by raising awareness of the challenges faces, implementing the MACN Anti-Corruption Principles and co-developing and sharing best practices; collaborating with governments and other bodies to identify and mitigate the root causes of corruption and promote integrity within the maritime industry. As a member, Wallem is one of various like-minded companies dedicated to promoting compliance with anticorruption laws and committed to the elimination of corrupt practices. As a member of MACN, we are part of a global network combating bribery and corruption in the maritime industry by sharing information and best practices and developing useful tools and measures.

Charlie Bussayabuntoon, General Manager of Wallem Ship Agency Myanmar says, “Anyone who has worked in the Southeast Asia region knows how these situations come about. My response is to say outright that I don’t conduct business in this way and that my company has a strict anti-bribery policy. I try not to position myself in situations where this may come about in the first place. I fully support our anti-bribery policy.”

Tu Anh Bui, General Manager of Wallem Ship Agency Vietnam says, “I would immediately reject and report any attempted bribery I encountered and encourage my staff to do the same. I am fully aware of our anti-bribery policy, which is a essential part of our Code of Conduct and support it fully. The recent anti-bribery eLearning course acted as a good refresher training to remind everyone of the importance of adhering to this policy.” Issue 3 2017



Managing Wellness at Sea


ur seafarers’ safety, health and wellbeing is our top priority at Wallem and is reinforced at every level of the organisation and at our regular Wallem Fleet Officers’ Meetings. In 2015 we put together a special Wellness@sea Guide which is made available to all our seafarers onboard and provides guidance and information to them on the critical issues of wellness, health, mental health and fitness. We sit down with Dr Kevin Menon, psychologist and author of our Wellness@Sea guide and programme to find out more about this important issue.

Where are you from originally and where are you based? I was born in Singapore. I now reside in Australia but work around the region.

What is your profession? I am a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, master performance coach and trainer. My work has always centred around helping people and organisations through difficult times, to develop and grow.

How long have you been working with Wallem on wellness? I have been working with Wallem for more than two years now.


What does the term ‘wellness’ mean to you? Wellness encompasses one’s mental, emotional, physical and social wellbeing. Because all of these aspects are intrinsically linked, our overall wellness is a function of how all of these interact. The better we manage all of these, the better we are at managing our work and personal life.

Why is this particularly important when it comes to life at sea? Life at sea has its own unique conditions like weather concerns, piracy fears, workload, isolation, resource constraints, fatigue, at times bullying and harassment which can place seafarers under a lot more stress than someone working on land. When left unaddressed, these can result in lowered moral, conflict, mental health issues, increased human error, accidents, lifestyle illnesses, lowered productivity, burnout, and even


suicide. It is therefore critical for seafarers to be adequately equipped to manage their personal wellness.

There is increasing focus today on the importance of mental health. Why do you think this is? Everyone knows that people work more effectively and efficiently when they are mentally and emotionally well. There is now recognition that mental health issues as well as incidences of suicide are getting more and more prevalent all over the world. Research indicates that anxiety and depression issues alone affect more than 25% of the workforce. Left unaddressed, this affects the people who suffer from it, their families as well as the organisations they work for. This has greater ramifications for the shipping industry as unaddressed mental health issues can have more drastic effects because seafarers are in a dangerous and high stress environment, working under pressure away from their support systems.

What can be done to mitigate mental health issues at sea and respond to them if they arise? All shipping companies should ideally have a wellness management system so that a comprehensive approach is taken to provide proactive programs that help build awareness, resilience and wellness in all seafarers as well as remedial support that is provided to identify, support and help seafarers who may be struggling with mental health issues.

wellness in their profession; an awareness of what factors can affect their wellness; as well as useful strategies they can use to take charge of their own wellness while at sea. There is also a segment in the guide that helps officers know how to identify, support and help crew members who may be in distress.

Why is it important to include wellness topics at our Wallem Fleet Officers’ Meetings? Mental Health can at times be a difficult issue to address. There are a few reasons for this. While many people struggle with it, some are hindered because they don’t understand what’s happening to them, others who know they need help may not come forward because of the stigma that still exists; others who want help may also not know how to get the help they need. By including wellness as a topic in its Fleet Officers’ Meetings, Wallem is breaking down the stigma and helping normalise the fact that a mental health issue is just like any other health issue, as everything contributes to our overall wellness. Wallem is also helping support seafarers in understanding how they can take proactive measure to manage their wellness while at sea as well as understand that they can come forward if they at any time need support in this area.

