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Safety at All Costs The goal is zero

An Interview with Marine Director of Wallem Ship Management, Captain Fared Khan.


afety makes good business sense, that much is true. However, Wallem’s Marine Director Captain Fared Khan believes passionately that safety and operational excellence go hand in hand. What’s more, that a strong safety culture ensures that seafarers are happy, engaged, motivated and committed – and with people at the core of our business, this is our main concern. We asked Captain Khan about what attracts seafarers to Wallem, our training philosophy and the measures we take to keep our seafarers safe at sea.

Quality Service Delivery

Wallem Culture & Safety

One of Wallem’s strengths is the diversity of maritime professionals both in the Wallem fleet and ashore.

Besides being one of the most recognised names in the industry thanks to our long history and strong brand, Captain Khan believes that it is our commitment to our seafarers and our strong safety culture (in addition to secure living conditions, a safe work environment and a competitive salary), which attracts seafarers to Wallem. A strong safety culture is something that Fared Khan himself is very passionate about – and he believes that respect and support is an integral part of this.

The Wallem crew is made up of a great mix of people from different cultural backgrounds. Our crew is made up of mostly Indian, Chinese, Filipino and Ukranian seafarers plus some from several other countries. Crew nationality is determined by the Ship-owners and customer needs. Wallem also has shore staff to match crew nationality in its offices around the world. Captain Fared Khan says, “We expect high standards of safety and environmental compliance from our seafarers and they in turn can expect a strong safety culture, commitment to continuous learning and development and a respectful and professional environment onboard. Our stringent evaluation process ensures that only ‘Wallem Professional Seafarers’ are posted on our managed vessels; delivering quality service to our customers.” Wallem’s Marine Human Resource (Marine HR) Quality Policy is aimed at ensuring all vessels are manned by professional, qualified, certified, experienced and medically fit seafarers in accordance with national and international laws to meet our customers’ requirements. In addition, the policy states that Wallem “will treat all seafarers fairly and respectfully without bias based on a seafarer's colour, creed, gender, race or religion either in the employment or advancement of a seafarer's career.” This quality policy also covers seafarers’ responsibility to operate and maintain vessels according to Wallem's Safety and Quality Management system and continually support better understanding of our business needs, culture and values.


The safety of the people shall be the highest law – Marcus Tullius Cicero

True North 2016 Issue 3  

In this issue of True North Safety at All Costs 10th Anniversary of Wallem Board Staying Anchored

True North 2016 Issue 3  

In this issue of True North Safety at All Costs 10th Anniversary of Wallem Board Staying Anchored