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Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

OUGD503: Responsive

Promotional Flyer: The Brief

The Brief



Target Audience

Create an A5 double sided flyer promoting the chance to win stadium naming rights, using the red and white from the Ossett FC logo. Make it really basic and eye catching.

Using the logo, illustrations and text create a simplistic flyer which includes the photograph showing where the advert would be placed if someone was to win naming rights.

Use white and the same shade of red used in the logo, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Businesses in need of promotion.

Mandatory Requirements

Tone of Voice



- Use correct colour scheme - A5 sized flyer


Digital design of the front and back ready to be sent to the printers.

- Tone of voice - Simple layout

Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

Promotional Flyer: Ossett FC This is the front and back of the A5 leaflet I was asked to produce. I wanted to make it straight forward, clear to understand and recognisable as being related to Ossett FC. I sent this off to my client and they were really pleased with this design, which meant that I was able to finish the work without making any changes.

OUGD503: Responsive

Promotional Flyer: Ossett FC

Ossett Town FC  
Ossett Town FC