What are your top 5 tips for how seafarers can look after their health and wellbeing? z Maintain a healthy diet z Exercise everyday

What makes Wallem’s wellness@sea guide so unique?

z Keep socially active with friends, family and colleagues

Wallem’s Wellness@sea guide is written in a way that allows everyday seafarers to understand the importance of

z Don’t be afraid to ask for help

z Do something enjoyable everyday

Issue 3 2017



Connect with Wallem


he Wallem Sales & Marketing team is delighted to launch a new group website to showcase our range of maritime service offerings, our industry experience and expertise and to attract the new generation of maritime professionals. The website has been designed for optimum experience with smart navigation and a clean and fluid responsive design. Thanks to our website design partner Jump for making this happen.

This new website reflects the Group’s commitment to evolve with the industry and to continuously look at how we can better engage and interact with our customers, sea and shore staff, suppliers and partners. Follow us on social media for the latest updates, news and photos via the below platforms:

Wallem Group







Wallem Agency Team Save the day


hen Typhoon Hato arrived in Hong Kong on Wednesday 27th August, the highest typhoon signal was raised due to the storm’s intensity and proximity. As a result, the city came to a standstill and the port was shut down.

passengers were safe, calm, regularly updated and well looked after.” Well done team!

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship, the Voyager of the Seas, which is homeported in Hong Kong, was thus unable to come back and disembark passengers as scheduled due to the rough sea conditions and high winds. Those waiting to embark at 4pm that afternoon had a very long wait as the vessel was not able to berth at the International Cruise Terminal until after 9pm and did not leave until 5am the following morning after all embarking guests were safely onboard. Due to another ship being at port, at one point there were around 10,000 people inside the terminal building who were either waiting to embark or waiting for transport into town, which was limited due to the typhoon. With that many people in one place, the Wallem team realised that communication, security and control were critical. The team kept in continuous communication throughout the day and night with the Royal Caribbean staff, enabling them to keep the passengers informed and up to date on the situation. They moved check in counters to speed up the process and arranged additional security to calm and control the crowd. Despite this huge challenge, the Wallem team proved that they could deal with any emergency situation and ensured that everything ran as smoothly and efficiently as possible. General Manager KF Chan says, “When you have that many people together under one roof, facing very long delays, the mood can quickly turn negative. We knew that communication was critical. As agents we ensured that all stakeholders; from the RCCL staff to the ground handlers, CIQ parties and provisioning suppliers were kept informed and updated and most importantly that the

L-R: Wallem Ship Agency Boarding Officer Jason Huang and General Manager KF Chan who worked tirelessly to ensure smooth operations and communications during Typhoon Hato.

Issue 3 2017



Supporting Our Seafarers & Families T

he Women of Wallem (WoW) is a non-profit organization aimed at providing support for our seafarers and their families. With different ‘chapters’ in our seafarers’ home towns, WoW regularly organises various community outreach programs and philanthropic activities related to health, wellness, education and well-being. Let’s see what our Women of Wallem have been doing over the past few months:

Investing in the Future


n September the Manila chapter of the Women of Wallem got together for their general assembly. They took the opportunity to organise a special investment seminar and invited several financial institutions to come and talk about how to invest wisely to prepare for the future – for both their future and their children’ future. Thanks to Capt. Ceferino for his help in organising this event. A big thank you to the wonderful Women of Wallem and for all they do for our seafarers and their families!

Wallem Family Picnic in Mumbai


he staff of Wallem Mumbai along with their families enjoyed a fun filled picnic on 5th August 2017. The picnic was organized at a water park on the outskirts of Mumbai. The day was filled with excitement and fun and the team enjoyed themselves immensely.



Wallem Team for Sailor’s Society Hong Kong Trek 2017


e have a team! The following colleagues have signed up to take part in this year’s Sailor’s Society Hong Kong Trek, under the name, the “Wallem Coast Busters”: Senthamil Kristhaawamy, Abhijit Ghosh, Akhil Agarwal and Noel Mendes.

