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==== ==== CuddleUppets is a Blanket that is a Puppet! Choose from 6 different cuddly friends. Play all day & sleep the night away. ==== ==== As seen on TV, the CuddleUppets blankets that are puppets are really neat. You can play around with them and use them as puppets for entertaining, but then you can actually use them as blankets too. These inventions are really interesting. There are a variety of animals to choose from, everything from puppies and monkeys to crocodiles and elephants. There are actually six in total to choose from, each with its own statement-making color: pink poodle, purple monkey, yellow puppy, green crocodile, blue elephant and brown bear. They are available in a lot of different colors and are really neat, whether you are a child or an adult. They are available for only $19.99 each, plus shipping and handling. You can buy them through various different retailers, but keep in mind that each has a different selection of the CuddleUppets to choose from, so you may not always be able to find the one you want. When the child transforms the puppet into a blanket, the head of the puppet still sticks out, giving the child something to cuddle with. If you buy three of the CuddleUppets at once, you get shipping free when you buy directly from the As Seen On TV site. The purpose of the CuddleUppets is to give you something to play with all day, then you have a blanket to sleep with at night. They make an ideal traveling companion for children who are going on a sleepover with their friends, or going outside camping at night. It is the mix of a cuddly blanket and a cute puppet, so all kids love it. They are quite large-sized so even adults can use them. CuddleUppets blankets that are puppets always receive rave reviews. Parents love them because they are not only a blanket but also a fun puppet, so it is like getting your kid a two-in-one toy. It also is more convenient for children when they are going out for a sleepover or having friends over to play during the day. The children can play with the puppets and when they are all tuckered out, they can easily turn it into a blanket to use to sleep with. If you are interested in getting one of the CuddleUppets blankets that are puppets for yourself or one of your children, you can find them easily online. There are also often television advertisements for the CuddleUppets on, which offer a toll-free number you can call to place an order. Parents also love the CuddleUppets because they are so unique. There is really no other type of toy like this available and kids always love them. The toys are suitable for younger and older children, which is another reason they always receive rave reviews. Parents enjoy knowing they are spending money wisely by purchasing a toy their child is going to have fun with and not grow too old for after a year or two. The toys work for children aged two to ten, which is a very large age range.

==== ==== CuddleUppets is a Blanket that is a Puppet! Choose from 6 different cuddly friends. Play all day & sleep the night away. ==== ====

CuddleUppets Blankets That Are Puppets