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2016 Issue 2

Mastering Efficiency Together


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elcome to the second issue this year of True North magazine. The past few months have been very busy indeed and before things quieten down a little for the summer, let’s take a look at some recent developments. The theme of this issue is efficiency; something which reaches across every aspect of our business. In fact, efficiency is particularly critical in the maritime services industry – as our business is all about managing ships for our customers as efficiently as possible and providing value for them no matter what service we are providing, be it spare parts, quality crew, lifeboat or port services. We also believe strongly that safety and efficiency go hand in hand - as explained by our MD of Ship Management, David Price in this issue’s feature story – as the more efficiently our ships are managed, the more our seafarers can focus on doing their day jobs as safely as possible. To further differentiate ourselves and grow, developing new efficiencies is imperative. We are continuously looking at ways to streamline processes and create better value for our customers.

Indeed this was one of the key focuses for our company event, ‘Wallem Week’ held in April. During the 3-day event, senior management from each Business Unit formulated action plans focused on improving customer experience, growing commercial activity and finding efficiencies in key areas of the business. During the event we welcomed Ralph Juhl, Senior VP Technical at Hafnia and Charlie DuCane, General Manager China at Gearbulk to share their expectations and experience with us. Their feedback was truly invaluable and will help us immensely as we continue to fine-tune how we can offer a better value proposition to our customers. As a strong organisation with skilled and experienced people, we have a vast array of expertise and skills between us. Stories such as the collaboration between Ship Management and our Vietnam agency (on pages 11-12) are a great example of how we can better leverage our in-house skills and expertise to solve any eventuality and provide a premium service to our customers. Our success with the repair of the M.V. Griffin (see pages 15 – 16) also highlights how our unique mix of teamwork, expertise, determination and proactivity is appreciated by our customers. As a result of this success, our Commercial services team, which is going from strength to strength, has been invited by the customer to look for another suitable vessel for them. They look forward to serving them and other valued customers from their new office in Singapore where they can be better positioned to provide the best customer experience to current and future clients. By the time I write the next CEO message, we will be settled into our new Hong Kong office. With the work spaces and improved technology designed for increased collaboration across divisions and regions, I am sure this move will result in increased efficiency for the organisation as a whole – something our COO Andrew Stephens will talk more about in this issue.

Thank you for your continued commitment and hard work, stay safe!

Simon Doughty Wallem Group CEO


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Smooth Operators Optimising Fleet & Operational Efficiency

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Issue 2 2016



Smooth Operators Optimising Fleet & Operational Efficiency


fficiency isn’t just a requirement; it’s an integral aspect of ship management. Let’s hear from the Senior Ship Management team about what efficiency means to them. How do we manage our ships as efficiently as possible? Why will new and upgraded systems bring greater visibility and new efficiencies to our operations? What role will innovations and technology play in the future of shipping?

The Senior Ship Management team led by Managing Director David Price (left), L-R: Marine Director, Fared Khan, Global Technical Director, Ioannis Stefanou and Procurement Director Mark Haslett

Ship Managers as Efficiency Experts Managing Director of Wallem Ship Management David Price states that efficiency in ship management is critical. He explains that ship managers should play a supporting role for crew, “Unfortunately crews are often bogged down with so many forms and reports to fill in and emails to answer… Our roles should be to really help them focus on doing their day jobs as safely as possible.” Marine Director Fared Khan adds that efficiency is a critical component and a business driver; especially in this market where every hour counts. He says, “Efficiency is also a win-win for all stakeholders in the ‘maritime adventure’. We work hard to give the best value to our owners and optimise our resources; something which sets us apart.” Global Technical Director, Ioannis Stefanou explains that in fact, “The reason why many shipowners (who are often both Owner and Operator) turn to Ship Managers in the first place is due to the fact that we are offering specialised management services and can achieve greater efficiencies due to the high number of vessels that we manage.”


Procurement Director, Mark Haslett reveals that efficiency in ship management is all about minimising waste, “At the end of the day, each of the Principals that we manage ships for need to make a profit. As a service provider we must be economical at all times and inefficiency almost always leads to extra costs.”

Fully Integrated Systems In a bid to introduce more efficient workflows to ship management, investment has been made in new and upgraded versions of our ship management systems. The upgraded ‘Enterprise’ version of the system, which is fully integrated with a procurement module, will be rolled out seamlessly alongside a new crew management system during the next year. In fact, by providing the software house with our knowledge and expertise, we have had the software custom built for our needs, at no additional cost. This way, we get a product which perfectly meets our requirements and those of our Principals. David Price says, “The system enhancements and new system for crewing will enable us to better leverage data to look after both our crew and our ships in a more systematic way; bringing benefits and efficiencies not only to our seafarer’s lives but to our business; and in turn to our customers.” Let’s find out how.

Marine Director, Fared Khan The role of Safety & Training For Fared Khan, safety is about doing thing right. He highlights that, “If things are done right the first time then we remove the risk of accidents, waste, errors and the chance of things going wrong. Safety excellence and operational excellence must not be viewed as separate achievements but as related goals. If all stakeholders embrace this then naturally efficiency will improve.” In addition to technical competence and knowledge, conduct, attitude, judgement, common sense and safety awareness are critical attributes we look for in our seafarers. Our Wellness at Sea program is designed to support our seafarers to be in good mental and physical shape. Our crews are also put through a rigorous structured learning and development process to ensure that they are operating our vessels as safely and efficiently as possible. These are all simply ‘good business practices’ to deliver superior results.

Greater visibility & transparency Our new crew management system will give us greater visibility and control over areas such as crew planning, crew competence management, training, assessment and logistics.

All of the senior officers onboard will have greater overview and transparency as the system will be linked to the training centres and the ships. “The captain will enjoy full visibility of the crew that will join his ship including their previous experience and performance appraisals. This will therefore help us to better identify any gaps in training and performance that may need to be addressed. It will also enable us to do better matching between teams and ships; benefitting all parties involved and ensuring that we deliver Wallem professional seafarers on our ships.” Fared says.

Connectivity & Efficiency The newly-enhanced system will bring greater connectivity as it will link our seafarers to the team ashore - superintendents and training centres. It will also be a one stop shop for performance management for marine HR, helping with everything from training needs, payroll to logistics and giving us better trending information so we can pay better focused attention to individual seafarers. “In turn, our seafarers can look forward to greater flexibility and efficiency in handling matters such as payroll and travel arrangements, etc. For example; by logging in from home, they will able to see their next posting and training schedule. This will help both sea staff and shore teams to better plan rotations, ensuring support and on time relief so seafarers can focus on doing their jobs as safely and efficiently as possible.” Fared says.

Issue 2 2016



Procurement Director, Mark Haslett Safety and operational efficiency Mark Haslett explains that as far as procurement goes, efficiency is simply seen as supplying what is required, when, where and at the right price. “However, there are only so many ways to reduce cost without impacting on safety and or operational efficiency.” he adds. Mark tells us that we currently work very closely with suppliers to harness their expertise and find out what takes the cost out of their equation, i.e. by planning ahead and working within their schedule we can leverage a better deal for our owners.

“While we have enhanced our system over the years, it is now time to take advantage of new technologies to enhance workflows and enable greater control over our processes and procedures,” he says. These enhancements will mean that the system is fullyintegrated, with a procurement system that is overlaid with workflows. These will give enhanced efficiency and greater control over our processes and procedures, which have all been fully mapped out ahead of time out thanks to the hard work done by ‘Pioneer Programme’ (our internal process improvement program).

Importance of proactivity

Workflows for enhanced efficiency

The enhanced system will allow us to integrate with suppliers so that everyone is getting the information they need when they need it. More importantly it will foster a more proactive approach, by using leading, as opposed to trailing, indicators.

Marks tells us that Wallem was actually the first company to have a true e-procurement system – one we built ourselves to perfectly meet our needs and the needs of our Principals at that time in terms of transparency, accuracy and immediacy of information.