This year’s new 16.5-mile route starts at Big Wave Bay Beach, trekking parallel to Shek O Road, heading toward Tai Tam Reservoir north and along Tai Tam Reservoir. From there, teams will continue to Parkview and then down through Violet Hill before reaching the finish line at Repulse Bay. To donate, please go to the team’s fundraising page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wallemteam2017. If any Hong Kong colleagues you wish to volunteer on the day as route marshals or to assist the participants, even just for a couple of hours, please get in touch directly with Sailors’ Society at events@sailors-society.org.

Thailand Office Donate PCs to Local Kids

Wallem Singapore colleagues celebrate National Day!



ur Thai colleagues donated some preloved PCs to a local child development center named “Dong Yai Child Development Center”. The kids were delighted to receive the gifts.

ur colleagues in Singapore dressed in red and white and got together to celebrate Singapore National Day on 9th August. Issue 3 2017



Happy Anniversary to the HKSOA!


n November 2017, the Hong Kong Shipowners’ Association (HKSOA) celebrates its 60th anniversary. The HKSOA was incorporated in 1957 by 11 local shipowners with the aim of creating a forum for shipowners based in Hong Kong. Today the HKSOA is one of the world’s largest Shipowner Associations. Wallem has been a member of the association since its inception. The well-respected Anthony Hardy, one of the association’s founding members, and founder of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, was Managing Director of Wallem for over four decades, retiring in 2005. Wallem CEO Simon Doughty, who is on the Association’s Executive Committee says, “The HKSOA plays a pivotal role in the maritime community in Hong Kong. We have been with you every step of the way over the past 60 years and we look forward to the next 60. On behalf of all at Wallem, we would like to wish the Association a very happy anniversary. We greatly look forward to our long and continued relationship.”

Mission to Seafarers Cheque Presentation

Assistant Marketing Manager, Maggie Wong presenting the Reverend Stephen Miller with the cheque.


ssistant Marketing Manager, Maggie Wong met with Reverend Stephen Miller from the Mission to Seafarers for Hong Kong & East Asia at his office in Hong Kong. The meeting was to present Reverend Miller with a donation to the Mission to Seafarers. Wallem regularly supports this maritime charity and had pledged to donate for every customer that took part in our last customer survey.


Wallem Germany Take Part in Jotun Cup Football Tournament


allem Germany was proud to take part in the Jotun Cup Football Tournament on 1st June. The event was held at the stadium of Altona 93, a Hamburg football club. Jotun is a leading supplier of paints and powder coatings. Fifteen different teams, made up of people in the maritime sector, battled against one another in this popular tournament. The “Wallem Warriors” made it to 6th place - a major improvement compared to last year when they came 11th out of 13 teams. Well done Wallem Warriors!


The Ancient Non-Mariner investigates . . . longevity


ear readers, There are excellent articles in this issue of True North, which relate to the theme of longevity, experience, wellbeing, engagement and sustainability. So I was particularly pleased to be asked to also contribute an article on the subject of longevity. I asked our illustrious editor “Is it because I can offer a mature, experienced and well-considered viewpoint?”. “No” came the reply, “It is because you are the only person in Wallem that can remember the day Haakon Wallem started the company!” I can tell you that I was really not pleased by that comment, I mean surely Bruce Wong (see page 30) would have been the obvious choice - he has been with us for an incredible 37 years! So, this mature, experienced and well-considered article will relate some of my experiences in reaching slightly late middle age.

Care in the community Our Women of Wallem do so much to give back to our seafarers’ local communities, helping our seafarers and their families when they are in need. People can be so lovely, but even the most well-intentioned actions can have side effects. There I

was, standing on a crowded train heading for work. I noticed a heavily pregnant lady sitting close to me. She looked radiant and I was smiling. She noticed me and smiled back. A few seconds later I thought that she had reached her stop, because she stood up . . . . and offered me her seat! I politely declined and I think that she took my tears as a sign of how touched I was! There can be financial benefits to being older. One of my favourites is the “Seniors bathing session”, on a Wednesday afternoon, at the municipal swimming pool. It is free of charge, how good is that? Nb: For those that are wondering, yes they do use the dye that turns purple in the water! Seeing so much caring from others has inspired me to help others. I was pleased to offer assistance to an elderly gentleman who was standing in front of me at a bank cash machine. He asked me to check his balance. I pushed him over and said “not very good”.

