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Laura and Issy

OUGD503: Design Process 2

Champneys History

Brand Values


The Family

Empowerment – To help our customers to live fulfilled lives.

Spa Resorts

Personable – We welcome our customers with a genuine, helpful, warm and hospitable service.

Henlow Tring

In September 1981, Dorothy and her husband Robert purchased Henlow Grange for £350,000 from Leida Costigan and one of their sons Stephen joined the company. Costigan had opened Henlow Grange in 1961 as The Beauty Farm School of Beauty and Physical Culture, the first of its kind in the UK.

Expert Knowledge – To educate our customers and help them achieve their goals in the best possible way. Quality – To help our customers to relax and leave the tension of everyday life behind, we seek to provide excellence in our food, service and atmosphere. Original – We deliver originality, authenticity, and innovation.

Champneys History Researching into the history of Champneys has allowed for a deeper understanding of the brand values, locations as well as other aspects such as their ethical values. All of which will need to be considered when developing a sub brand.

Springs Forest Mere

Day Spas Bath Brighton Chichester Enfield

Guildford Milton Keynes St Albans Tunbrigde Wells

Laura and Issy

OUGD503: Design Process 2

Stores and Layout

Shop Interior

Pop up Interior

Spa Interior

The Champneys shop interiors of the day spas provide inspiration for a pop up shop promoting the new range of products and treatments.

Pop up interior will allow the brand to become more well known around different cities like the example of Avon shown above.

The spa resort interior will provide inspiration for the feel of the brand and will help the chosen colour scheme and other aspects of design.

Stores and Layout The layout of existing stores and inspirational pop up stores will give the target audience a better understanding of what Champneys have to offer.

Laura and Issy

OUGD503: Design Process 2

Printed Materials

Mail Shot


Treatment List

The mail shot will be used as a method of reaching potential new customers. It will be creative and innovative, with an underlying theme of interaction.

The complementary sample will be distributed via health and spa magazines or more specifically magazines targeted at 16-25 year olds to encourage sales of the Champneys products.

A newly developed treatment list will allow the audience to choose from a range of treatments which are tailored to their age range and lifestyle.

Printed Materials The range of printed materials will provide YCN with more choice in terms of product and distribution. This will allow the brand to become more popular.

Laura and Issy

OUGD503: Design Process 2

Online Presence



Spa Products

The Champneys website uses a clean, minimal grid layout which we can apply to the sub brand when we come to creating our web page concept. The idea of applying photography would also be a consistent way of applying the sub brand to Champneys itself.

The navigation is very clear and easy to follow, supplying a consistent tool to be applied to the sub brand which will be created. This will make it less of a challenge to create a page for the website which works with the rest of the website.

The presentation of the products on the website work really well to attract attention and encourage sales. This is something to consider when designing packaging and product display for the sub brand for 16-25 year olds.

Online Presence The online presence will allow the products to work across a wider range of mediums, allowing it to be more versatile. Maintaining consistency within the printed range as well as the web based design will provide an added dimension to their brand.