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Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

Visual Research A variety of visual research consisting of simplified and structured design with clear info graphics, to websites with a more organic feel to them portraying photographic elements and illustrations.

OUGD504: Design For Web

Visual Research

Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

Initial Ideas My initial ideas revolved around the idea of creating an organic, eco friendly feel to my website. This is why I explored a variety of different layouts using photography and my own hand rendered illustrations combined, to try and create a personalised website, in a similar way to the Rewined website. After much experimentation, I felt that this was becoming too cluttered and it lost quality, which is why I went for a much more simplified version in the end.

OUGD504: Design For Web

Initial Ideas

Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

Scamps Above are all of my scamps which I created prior to developing my final website design. I have simplified it considerably since the start of my development and now have a consistent grid running throughout, making it much easier to use.

OUGD504: Design For Web


Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

OUGD504: Design For Web

Colour, Type, Size & Site Map



# 336633




Site Map

Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, Serif

1366 px x 768 px





36pt Colour, Type, Size & Site Map I chose to use these colours because they are easy on the eye, warm and therefore create an inviting feel. Georgia is a web safe font which I feel lends itself suitably to my website. Serif fonts imply structure and I feel this reflects my underlying theme of encouraging users to get in to a structural routine of recycling. The size and site map are self explanatory and functional.





Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

Digital Designs All of the images have been saved as .png files so that they can be used in dreamweaver when building my website. When reviewing well designed websites I noticed that there is a limited colour palette used. This is why I have chosen to go with a dark grey for the logo and two shades of green to relate to nature and the theme of eco friendly ‘green’ packaging.

OUGD504: Design For Web

Digital Designs

Compackaging Website  
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