Mark adds, “Systems are one thing but communication, proactivity and timing are key for efficient operations and we would urge the crew on the ships to let us know immediately of any operational issues or problems related to supplies or suppliers.”


Global Technical Director, Ioannis Stefanou Operational Data Ioannis Stefanou points out that we have to examine new ways of looking at how we manage ships and we should take advantage of the technology advancements with regards to ship operational data collection and analysis. He explains that managing and analysing operational data is a big component of the job. He says that looking at industry best practices and monitoring activity is key in ensuring that Wallemmanaged ships are being managed efficiently. “We have specialized software onboard that can give us both real time and trending data to enable us to gain efficiencies and reduce fuel consumption. It can also help to give us warning in advance in case something is out of line.” he adds. Smart voyage planning is key to efficient operations, as is looking at the way that the ships’ machinery is being used and ensuring that it is being run in the most efficient manner possible.

Benchmarking & Monitoring Benchmarking is done both between the same types of ships and between the ship in its current state and as a newbuild. We also look at current industry KPIs – not just regarding engines but regarding how we are managing vessels. We are always looking into ways to minimise energy wastage and in fact, all of our Wallem-managed vessels were already SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan) compliant before the regulations came into effect in January 2013. Ioannis explains, “Monitoring is essential and we can see huge benefits and gains in efficiency by focusing on the more productive condition-based maintenance instead of planned preventative maintenance.”

Innovation & Technology Modern ships look very similar to the ships in the seventies but we see more and more innovative technologies being implemented in new ships driven by new regulations or the use of alternative fuels for example. Ioannis highlights that while the shape of ships themselves has not changed much over the years; there have been some recent innovations in bow/stern shape design, driven by new advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics tools, aimed at

Issue 2 2016



creating optimised hull lines for reduced drag and better efficiency. “Being a conservative industry, in many ways shipping is a little behind other industries as far as use of innovation goes. Saying that, we have seen some examples recently of how technology could impact shipping in the future such as the use of remote controlled vessels, delivery of small items on board using drones and 3D printing for spares.” he says.

Looking Ahead – The Future of Ship Management The senior Ship Management team are all in agreement that technology will play an even bigger part in the future of ship management and greater efficiency will come by using this available technology such as the remote analysis of condition-based monitoring. All agree that there will be a greater reliance on systems and on data analysis (i.e. ‘Big Data’) to see trends and to enable better communication and cooperation with various stakeholders. Mark explains that ironically, as technology has improved over the years, planning has taken on less importance because communication from ship to shore is so easy nowadays. As far as the future goes, he expects that we will have much better information to allow optimisation


of supplies in conjunction with manufacturers and high quality suppliers – which will bring both operational and financial benefits to the Shipowners. Fared adds that he expects “Customisation to also play a bigger part in the industry as demands for better safety, efficiency and environmental protection continue to increase.” Ioannis concludes that to optimise both operational and fleet efficiency, everyone; both on shore and at sea needs to be efficiency conscious in terms of operational practices – and what’s more have the required acumen to find those efficiencies.

“Our roles should really be to help our crew focus on doing their day jobs as safely and efficiently as possible.”


Six More Ships Join the Fleet

Customers Delighted in Wallem’s Expertise



e are proud to share the news that 6 more ships have been added to our Ship Management fleet in Europe and our commercial management fleet in Singapore. The ships, four Handysize bulk carriers and two Panamax bulk carriers joined the fleet in March. Congratulations to Wallem Europe for organising these takeovers at such short notice!

hile in our Hong Kong office to conduct an audit on our services, we got the opportunity to chat to our customer Sonangol Marine Services about how we can further improve their experience of doing business with us.

The dry bulk markets have experienced record lows this year and it is imperative that ships are traded to their optimum capability. Current market returns are insufficient to cover operating expenses. However good co-ordination, proper planning, innovation, and teamwork between ship staff and shore staff can ensure that efficiencies are identified, productivity is improved and costs are kept low to survive this downturn. Cataleco Luciano and Captain Ivor A Coutinho from Sonangol Marine Services with our CEO Simon Doughty, Managing Director of Ship Management, David Price and the Senior Ship management team

Sailor’s Society Events in Hong Kong & Manila


allem was proud to invite four seafarers to attend the annual Sailor’s Society Shipping dinner in Hong Kong on 3rd March with our CEO Simon Doughty and other Wallem executives. The dinner, which was held at the Conrad hotel and attended by the who’s who of the shipping world, was aimed at raising money for the Sailor’s Society, a not-for-profit charity group whose network of chaplains come alongside seafarers on ships and in ports to provide Christian ministry, welfare care and practical support. Our seafarers very much enjoyed the evening and were very proud to represent Wallem at this prestigious industry event.

Our seafarers with CEO Simon Doughty, the Senior Ship Management team and other guests

Our Wallem seafarers, Captain Wig Gurmit Singh, Chief Engineer Marlon Ramiscal Ang, Chief Officer Wang Pu, Chief Engineer Li Long

The Manila chapter of The Sailors’ Society, held an inaugural fellowship golf tournament on Friday 29th April at the Malarayat Golf and Country Club, south of Manila. It was a fun day, which was well received by all participants. Wallem sponsored one hole and awarded a fabulous new driver as prize for the most accurate drive, which was won by Ms Rizza Wilkes from Peter Doehle crewing services. Terry Capistrano from Wallem Agencies was runner-up in Class A, and Brian Phipps, Wallem's Marine HR Regional GM won the longest drive.

Issue 2 2016



Wallem’s Growing VLCC Expertise


ver the past 6 months, Wallem has taken over the full technical management of 8 newbuild Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs). We are delighted to share the news that we have been awarded full technical management for 5 more newbuild VLCCs to be delivered between now and January 2017.

This success was only possible due to proper planning, executing all delivery arrangements well in advance and thereafter ensuring that the vessels are managed in an efficient and smooth manner. All of these newbuild VLCCs are equipped with the latest state of art and eco-friendly technology and machinery.

First Cruise Business for Wallem Ship Agency Japan


allem’s Agency team in Japan was delighted to welcome the MSC Lirica to Fukuoka (Hakata) on her maiden voyage. This call, which went very smoothly thanks to our strong experience in the cruise business in Asia, was an exciting milestone – it marked both the first Japanese port for the ship on its inaugural season in Asia and the first cruise call for Wallem’s agency team in Japan. Wallem has been providing port agency services for MSC ships calling at Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand since 2015. With this new business, the Company will now look after MSC calls throughout the Region – meaning also in Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan.

Following its maiden call, the MSC Lirica will call at other Japanese ports (Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Beppu, Kobe and Yokohama) in future and Wallem Japan will proudly handle these regular weekly calls across Japan.

Wallem Awarded Management of Two more VLCCs


allem was recently awarded the management of 2 Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) by Norwegian company, Awilco Eco Tankers. The vessels are currently being built in Daewoo Shipyard (DSME) in Korea. We welcomed three representatives from Awilco to our Hong Kong office recently to meet and discuss the planning of the delivery of the first vessel, the Eco Leader with the team, led by Fleet Manager, Prasenjit Sen. We are committed to strengthening our relationship with this customer as their fleet expands. L-R: Fleet Manager Prasenjit Sen, Technical Director Ioannis Stefanou, Mr. Christopher Andersen Heidenreich, Mr. Ronny Nordstrand, Mr Fredrik Antonsen and our CEO Simon Doughty


Wallem Represented at Industry Events


ver the past few months, our colleagues have been flying the flag at various industry events around the globe, talking to current and potential customers and learning from other industry players.

2016 WPA Conference

In early March, our Wallem Logistics colleagues in Thailand and Vietnam took part in the annual WPA (Worldwide Partners Alliance) conference held in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference, which was attended by over 150 agents from Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia/Pacific, was a good opportunity for our colleagues to both build and strengthen partnerships, with the aim to further promote and grow our logistics business.

Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) Event

CEO Simon Doughty and Managing Director of Ship Management, David Price attended the Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) annual shipping event called "Local Talent, Global Impact". The event, which attracted experts from around the world to speak on the main issues which will shape the future of the maritime industry, was held from 21st – 23rd March in Stamford, Connecticut in the USA.

Breakbulk China 2016

Wallem Thailand and Vietnam Logistics teams on site

Exploring the needs of Hong Kong Shipping Industry

Breakbulk China 2016 was held in Shanghai from 26th-27th March. This conference and exhibition is the largest in Asia which addresses the needs of traditional breakbulk and project cargo logisticians. Our colleagues from Wallem China and Wallem Vietnam attended the conference and as in previous years, we were proud to have the Wallem Group join the 160 exhibitors at the event. The conference allowed us to strengthen our relationships with existing clients (both shippers and international freight forwarders) and to meet up with potential new ones; all with the aim of further developing our business in this sector in the future.

A group of more than 20 members of the ABS Hong Kong Technical Committee met on 8th March to discuss issues affecting the shipping sector. Wallem Technical Director Ioannis Stefanou is a member of the Committee and attended the meetings representing Wallem. Both the Hong Kong shipping community and ABS benefitted from the interactive discussion. The ABS Hong Kong Technical Committee was formed in 2015 to promote the exchange of technical views on ABS Rules and evolving industry challenges.

Wallem China and Vietnam colleagues with other Breakbulk delegates

Oil Tanker Shipping Summit in Beijing Nigel Moore, Director Sales & Marketing and Karen He, Business Development Manager China attended the recent Oil Tanker Shipping Summit in Beijing. The event attracted a large audience of ship owners and charterers and our focus was on meeting tanker owners to introduce our range of services. We identified several opportunities at the event and are now in discussions with one owner for the full technical management of two vessels.

Issue 2 2016



Wallem Wins Most ‘Compassionate Employer of Indian Seafarers’ Award


he Indian Government's National Maritime Day Committee has presented Wallem Ship Management Ltd. with the 'Most Compassionate Employer of Indian Seafarers' award. Managing Director of Wallem Ship Management (India), Captain Navin Passey, proudly accepted the award on behalf of Wallem at a special ceremony held to mark the 53rd National Maritime Day Celebrations on 5th April, 2016 in Mumbai, India. Speaking at the ceremony, Captain Passey said that he was proud to accept this seafarer welfare award, “We remain committed to looking after our seafarers throughout their careers with Wallem and we have many programs in place such as our ‘Wellness at Sea’ program to ensure that their safety, health and wellbeing is our top priority. In addition,

‘Women of Wallem’ chapters are active in local communities, providing charitable activities and an important support network for our seafarers’ families.” Wallem has been honoured with this award on three previous occasions (in 2007, 2010 and 2014).

L-R: Managing Director of Wallem Ship Management for India, Captain Navin Passey receiving the award at the ceremony from Guest of Honour, Mr. Michael Siebert, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Mumbai.

Training & Development Excellence


allem's Management Foundation Programme has been selected as one of the six finalists (out of 40 companies) for The Hong Kong Management Association's Award for Excellence in Training & Development 2016 Development Category.

Ben Shao will represent Wallem Group to compete for the award by presenting the programme to a panel of adjudicators and 500 HR/L&D professionals at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14th June. The award winner will be announced in early September 2016.

Safety First for Award Winning Crew


ongratulations to the ‘Green Dale’ which was among 5 vessels awarded with NYK’s 2015 Car Carrier of the Year Award. The Company thanked the crew specifically for their tremendous work and contribution to safety, efficient operations and cargo work.

First workshop held in February 2015 for Management Foundation Programme, entitled ‘Coaching and Giving Feedback’ and attended by our CEO Simon Doughty, COO Andrew Stephens and Group Head of HR, Debbie Mannas.


The ‘Green Dale’ is under the full technical management of Wallem Group. We would like to thank the Captain and crew of the vessel for their hard work and commitment to safety best practices!


Wallem Fleet Officers Meetings (WFOM) Held in India & China


leet Officers’ Meetings (WFOMs) are gatherings which bring together the ships’ officers from the Wallem Fleet (on leave or prior to joining a ship) and Senior Executives from Wallem Ship Management ; hence closing the gap between shore and sea.

In April, Wallem Fleet Officers Meetings (WFOM) were held in Mumbai and Chandigarh in India and in Qingdao in China respectively. These meetings are a good opportunity for our ships’ officers to meet face-to-face with our Marine Director Fared Khan and other Senior Management.

The theme of the meetings was, “The Wallem Professional Seafarer – Compliance” to reflect the emphasis we put on Safety and Compliance at Wallem. Two way dialogue was encouraged between our seafarers and shore based teams on key topics of Safety, Port State control, ship efficiency, Wellness @ Sea (Wallem’s own wellbeing program for seafarers) and MARPOL to mention a few.

Besides the regular Fleet Officers Meetings in India, Car Carrier specific seminars (PCC/PCTC) seminars were also organized in both Chandigarh and Mumbai with the purpose of sharing specifics of Car Carriers with Officers and Ratings. Topics covered included Cargo Damage Prevention, Critical Operations, common sense and high risk deficiencies on Car Carriers, etc. We were honoured to

have Capt. Fujisawa San, Deputy General Manager, K Line Japan Car Carrier team attend the seminar in Chandigarh. The seminars were well received and greatly appreciated by all parties involved, not the least by our customer Fujisawa San. Thanks to all who took part in these invaluable meetings. The officers are encouraged to take what they have learned and discussed during the meetings back to their colleagues onboard Wallem-managed vessels.

The next WFOMs will be held in Manila in August, in Odessa in September and in Delhi in October of this year.

Issue 2 2016



Vietnam Agency Team to the Rescue


t Wallem we provide a variety of maritime solutions ranging among others from ship management to agency services and logistics to our customers via our strong global network. The following story is a great example of teamwork and collaboration across divisions and how we worked together to prove that we could find a solution to a challenging problem and delight our customer in the process.

The situation Our newly-managed vessel, the VLCC Tanker, the Gener8 Neptune was en route from the Persian Gulf to Japan when suddenly the vessel encountered problems with all three of its auxiliary engines due to low quality of fuel supplied (which was ascertained after further advanced laboratory analysis). The problem was immediately identified and reported and the Captain was told to divert the vessel to the nearest Port. The nearest Port was Vung Tau in the south of Vietnam, situated at the top of a small peninsula. The vessel needed to anchor there so that it could get the supplies it needed and assistance from the workshop to enable the necessary repairs to be done. While Vung Tau’s importance as a shipping port has greatly diminished since the days of Vietnam’s French rule, it still plays a significance role in Vietnam’s offshore oil industry. However, it is not often that a vessel the size of the Gener8 Neptune is seen at anchor there…

Proactive approach, teamwork and opportunity Fleet Manager, Prasenjit Sen and Technical Superintendent, Gopalakrishnan Karumathil immediately called the owner to explain the situation and at the same time reached out to our Ship Agency division to see how they could help. Director of Ship Agency, Dickson Chin advised that his team with their feet on the ground in Vietnam were standing by ready to help and passed on local contact details so that the two parties could communicate directly.

Our customer, the owners of the vessel appreciated being informed upfront of the situation and commented that this was an opportunity for us to showcase our talent and ability in handling such a situation. Our team was then determined to work together to satisfy our valued customer’s requirements and expectations.

One group – one team

Our ship management team immediately called upon our Ship Agency team in Vietnam to come to the rescue. They invited them to act as agents for this emergency call at


Vung Tau and to liase with the Master to: 1) 2)

advise him on the safest place to anchor discuss all the necessary requirements

Ship agency was asked to follow up on the following aspects: • Instructions and facilities available for sending spares to the vessel • Shore personnel boarding • Workshop availability

Challenges and hurdles

The vessel needed to depart the port with minimum possible delay. The most critical issue was deemed to be custom clearance of the spares for immediate delivery on board and our Wallem Agency team would need to do everything possible to ensure that spares were cleared through customs and delivered on board without delay. The situation was especially critical due to the timing as the incident took place just before Hung Kings Temple festival celebration in Vietnam when traditionally businesses close for the long weekend. Our Ship Management team in Hong Kong stayed in close communication with our Ship Agency colleagues in Hong Kong and in Vietnam. Realizing the urgency in getting this done before the long holiday, the Wallem Ship Agency team in Vietnam acted immediately, under the guidance of the Technical Team, and helped the vessel to get the spares it needed for the repair and truck them to the shore to be loaded on the vessel.

