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Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

OUGD503: Responsive

App. Card: The Brief

The Brief



Target Audience

Create an appointment card which can be used to help organise The Venue hair salon.

Design an appointment card using the same dimensions as a business card, considering the colours used within the salon interior.

Ensure that it is large enough to write on and clear enough to read.

The target audience is anyone who visits The Venue and needs to record an appointment. All ages.

Mandatory Requirements

Tone of Voice



- Development - Business card scale


A digital and printed resolution.

- Colour - Clarity

Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

App. Card: Development Overall I designed about 30 different variations for my client to choose. I wanted to create as many different variations in the time that I had for them then to be able to choose elements of each design they liked, allowing me to develop the idea further.

OUGD503: Responsive

App. Card: Development

Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

Business Card: Final Designs This is the final appointment card front and back. The client was really happy with the outcome and as a result it has been printed and is now being used in the hair salon.

OUGD503: Responsive

App. Card: Final Design

Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

App. Card: Feedback As I had organised all of the printing to be done and delivered to The Venue I was pleasantly surprised to receive this when I returned home after finishing the job for them from Leeds.

OUGD503: Responsive

App. Card: Feedback

Venue Hairdresser  
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