With age comes wisdom The M.V. Golden Fan was under Wallem's management for a total of 22 years. I have been under my wife's management for 30 years....

I said to my wife one day , “You know, 30 years ago we lived in a cheap apartment, drove a cheap car and watched a 14” black and white television. BUT, I was married to a 25 year old brunette.” “Now,” I continued, “We have a nice house, a new car, a big flat-screen TV, but I am married to a 55 year old woman. It doesn’t seem fair… .” My wife is a reasonable woman. She replied, “Well, why don’t you go out and get yourself a 25 year old brunette? Then I’ll make sure you will once again live in a cheap apartment, drive a cheap car, have only a sofa bed and watch a 14” black and white television.”

There can be disappointments It has come as a major disappointment to me, to find out that I am now so old that even my daughters’ boyfriends are not scared of me! In closing I can say that getting very old certainly beats the alternative. I wish that I had taken the important advice and tips available to our seafarers through Wallem's Wellness@Sea guide years ago. If I had known that I would live to be nearly 100, I would have looked after myself better! Issue 3 2017



Promotions & Appointments Congratulations to the following colleagues on their well-deserved promotions: Glyn Thompson, Head of Compliance was promoted to General

Manager of Hรถegh Wallem Ship Management; effective 1st June 2017. Glyn is now based in Manila.

Subramanian Rajagopal Marine Safety, Quality & Risk Manager was promoted to Head of Compliance for Wallem Ship Management; effective 1st September 2017. Raj is based in our Hong Kong office. Glyn Thompson

Subramanian Rajagopal

John Yu, Marine Superintendent (Technical) was promoted to Marine Safety, Quality & Risk Manager; effective 1st September 2017. John is based in our Hong Kong office. Rachel Lo, Senior Supervisor Marine HR was promoted to Marine HR Manager; effective 1st September 2017. John Yu

Rachel Lo

Emily Wong, Senior Supervisor Marine HR was promoted to Marine HR Manager; effective 1st September 2017.

Yuwen Shen, Marine Superintendent was promoted to Assistant Fleet Manager; effective 1st September 2017.

Emily Wong

Yuwen Shen

Baoxu Sun, Technical Superintendent was promoted to Assistant Fleet Manager; effective 1st September 2017.

Siriya Srisumruam, HR Officer was promoted to HR Business Partner, Indochina for Wallem Shipping (Thailand) Ltd. ; effective 1st August 2017.

Baoxu Sun

Siriya Srisumruam

Vivesh Mehta, Assistant General Manager, Marine HR, was promoted to Deputy General Manager, Marine HR for Wallem India; effective 1st January 2017.

Gurleen Dhir, Associate Manager, Marine HR, was promoted to Manager, Marine HR for Wallem India; effective 1st January 2017.

Vivesh Mehta

Gurleen Dhir


PEOPLE We would like to welcome the following colleagues to the Wallem family: Archie Smiley joined Wallem Ship Management in Hong Kong as Head of

Tankers on 1st June 2017 and in July was transferred to Hamburg to take up the position of General Manager, Fleet Management.

Gaoming Bi joined Wallem Ship Management in Hong Kong as Marine Superintendent on 1st May 2017. Archibald (Archie) Smiley

Gaoming Bi

Carl-Gustav Horvat joined Wallem Ship Management in Hong Kong as Technical Superintendent on 1st June 2017.

Prasad Kizhakethil joined Wallem Ship Management in Hong Kong as Marine Superintendent on 1st July 2017. Carl-Gustav Horvat

Prasad Kizhakethil

Husain Syed Wahid joined Wallem Ship Management in Hong Kong as Marine Superintendent on 1st August 2017.

Wu Xifa joined Wallem Ship Management in Hong Kong as Technical Superintendent on 1st August 2017.