Going above and beyond

Since the repair was done so fast and was so successful, the vessel was ready to depart that weekend. However an unusually high sum was needed to pay the port dues (given this most unusual call from a vessel of this size). Despite the fact that the banks were all closed as it was a holiday weekend, the team put their thinking hats on and solved the problem and settled the payment. The vessel was soon on its way again with minimal delay. Our Technical Superintendent, Gopalakrishnan Karumathil

Wallem Ship Agency team in Vietnam. Back, L-R: Phuong Ho, Quang Hoang, Ngan Chau, Quoc Le. Middle, L-R: Anh Truong, Phuong Nguyen, Tuan Nguyen, Nghi Au, Ly Van, Hong Ho. Front, L-R: Nhan Vo, Nga Nguyen, Chuyen Le, Mai Tran, Hue Dao, Dang Vo


“Truly appreciate the efforts and initiatives taken in ensuring that vessel had a smooth hassle free Port call and a quick departure. We anticipated a stay of 72 hours but with all your efforts and cooperation in launch arrangements and spares handling, vessel departed well within that duration. Once again thank you for all your efforts.” Our Vietnam Ship Agency General Manager, Que Anh Truong writes:

“Many thanks for your appreciation. It's always our pleasure to serve fellow colleagues in the Wallem Group and your customer. And big thanks to our operations and accounting team for great handling of the change of vessel departure during the national holidays. I am extremely proud of my team for going the extra mile to get this issue solved and the vessel on its way again.”

Thank you!

Thank you and job well done to all the teams involved; in particular to: • • •

The Wallem Vietnam team Fleet Manager, Prasenjit Sen Technical Superintendent, Gopalakrishnan Karumathil

Prasenjit Sen

Gopalakrishnan Karumathil

Lesson learned

Our Ship Managers are responsible for alleviating some of the burden from owners, looking after their assets, and ensuring that the ships are managed in a safe and cost effective manner and perform on schedule. By working together with our Vietnam Agency team, our experts in the region, we proved to the customer that we could easily manage this emergency situation. Our proactive approach, absolute dedication, sense of urgency and teamwork and collaboration to get the problem solved were all noted and appreciated by the customer.

Issue 2 2016



Wallem Week 2016 Enhancing Customer Experience


enior management from all Wallem Group companies and divisions gathered in Hong Kong in April for ‘Wallem Week 2016’. The event, which was held from 19th25th April, had the theme, “Enhancing Customer Experience” to reflect the need for the Company to become more customer focused. Let’s find out what the 3-day event entailed, what the highlights were and what senior management are expected to do once back in their respective offices.

Day 1: C-Suite Updates, SWOT Analysis & Feedback from Customers Our CEO Simon Doughty kicked off the event with a summary of the current business environment, an overview of The Way Forward and an update on our Business Development activities around the world. After celebrating the Group’s successes, our CEO stressed how we need to look for new ways to differentiate ourselves and grow whilst developing new efficiencies. The first day continued with a financial overview, update on the need for greater efficiency and on the jaws ratio from our CFO, an update on Pioneer Programme from our COO and Business Process Manager, Nathalie Quiquempoix and further updates from WIS and Group HR. Before lunch, the responses from the SWOT analysis done before the start of the event were reviewed. They revealed that a greater focus on efficiency, customer experience and commercial drive were needed. Updates on Group Communications, CRM (Salesforce) and Business Development followed after lunch.

L-R: Ralph Juhl, Senior VP Technical at Hafnia with CEO Simon Doughty and Managing Director, Ship Management, Europe, Wiebke Schuett

L-R: CEO Simon Doughty with Pony Chen, General Manager, Ship Agency, China and Charlie DuCane, General Manager China, Gearbulk

CEO Simon Doughty


The real highlight of this year’s Wallem Week was the opportunity to get feedback directly from our customers. We enjoyed an excellent session where two of our large customers presented their views on our services and what they want from maritime service providers. We were delighted to have Ralph Juhl, Senior VP Technical at Hafnia and Charlie DuCane, General Manager China at Gearbulk share their expectations and experience with us. While it was good to know that our professional attitude and proactive approach was greatly appreciated, it was also insightful to find out where we could better serve our customers.

Day 2: The Importance of Customer Experience & Formulation of Action Plans In the last presentation session, given by an external consultant from a renowned research and advisory firm, we learned more about Customer Focus and how delivering a great customer experience can impact customer retention and revenues. After lunch, each Business Unit broke out to hold individual meetings and formulate action plans focused on improving customer experience, growing commercial activity and finding efficiencies in key areas of the business, with the aim of growing our profitability and ensuring long term success.

Day 3: Presentations on Business Unit Action Plans Finally each Business Unit spent time finalizing their action plans before presenting them to the group. In our CEO’s final wrap up he encouraged the Business Units to go back and disseminate the action plans and ideas to their teams and hoped that the passion and and momentum displayed would continue going forward. After an intense 3 days, all the participants enjoyed the opportunity to get to know one another better at an evening cocktail held at the Maritime Museum in Central.

Issue 2 2016



Communication & Expertise: A Winning Combination


hen technical expertise and continuous communication are combined they make a winning combination; resulting in a satisfied and happy customer. Let’s hear about a ship repair project we completed in PaxOcean Shipyard in Singapore and how it has helped strengthen our relationship with the ship owner and potentially win more business for the Group. At a celebratory lunch in Singapore on 11th April, Wallem Ship Management was formally thanked for our great repair work by our customer Felix Petroleum Pte Ltd and owners of the oil/chemical Tanker, the MT Griffin. We were greatly honoured to be presented with a crystal trophy along with the PaxOcean Shipyard, to mark the completion of repairs to the vessel.

The crystal trophy presentation. Representing Wallem from our Singapore office are Managing Director Wallem Group Singapore and MD WCS, Nitin Mathur, Fleet Manager, Praveen C Shukla, Assistant Fleet Manager, Paul Burns - Assistant Fleet Manager, Superintendent, Mofazzal Hossen, Senior Marine Personnel Manager, Wilfred Ho, Fleet Personnel Executive, Wee Chun Tee, and HR Administrator, Venisa Sze. Representing our technical services team in Shanghai was Project Superintendent, Atanas Mihaylov.

The vessel’s new owners Felix Petroleum stated that they were impressed not only with Wallem’s technical expertise in completing the difficult repairs to such a high standard but also the fact that they were kept in the loop with continuous updates on the progress of the repairs.

Vessel Profile Vessel name: MV Griffin Vessel type: Small Chemical Tanker - IMO Type II Place built: Nok Bong Shipyard, Korea Date built: April 2008 LOA: 121m Deadweight: 11,121 mt.


The Griffin Repair Project Based in Singapore, the new owners, Felix Petroleum purchased the vessel while it was laid to anchor off the city state. They then approached Wallem to manage the repairs and recovery of the vessel in order to achieve an overall standard acceptable to Oil Majors. Prior to being purchased by her new owner, and while she was under arrest and was laid up, the vessel had degraded to a severe state of disrepair. This project was therefore such a challenging one due to the extent of the vessel degradation. For example; extensive cleaning of all areas, including living quarters was required as there were large deposits of soot everywhere. The hull required grit blasting to remove the 3 inch deep marine growth in places before repainting with antifoul paint.

