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Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

OUGD503: Responsive

Rippleffect Brief

The Brief



Target Audience

Create an interesting visual to be included in Rippleffect’s promotional materials. Consider every aspect relating to what the client will receive when working with Rippleffect.

Take inspiration from the British Gas advert to create a playful and illustrative, yet informative solution to the brief.

Ensure it is legible and gets the message across successfully.

Potential clients.

Mandatory Requirements

Tone of Voice



Follow Rippleffect’s brand guidelines to produce this piece of work and only use the colours provided.

Playful and informative

An A4 design.

Colour Clarity

Laura Wallbridge-Bruce

Rippleffect Brief The final solution consists of all of the services Rippleffect provide for their clients as a digital media based studio. The illustrations add a playful feel and all of the colours used have been taken from the brand guidelines.

OUGD503: Responsive

Rippleffect Brief

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