Husain Syed Wahid

Wu Xifa

Reji Joseph joined Wallem Ship Management in Singapore as Marine HR Manager on 1st May 2017.

Anant Bahl joined Commercial Management in Singapore as Commercial Operations Manager on 1st September 2017. Reji Joseph

Anant Bahl

Happy Retirement to Bruce Wong! Bruce Wong, Accounting Manager for Vessel Accounts retired on 21st June 2017 after an incredible 37 years with Wallem.

We would like to thank Bruce for his contribution to the company and his dedication over the years. Everyone at Wallem wishes him a healthy, happy and enjoyable retirement!

Issue 3 2017



Long Service Awards Congratulations and a big thank you to our colleagues at sea and on shore who recently reached the following milestones (from June 2017 to September 2017) in their careers at Wallem:



Venkatesh Bangera


NAME Venkatesh Bangera


NAME George Roy Ahmed Baitullah Gustilo Nestor Lopez Marcelino


NAME Chawda Rasiklal Gajain Biswas Arindam Godinho Ajoy Allabax Samsuddin Gill Tejinder Kashyap Vikas Shinde Santosh Po Valentine Tandel Narendrakumar Wantanee Boonchan Hung Van Phan James Cheow Mahesh Pujare


NAME Haldar Birsha Nazarenko Levgenii Li Ying Wei Xu Chuan Jian Singh Vinod Mitchelina Alan Pugachev Andrey Baba Sattar Mhate Parwez Zhang Qiang Kazi Abdul



George Roy


POSITION /RANK Chief Engineer Engine Fitter Bosun Motorman

POSITION /RANK Master Master Master Chief Officer Chief Engineer Chief Engineer Bosun Bosun Able Seaman Finance Manager, Wallem Thailand Operations Executive, Wallem Thailand Operations Executive, Wallem Singapore Associate Manager, Finance, Wallem India




Ahmed Batullah

POSITION /RANK Senior Executive, Finance, Wallem India

POSITION /RANK Master Master Chief Officer Chief Officer Chief Engineer 3rd Engineer ETO Bosun Bosun Bosun Chief Petty Officer / Bosun




Gustilo Nestor


NAME Dumpa Dharma Catequista Gerardo Rotor Danilo Sanchez Ariel Buday Frederick Thanatta Abdulloh Robin Sein


NAME Kothiyal Deepak Maung Hla Nayak Prabin Kumar Oronea Abelardo Pablo Oscar Car Rolly Koval Maksym Pacrem Rodel Rawat Deepak Salnikov Alexey Yuan Bu Zhou Kaduruwana Gamage Priyantha Lutchenko Igor Kumar Nishant Menezes Dolriech Chowdari Ravi Kumar Du Zhong Chang Elamanamarakkadath Sanjay Kumar Li Jin Chang Pavshukov Maksym Pendharkar Hrusheekesh She Chang Bing Vornik Sergii Yue Zhi Yong Das Soumyadeep Gopalakrishnan Jayanath Liu Zhi Gang Padmanabhapillai Ganesh Kumar

Lopez Marcelino

POSITION /RANK Ordinary Seaman Motorman Motorman Motorman Chief Cook Senior Accountant, Wallem Shipping Thailand Operations Manager, Wallem Shipping Myanmar

POSITION /RANK Master Master Master Master Master Chief Officer Chief Officer Chief Officer Chief Officer Chief Officer Chief Officer 2nd Officer 2nd Officer 3rd Officer 3rd Officer Chief Engineer Chief Engineer Chief Engineer Chief Engineer Chief Engineer Chief Engineer Chief Engineer Chief Engineer Chief Engineer Second Engineer Second Engineer Second Engineer Second Engineer Second Engineer