All the bridge equipment was serviced and upgraded where needed, including new air conditioners and communication systems. In the accommodation area, all the flooring was renewed and furniture replaced. It also required high pressure washing before repainting. All the mooring machineries were removed for major repairs, cargo tanks and ballast tanks grit blasted and covers rebuilt as they had corroded. The main engine, which had been run down due to use of sea water instead of fresh water, had to be completely dismantled and parts replaced. The three auxiliary engines had to be completely rebuilt. In addition, all pumps and purifiers had to be dismantled and completely overhauled. Despite these and many other detailed and challenging repairs, we managed to get the job done according to schedule and to the entire satisfaction of the new owners who are very pleased with the final product.

The M.V. Griffin all shiny and new with ‘before’ pictures inset showing, top-bottom, main deck area with bad rust and corrosion, The vessel as she looked before purchase (under different name) and the extent of marine growth on the hull.

Customer Appreciation

“Relentless determination and patience in getting this very difficult project completed”

Job well done This achievement would not have been possible without great teamwork between the Ship's Masters (Captain Harinder Singh and Captain Charanjit Singh Ghura), the Chief Engineers (Om Prakash and Chiranjeevi CKR Kamada), the vessel's crew, the Superintendents, Fleet management in attendance, Project Superintendent, Atanas Mihaylov (NASCO), Assistant Fleet Manager, Paul Burns, the yard workers and a multitude of supporting contractors who worked hard to recover the vessel status and operational capability. The team worked tirelessly for four months on this project; which was much more indepth a project than a regular maintenance one. By setting themselves a high benchmark, the team ensured that the vessel achieved the desired outcome; both from an aesthetic and an operational point of view.

“To all the hardworking men and women who have been involved in bringing the Griffin to her current immaculate

condition, the owners hereby extend a heartfelt gratitude to one and all. A special mention is required for those at the frontline these past six months, toiling tirelessly with every challenge the ship had presented them with, and producing the quality of work unsurpassed by professionals in the same field. I would personally like to thank the following people for the relentless determination and patience in getting this very difficult project completed. We look forward confidently to a future partnership and cooperation.” Philip Chee Director, VR Shipping PTE LTD (VR Shipping is a Felix Petroleum Pte Ltd. company)

Further Challenges Ahead Wallem will continue to manage the vessel moving forward, looking to build upon the strong base of trust and respect that we have gained from the vessel’s new owners during this repair period.

After having completed sea trials and passed Statoil vetting inspection, the vessel was confirmed ready to carry cargoes on behalf of the owner (in effect "trading"). There will be even more challenges now for the ship Officers and crew as machineries are put to test. The crew continue to familiarize themselves with the equipment in normal operation, introduce essential procedures and monitor and record the full capabilities of the vessel in service. Juggling this with a busy trading schedule with limited sea voyages and frequent ports of call between Cambodia and Singapore is indeed demanding. We thank the officers and crew for their commitment in taking up this next challenge, and all those shore support, who work hard backstage to make the process more efficient!

A Continued Relationship The Griffin is the first vessel we have undertaken to repair and manage on behalf of Felix Petroleum. Thanks to our expertise in achieving this great result, the owners have requested Wallem to identify further potential assets with a view to further enhance our business relationship with them. Our Commerical Services team in Singapore is looking for another suitable vessel for them and we look forward to a continued relationship with this valued customer.

Issue 2 2016



Congrats to our Champions Let’s celebrate the good work done by nine of our managed vessels who have been awarded the coveted ‘Champion of Champions’ meaning that they are both Personal Safety Champions & PSC Performance Champions: Genco Spirit

Yutai Ambitions

Hafnia Taurus



The Wallem crew onboard the Genco Spirit

Hafnia Andromeda Sigma Integrity

Hafnia Crux


The Wallem crew onboard the Hafnia Crux

Ships who qualify for Personal Safety Champions are those who have had no LTI or RWC incident in last 3 years and ships who qualify for PSC Performance Champions have had no deficiencies in last 3 years (01 Jan, 2013 - 31 Dec, 2015).

Secrets of Success

We talk to Amitabh Gupta, Fleet Manager for the Yutai Ambitions and to Ingo Linde, Fleet Manager for the Hafnia Andromeda, Hafnia Crux and Hafnia Taurus about the secrets of their success in managing these vessels: “The success of this vessel in regards to Safety and PSC performance is largely down to the great work done by the crew onboard. They are the ones facing various stakeholders at the ports and managing teams onboard – disseminating as well as following our requirements and policies. Our Superintendents also play a big part in talking to the vessels regularly and we all make an effort to keep constant and open communication with the vessels via ship visits, skype briefings, etc.” Top tip for our seafarers: “Remember that you are representing Wallem so take pride in your appearance, be organised and present yourselves in an efficient and transparent manner. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any issues that arise.” Fleet Manager, Amitabh Gupta

“I am sure that my colleague and Fleet Manager Atul Sachar, who previously managed this fleet (and has since relocated back to HK) would agree that it is very much a team effort from the Technical Superintendents, Marine Superintendents, Technical Coordinator, FP, Purchaser. So I would say that teamwork with close and open communication is the formula for success.” Top tips for our seafarers: “Be proactive by handling well in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to take action. Be proactive rather than reactive.” Fleet Manager, Ingo Linde



Women of Wallem Reach Out to Local Communities


t Wallem, we know the importance of family and pride ourselves on our caring and respectful family environment. Taking care of our Seafarers and their families is therefore our top priority. The Women of Wallem (WoW) is a community organisation which acts as a much-needed support group for the families of seafarers. WoW has a total of nine ‘chapters’ in the communities from which we draw crew members. In addition to providing support, WoW also regularly takes part in philanthropic activities in these local communities. Let’s hear what WoW has been doing over the past few months in the Philippines:

Donations of essentials to Children’s Foundation Early this year, our WoW volunteers handed out essential groceries, toiletries and two sacks of rice to ‘Gentle Hands’, a foundation of volunteer social workers based in Metro Manila who look after more than 100 abandoned, neglected and orphaned children. Donations of musical instruments A sound system and guitar were donated by WoW to disabled children in Cardona via the ‘Handmaids of the Lord’ (HOLD), a ministry dedicated to helping mature women and children. Furniture Donation to school WoW also presented the students of Pudoc East Elementary School with a large number of greatly-needed chairs and tables.

Financial Assistance to Seafarers & Families In the beginning of the year, WoW provided much needed financial assistance to six seafarers and their families. Helping Retired and Sick Nuns On 9th April, WoW volunteers visited ‘Bahay Consuelo’ in North Caloocan. The Bahay Consuelo foundation is aimed at helping retired and sick nuns who need to be taken care of by nurses and caregivers. A group of representatives from WoW, and Wallem officers, Captain Panulaya, Captain Derige and Captain Pablo donated foodstuffs, cleaning materials and toiletries to a group of 55 nuns who have spent their lives serving others. A big thank you to all our WoW volunteers who are reaching out to their local communities on behalf of Wallem!

Issue 2 2016



Full Speed Ahead for Asian Cruise Market


he luxury cruise industry continues to hot up in Asia both as a destination and a source market. With established teams on the ground in 11 countries in Asia; including in the main cruise hubs (Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai), Wallem is well positioned to take advantage of this boom. This cruise season, Wallem Ship Agency will handle 450 port calls across the Region. Having recently won appointments for MSC and Viking Cruises respectively, our expertise in the Asian Cruise Arena is fast being recognized. We chat to Managing Director, Wallem Ship Agency, Dickson Chin to find out why cruise lines are focused on Asia, where the biggest growth can be seen and what makes Wallem a trusted cruise partner.

How long has Wallem been handling cruise calls in Asia? Today, we are the largest and most experienced cruise agency in Asia. We have had our feet on the ground since 2006 when Asia was really put on the cruise map after Costa Cruise and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line both deployed ships to be home ported in the Region, with a significant volume of calls in Hong Kong and Singapore. Therefore, we have long been seen as an authority in the Region; having been the sole port representative agency called upon for input at the consultation stage of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal development back in 2009.

