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INTRODUCTION Dear Parent/Carer This booklet has been produced to provide students and parents with advice on how student progress can be maintained throughout Year 7. The subject information pages provide a brief outline of the work that is covered and offer advice and hints on how progress to the next level can be made. It also includes information on “Key Dates� that occur throughout the year and activities that your child may be involved in. Success will be achieved by students who: have completed class work and homework to the best of their ability. have prepared thoroughly for examinations and other assessments. We hope that you find this booklet helpful. Key staff that can support you are Form Tutor Mrs D Ward Mrs B Howells Mr C Boyd

Yours faithfully

Philip Duffy Headteacher

Progress Leader Learning Mentor Deputy Headteacher Achievement & Progress

Year 7 Introduction to Parents  
Year 7 Introduction to Parents  

Introduction to Parents of Year 7 students