NAME Paul Jacob Prasannan Prateesh Sasi Kiran Srivastava Gaurav Clavecillas Francisco Devaasahayam Aroghya Antony Ling Yi Panganiban Ramsidel Sergushkin Denis Soni Giriraj Feng Pei Yuan Padikkal Kozhissheri Kharandas Alfonso Crisanto Habana Ernesto Jr Vito Jr. Alfredo Zhang Wen Bao Chauhan Manojkumar Chauhan Motilal Gupta Prem Chand Talekar Vikas Joseph Michael Jaison Mathialagan Elangkumaran Lima Austin Nagayo Florendo Regana Rodel Saturno Edison Unilongo Amelito Villamor Elino Zhang Ze Bing Shafeeq Rahiman Moulakiriyathia Hamza Ambay Carlito Dicdican Eliseo Feng Shi Yi Francisco Charlie Jr. Fresco Adrian Impe Francisco Labajo Julius Omambac Nelson Pederi Jay-Ar Piano Benjie

POSITION /RANK Second Engineer Second Engineer Second Engineer Second Engineer Third Engineer Third Engineer Third Engineer Third Engineer Third Engineer Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineer Pumpman Fitter Fitter Enginer Fitter Enginer Fitter Enginer Fitter Enginer Fitter Enginer Fitter Enginer Fitter Engine Fitter Bosun Bosun Bosun Bosun Bosun Bosun Bosun Chief Petty Officer / Bosun Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman


NAME Puno Jric Rallon Joel Reyes Rene Sator Bernard Ekhlaque Mohammad Ibrahim Zeya Konada Kurmarao Laxman Ilayaraja Patra Nihar Tandel Nikunjbhai Tandel Divyeshkumar Tandel Vijaykumar Tandel Hiteshkumar Tandel Jawaharlal Palac Zenon Pastor Ernie Jr Saladar Francis Aditya Vikram Khan Amiruddin Podder Subir Solanki Maheshbhai Solanki Manohar Solanki Jiteshkumar Tandel Anilkumar Tandel Shyamkumar Tandel Vikenkumar Tandel Kaiyurkumar Barbonio Dennis Carpio Edison Dela Cruz Nestorio Guevarra Benjamin Lim Randy Loquias Armando Nayak Dhirendra Tia Edmon Tiongson Luisito Kaniyam Valappil Bineesh Aranas Joel Carpio Omar Daquigan Reynaldo

POSITION /RANK Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Able Seaman Motorman Motorman Motorman Motorman Motorman Motorman Motorman Motorman Motorman Motorman Motorman Motorman Motorman Motorman Chief Cook Chief Cook Chief Cook Chief Cook Chief Cook Chief Cook Chief Cook Chief Cook Chief Cook General Steward MSM MSM MSM

Praveen Shukla

General Manager, Marine HR, Wallem Ship Management Singapore

Safety – It’s in Your Hands


ach and every Wallem seafarer is provided with a STOP card. This is to be carried with you at all times onboard.

With safety as top priority, the purpose of the STOP card is to empower every seafarer, no matter the rank to stop an onboard operation if they deem something to be unsafe. Better to Stop, check and analyse the risk than carry out an unsafe activity or operation. You are accountable for your own safety and for that of your fellow seafarers.


We are committed to support and motivate all onboard to reach the same goal – delivering safety and operational excellence to our customers and Wallem. Issue 3 2017



‘A beautiful day’ Taken by Capt. Li Guo Yin, Master of the M.V. Genco Beauty.

‘Bowling fun’ Fun teambuilding bowling night for Hong Kong colleagues.

‘Over the rainbow’ Taken by Second Officer Angad Sharma

‘STS operations’ Taken by Second Officer

onboard the M.T.Gener8 Chiotis.

Angad Sharma onboard the M.T.Gener8 Chiotis.

‘Celebrating a milestone’ Wallem Board of Directors attend our

‘Ahoy!’ Taken by Second officer Angad sharma onboard the

50th Anniversary party in Thailand in June 2017.

M.T.Gener8 Chiotis.


‘All hands on deck’ Drill onboard

‘Say cheese’ The crew of the M.T. Solviken.

the Challenge Pearl.

‘Happy and proud’ The captain and crew of the Eco Queen who felt lucky to have

‘Spray’ Taken by Second officer Angad sharma onboard

experienced a global circumnavigation together.

the M.T.Gener8 Chiotis.

‘Point dab’ Crew of the Jo Rowan taken over

‘Side by side’ Voyager of the Seas & Mariner of the Seas looked after by our Ship Agency

by Wallem Ship Management.

team at in Hong Kong International Cruise terminal.

Issue 3 2017


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