What aspects of cruise calls do we look after? We look after every aspect of cruise calls from coordinating pre-arrival arrangements, i.e. local port authorities, tugs, pilots and berthing, to providing local provisions and supplies. We also help to arrange any spare parts for the ships and can help with maritime security or medical assistance in port if needed. We provide assistance for crew changes too - we facilitate and co-ordinate all logistical arrangements for crew such as booking of hotels, arranging pick-up from airport, etc.

Who do we work with to ensure smooth operations? We work very closely with all the key stakeholders, i.e. the local authorities, ground handler, Customs, Immigration and Quarantine and key drivers such as the respective


Wallem welcomed the mighty Quantum of the Seas on her inaugural call to Singapore in June 2015 (and to HK later that month)

tourist boards or commissions. Careful planning and coordination with these various stakeholders is key; especially for any ad hoc calls. Our people are also recognized in the field for their expertise: General Manager, Ship Agency Frankie Tan chairs the Sub Committee dedicated to cruise calls in Singapore and General Manager for Hong Kong, K F Chan is a key member of the Advisory Committee on Cruise Industry (ACCI) in Hong Kong. ACCI advises the Government on measures to enhance cruise tourism in Hong Kong and its members include key players in the cruise market, tourism industry and the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Wallem is the only cruise agent represented on the committee. Thanks to our strong ties and practice of close communication and coordination with local stakeholders and attention to detail, we are confident that we can handle any eventuality.

Picture showing two of Cunard Lines' 'Three Queens'. The three vessels called in Hong Kong during a 24 period requiring careful coordination

For example, we worked very closely with Carnival UK, one of our long term clients in Asia, in the run up to the historic triple call of the ‘Three Queens’ to Hong Kong in March. This call presented a particular logistical challenge as the three vessels (the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Victoria and the Queen Elizabeth) all arrived in the city within a 24 hour period. Timing and careful coordination was essential to ensure a happy client and a successful milestone event.

"Timing and careful coordination was essential to ensure a happy client and a successful milestone event." L-R: Ship Agency Managing Director Dickson Chin, General Manager, MICE and Cruise HKTB, Kenneth Wong and our CEO Simon Doughty.

Issue 2 2016



What are the main challenges of the cruise business?

Where do you expect to see growth in the future?

Different regulations and inconsistencies with customs procedures in every port can make the process very time consuming for agents. That is why efficiency and having a proactive attitude is key to ensuring smooth operations; especially in this business where timing is everything. We see each call as a learning opportunity for further improvement and challenge ourselves as to how we can do it better next time.

With the deployment of bigger ships to China, many countries in the Region are investing and upgrading their port infrastructure to open up options for port itineraries. These are either for new cruise terminals or increased capabilities to host both bigger ships and larger numbers of passengers. Most of these large port projects are to be found in China, Japan and in South Korea – with key projects also underway in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Why are cruise lines focusing on Asia? Asia is one of the fastest growing cruise markets – both in terms of destinations and source markets – meaning that Asians, in particular Mainland Chinese are taking more cruises in and around the Region. Over the past 2 years, China in particular has been attracting new and bigger ships as cruise companies strike deals with local enterprises to develop ports and start local cruise lines. Quoting China’s Ministry of Transport figures, President Costa Group, Asia, Budhy Bok has highlighted that China will be the largest market in the region with 4.5m passengers by 2020.1 With 24 million passengers projected to cruise worldwide in 2016, this significant growth in China cannot be ignored.2

The market in Korea and Japan is also growing – and of course in China. As far as clientele goes, many of the cruise companies are now catering their cruises to their Asian demographic who tend to be young (under 40) and have limited vacation time. For example; the MSC Lirica (which we welcomed to Japan in April on her maiden voyage) was recently refurbished/refitted to include services, spaces and amenities for an Asian clientele such as restaurants with private rooms, secluded gaming areas and covered outside spaces.

What are the most popular destinations in Asia? There is a great diversity of cruise offerings around the region with many cruise lines extending their seasonal offerings in the Region. Popular destinations continue to be Southeast Asia – Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam. Our Agency colleagues in Malaysia have experienced one of the busiest cruise seasons so far – with 128 cruise calls handled and 7 maiden voyage sailings; even handling several multi-ship days. The team there have worked tirelessly to provide our clients with smooth operations and an excellent customer experience. The main homeports - Singapore, Hong Kong (and increasingly Shanghai) remain as key destinations on cruise itineraries and are ideal ports for both guests and crew at the end or start of voyages. There is definite interest in Myanmar which is still seen as the last frontier in SE Asia. The Mergui Archipelago remains mostly unexplored. However inferior port infrastructure and navigational restrictions (day-light navigational and draught restrictions) are challenges which need to be addressed. General Manager, Wallem Ship Agency Singapore, Frankie Tan (centre) with Wallem Japan colleagues Masakazu Konishi (left) and Yukiko Sawairi (right)


The MSC Lirica in Fukuoka (Hakata)

What makes Wallem THE trusted and preferred cruise partner? • Transparency – with a strong reputation, customers know they can put trust in us. • Heritage and Experience - we are Asia smart. Having been established in China in 1903, Wallem has a long heritage and established presence in the Region. • Coverage in Asia – today we have offices in 11 countries in Asia and work with cruise lines across multiple locations. In addition, we are able to deploy resources and apply best practices where needed. For example; to prepare for the inaugural visit of the MSC Lirica to Japan, Frankie Tan from our Singapore office worked directly with Shidara San and his team in Japan to help them put all preparations and contingency plans in place, ensuring a smooth call. • Industry Expertise – given our extended relationship with different authorities in each country, be it government agencies or trusted suppliers, we are seen as leaders in the field throughout Asia. • Strength of Wallem Group – we are able to call on our in-house experts where needed, be it for dry docking, newbuilding or lifeboat services or to leverage the economy of scale and suppliers that our procurement division can provide.

What lies ahead for Wallem Ship Agency’s cruise business in 2016 and beyond? With Asia currently as the centre of the cruise industry growth, we see exciting developments ahead. We are looking to further leverage our expertise in this specific cruise sector to work with the growing number of cruise lines that are plying our waters. To ensure that our customers get the best possible experience working with us, we need to continue to seek out greater efficiencies to work in a smarter and more effective manner.

What is your favourite aspect of working in the Agency business? While we are recognized for our expertise in the cruise arena, we have also been successful in securing appointments to handle port calls for all kinds of other vessels such as navy vessels, container vessels and even yachts. Each vessel and each port call is different (even if it is the same vessel calling at the same port) and presents different challenges; which is what makes the job exciting. In June, we will welcome the world’s oldest full rigged tall ship, the Norwegian Sörlandet to our shores here in Hong Kong – and we will be right there at the dockside/port to ensure that everything goes smoothly! Sources 1. Seatrade Cruise whitepaper Asia May 2016 2. Cruise Lines International Association’ (CLIA) 2016 Cruise Industry Outlook

Issue 2 2016



EYE on Myanmar


s one of the world's largest and most experienced providers of maritime solutions with a network of 47 offices around the globe, we know what it takes to deliver excellence across Ship Management, Ship Agency, Ship Broking, Commercial Vessel Management and Freight & Logistics. Let’s take a closer look at one particular country in Southeast Asia where we have been doing business for many years. We talk to the team in Myanmar all about the services we provide and about the ins and outs of doing business there.

About Myanmar Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. Myanmar has a population of over 54 million. Its capital city is Naypyidaw and largest city is Yangon (formerly Rangoon).

What is the main business we do there? While we are in the Ship Agency business, officially we are known as ‘Local Owners’ Representatives’. The Shipping Agency Department (SAD) of the Myanmar Port Authority is the sole operator officially acting as an Agent on behalf of foreign shipping companies with ships calling in Myanmar. Our main role is to ensure that our Principals' interests are being taken care of within the limitations of local rules and regulations. For agency we work for general cargo ships in most of the cargo types coming in or going out from Yangon. We also provide agency services for cruise ships. Besides protecting agency interests, we also represent P&I clubs such as The Britannia Steamship Insurance Association Limited (better known by their shortened name, ‘Britannia’) with claims for cargo and crew members to be settled on behalf of P&I.

Cruise vessel Seven Seas Voyager at MITT terminal in Thilawa part of Yangon port in April, 2016

What are the main imports and exports we look after? We mostly look after imports - Imports are steel products, coal in bulk, cement in jumbo bags, fertilizers, sugar, project cargoes (equipment and semi heavy lift). The main export we look after is rice in general cargo ships.

What Logistics services can we offer there? Aside from our Ship Agency work, we do work mostly for nominated cargoes as forwarder – mainly on air in/air out freight and for Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments.

How many colleagues do we have working there and in what capacities?

The MV Daniella at MIP terminal Yangon Inner Harbor discharging Gottwald Mobile Harbor Crane


In our Myanmar office, we are largely focused on agency work. We have a team of 7 people in total who look after everything related to agency, forwarding and P&I. While we have been operating for 10 years in Myanmar, many of our team have been working in the industry for much longer than that.

Where is our office located? Our office is downtown so it is close to Inner Harbor terminals and berths. It takes around one hour to traveI from the Thilawa part of Yangon port by car to get to our office.

What are the main challenges of doing business in Myanmar? The main challenge in our agency business here is that all formalities need to go through the state agent, the Shipping Agency Department (SAD) and our role is very much related to the co-ordination of many items such as cargo release formats, cargo operations, final D/A follow up, just to name a few. Handling cruise ships is particularly satisfying work. We often meet passengers who are on repeat visits to Myanmar; especially for Yangon. We also have a high level of repeat principals/owners; our proactive approach and strong work ethic is definitely appreciated.

Any particular business etiquette we should note while doing business in Myanmar? •

Dealing with government departments has its particular challenges (bureaucracy). Often at private terminals you can have more influence in operations.

The exchange of business cards is commonplace in Myanmar. As a mark of respect, it is a good idea to take a short time to read a business card; some people use both hands to exchange cards (as in China), but the practise is not universal.

Businessmen typically greet each other with a handshake. If a businesswoman offers you her hand, it is acceptable to shake it, but you should not offer your hand to a woman – a small bow is enough.

It is common to take off your shoes when entering an office to show respect.

L-R: (Boarding Agent William Moo, Operations Manager Saw Robin Sein, Managing Director of Wallem Shipping Myanmar, Jacob Van Vliet, Mr Frank Zhu of Bright Sail Shipping Ltd., China and Managing Director of Wallem Indo-China, Denzyl Allwright. Photo taken during visit to the M.V. Baoxiang at MITT, Yangon by our customer/principle, Mr Frank Zhu of Bright Sail Shipping Ltd., China as it discharged 28,000MT of steel cargo consisting of steel plates, coils, and h-beams.

What do we have to look forward to in Myanmar in coming year? Some things we will be keeping an eye on are any investments in infrastructure such as the new terminals in Yangon port which will be able to handle more large ships. Dawei deep sea port project, a Myanmar government special economic zone project which is being conducted along with investment from both the Thai and Japanese governments, will also be of interest. We’ll also be watching the progress made in the Kyaukpyu Deep Sea Project which will be built by China’s CITIC Group Corporation. By eliminating the need to travel via the Strait of Malacca, Kyaukpyu Port would save about 5,000 kilometers in sailing distance for shipments travelling to China from India and points beyond. A new LNG terminal is also planned for Dawei. It will serve as a place for offloading LNG for on-shipping to various businesses in Dawei, Thailand and eventually the rest of Myanmar, cutting out a requirement to ship south around Singapore.

Please contact Managing Director for IndoChina, Denzyl Allwright at for any enquiries.

Discharging hot rolled steel coil from M.V. Kang Long at MITT terminal, Thilawa part of Yangon port

Issue 2 2016



Work Smarter, Not Harder An Interview with our COO Andrew Stephens


e talk to our COO Andrew Stephens about how our new office in Hong Kong will pave the way for further and greater efficiencies and streamlined processes for the Group as a whole, the importance and progress of 'Pioneer Program' and how Wallem can become a more efficient and effective business partner.

Why is bringing greater efficiencies to the Group so critical? Like all enterprises, if you don’t embrace evolving best practices, technology that enables automation and also adapt to change, then you go backwards, i.e. loss of market share, lowering of returns, etc. Additionally, the maritime market is currently very depressed and it is very difficult to realise price increases, covering underlying increases in cost to operate, without justifying real added value and improving productivity for clients. Being able to deliver on these two conditions requires us to be in the best shape ourselves and thus focusing on working smarter not harder, ensuring optimised process and increasing the use of technology, will enable us to avail scale advantages and deliver an improved customer experience. How is Pioneer Programme going? There has been a lot of ground work done on Pioneer Programe; the name given to our internal program aimed at streamlining and improving processes for greater efficiency. We have identified some new functionality that is suitable for our business models in ship management. The approach we have taken is that we will not re-invent the wheel on industry best practices when it comes to what we call commodity processes, e.g. supplier invoice processing. However, when it comes to unique elements of Wallem’s value proposition, we have spent more time fine tuning what we need to do and what we can stop doing, i.e. take away the waste and non-value adding activities. We have concluded on the technology required to be adopted on two key processes in our ship management business area. Activities are in progress to secure moves to new and improved applications and/or modules aimed at securing the required integrations and automation. The divisional management teams in Ship Management are responsible for delivering these new solutions.


An example of open workspace layout with writing walls which are great for sharing and developing ideas for enhanced collaboration. Wallem's own design is a work in progress. Photos courtesy of CIRCA Design.

What do we have to look forward to with the new Hong Kong office? The move to the new office in Hong Kong really becomes a catalyst for new work practices and in particular a new work setting. By adopting a modern layout, setting and improved use of technology, we expect to see more effective collaboration and productivity, both within the Hong Kong based personnel and across other offices too. The use of collaborative tools such as video conferencing from multiple work-points, be it meeting rooms; phone booth/quiet rooms; desk or touch down areas, will enhance productivity and engagement across the organisation. Even the pantry/cafeteria area will be used as a collaborative work space, thus exploiting an often under-utilised space throughout the entire day.

Some images showing various examples of modern office layout featuring a mixture of different workspaces including more casual meeting areas and touchdown spaces. Wallem's own design is a work in progress. Photos courtesy of CIRCA Design.

Why will a new working style be necessary? Recent studies have shown that the more collaborative spaces available for people to work through their challenges in an effective manner, the higher the returns on the cost of the real estate. Gen Y and Z inflows of talent mean we also have to evolve our workplace setting to attract and retain the best people and thus our focus is also on the longer term demographic. We are running a full change management programme to ensure the highest level of adoption of new work styles and practices from even before Day 0. In other words, we will begin to change the way we work before moving day to ensure a seamless transition and also mitigate the risk of business interruption at the time of the move. How will this new working style help us to better serve our customers? We believe that having a place to work which improves motivation, engagement and productivity will mean our customers will feel the impact in a very positive way. The agility of our organisation to adapt and ensure on time and seamless coordination of activities essential in execution of the value chain is crucial to delivering on committed service levels. The new working style and setting will be a key enabler in this regard as it will foster greater collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organisation. Will our other offices follow this new workstyle? New processes and technology will impact the entire organisation. Our journey for continuous improvement is well on its way and workstyle change is one element of this. Seeing the success of our 5S program in Hong Kong, Shanghai and in the Philippines, the rollout of this program

will continue as planned. As far as new work practices go, we will adopt the various new practices across all offices over time as and when practical and required. What are the top 3 things that Wallem must change to become more efficient and a more effective business partner? • • •

Continuously align the organisation with group strategy; commonly one of the most challenging aspects for any global enterprise. Embrace and drive change at all levels of the organisation, adopt and adapt with speed, taking out waste activities as early as possible. Encourage and listen to new ideas from the entire organisation.

Paper or tablet? Has to be tablet. What is your personal top tip for working efficiently? Always question the point of what you are about to do before you do it. Then align with other stakeholders to secure the right output is achieved and in the right way. If it doesn’t add value to the client or to the enterprise, simply put, don’t do it. Favourite thing about working at Wallem? We have a great many very good people focused on execution and their deliverables every day. They all come to Wallem wanting to make a difference and a positive contribution. As leaders we need to enable this passion to be fulfilled to its maximum potential.

Issue 2 2016



Promotions and Appointments C ongratulations to the following colleagues on their well-deserved promotions and appointments!

Fared Khan Fared was promoted to Marine Director having previously held the position of Fleet Personnel Director. Brian Phipps Brian was promoted to Regional General Manager - Marine HR Strategy & Policy for Wallem Ship Management having previously held the role of Wallem representative in the Philippines. Christopher Lee Christopher was promoted to Finance Director for Wallem Ship Management having previously been Group Financial Controller.

Fared Khan

Brian Phipps

Christopher Lee

Monica Cheng

Chittur Subramanian

Monica Cheng Monica was promoted to Group Financial Controller for Wallem Services Limited (WSL) after having held the role of Manager, Group Accounting. Chittur Subramanian Chittur was promoted to Head of Insurance having previously been Manager, Safety & Insurance.

Commercial Services team in Singapore


o grow our Commercial Services, the team, under Managing Director Nitin Mathur, has recently been relocated from Hong Kong to Singapore where we can be better positioned to provide the best customer experience to our current and future clients. Congratulations to Kaushik on his new appointment and a warm welcome to Capt. Puneet Oberoi and David Fu! Capt. Kaushik Neogy

Capt. Puneet Oberoi

David Fu

Capt. Kaushik Neogy was promoted to Head of Commercial Operations - Tanker Fleet after having previously been Commercial Operations Manager - Tanker Fleet and will be relocating to Singapore with the team. Capt. Puneet Oberoi has joined the team in Singapore as Commercial Operations Manager. Capt. Oberoi has sailed as Master on Wallem managed ships and brings with him a wealth of dry bulk experience, both at sea and ashore. He has also previously held senior positions with dry bulk Operators and Owners. David Fu has joined the team as Chartering Manager in Singapore. David has previously been in senior chartering roles with Owners, Operators and Pools, specializing in dry bulk chartering in the Asia Pacific market.



Long Service Awards


ongratulations and a big thank you to our colleagues at sea and on shore who recently reached the following milestones (from Dec 2015 – May 2016) in their careers at Wallem:


Balmiki Ghanshymdas C

Hung Yin Ling Elaine

Ng Lai Man Mandy



Senior Accounts Clerk (Hong Kong)

Senior Accounts Assistant (Hong Kong)

Gonsalves Mavel M


Vongeyer Glenn E


Guharoy Manas


Fernandes Glen M


Yadav Lalbahadur R


Chauhan Rama R


Divakaran Rajan


Fernandes Patricio I


Jadhav Sanjay S


Kalekar Sandeep J


Mujawar Azim A


LozaĂąes Celerino Jr. C


Lee Sheung Yiu Christopher

Finance Director (Hong Kong)

Leung Wai Ching Elaine

Accounts Supervisor (Hong Kong)

Issue 2 2016




20 YEARS Kabir Nasir

Bhatti Sukhvir S

Kumar Avinash

Shved Yury

Singh Palvinder

D Silva Sydney Bernabe Z

Das Asim K

Palarca Wilson A

Shaik Mohammed F

Qiang Zhen Ming


Dhiman Vikas


Gusyev Sergiy


Rajan Rijish


Cardoso Lyndon M


Navis Satish Fernando


Yang Li Ming


Vasudevan Rajasekaran


Singh Jagdish


Jagad Prakash R


Michael Fernando Xavier N


Sareno Richard B


Vistar Dennis D


Villamor Rene S


Khanche Abdur R

Gp Ab

Baria Shantilal D

Gp Mtm

Chauhan Rupeshkumar L

Gp Mtm

Manimunda Mohammad R

Gp Mtm

Shaik Mohammed F

Gp Mtm

Nayabazar Mohammad S

Gp Stwd

Solanki Ashokkumar J

Gp Stwd

Syed Mohammad A

Gp Stwd

Tripathy Amaresh

Assistant Manager, Fleet Personnel Operations (India)

Kenia Bipin

Senior Associate Manager, Finance And Administration (India)

Shaikh Mohammed Farhan

Deputy Manager, Fleet Personnel Operations (India)







Gp Mtm


Bhikba Nadeem

Associate Manager, Finance And Administration (India)

Manna Ashok



Keravala Kaiyosh F

Patil Lalit

Keshwani Raju R Master

Deputy Manager, Ratings (India)

Executive, Training Centre (India)



10 YEARS Kapoor Varun


Chen An Chun


Slathia Varun


Parakatta Abdul S


Parmaj Udayraj V


Tandel Ganeshkumar S


Young Jose H


Singh Sunil K

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The Mighty Jahre Viking


he mighty T/T Jahre Viking, a ULCC Super tanker that possessed the greatest deadweight tonnage every recorded, was generally considered the largest ship ever built. From 1991 to 2004, she was owned by Loki Stream AS and flew the Norwegian flag. During this period, the vessel was under Wallem's full technical management. In 2004, she was sold to M/s Fred Olsen AS, another Norwegian company, and converted into a storage tanker under the new name of ‘Knock Nevis’ for deployment in oil fields off Qatar. Wallem continued to provide crewing services on board till her last voyage to the breaker's yard in 2009, and also played an instrumental role in arranging for retrieval of her anchor from the demolition yard and its transportation to Hong Kong. Today the vessel's 36 tonne anchor can be seen on exhibition at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. A big thanks to Captain Navin Passey for the information on the vessel and to Subramanian Rajagopal for the images. (T/T stands for Turbine Tanker – the vessel’s main engine was a steam powered turbine engine)

Issue 2 2016



‘Into the storm’. Photo courtesy of Animesh Das, 2nd Officer arriving in Singapore onboard the Gener8 Athena.

‘Maiden Voyage’. The crew onboard the Gener8 Success on her maiden voyage. Photo courtesy of Captain Debashis Basu.

‘Passing rain clouds’. Photo courtesy of Captain Debashis Basu sailing in the South China Sea onboard the Gener8 Success

‘Sun sets on another day’. Photo courtesy of K A Hasantha Rangana Sampath, Deck Cadet onboard the M.T Atlantic Dawn.

‘Sunset in the Atlantic’. Photo courtesy of Captain Vaidhee Sivaraman taken onboard the M.T. Marie Kirk

‘Celebrating Women’. Female colleagues in our Singapore office celebrating International Women’s Day with flowers.

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‘Turkey at night’. Photo courtesy of Captain Vaidhee Sivaraman taken onboard the M.T. Marie Kirk

‘Somewhere over the rainbow’. Photo courtesy of Yu Xiang Nan , 3rd Officer onboard the M.V. Ethel L

‘Rugby fun’. Hong Kong colleagues and senior management enjoying the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2016 tournament with clients from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, the UK and Hong Kong.

‘In a spin’. Photo courtesy of Fletcher Aires Furtado, 2nd officer on the M.T. Mattheos1. This photo was captured whilst the vessel was heading towards Brazil.

‘Proud seafarers’. Photo courtesy of K A Hasantha Rangana Sampath, Deck Cadet onboard the M.T Atlantic Dawn sailing from Papua New Guinea to Singapore

Issue 2 2016



Delivering Maritime Solutions

Profile for Wallem True North Magazine

True North 2016 Issue 2  

Inside this issue: - Optimising Fleet & Operational Efficiency - Vietnam Agency Team to the Rescue - Work Smarter, Not Harder

True North 2016 Issue 2  

Inside this issue: - Optimising Fleet & Operational Efficiency - Vietnam Agency Team to the Rescue - Work Smarter, Not Harder