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s n o i t p i r c s e D y t i v i t c A Basketball

Teen Fitness Suite

(Age 6+ years)

(Age 12+ years)

Tip off, shoot some hoops and enjoy the fast and exciting pace of play. £2.70

If a workout in the gym is more your style, then join our qualified instructors to give it a go. £3.50

Teen Bootcamp

Teen Revolutions

(Age 12+ years)

(Age 12+ years)

Can you take on the challenge of this military inspired bootcamp? £2.70

Get on your bike and get a full body workout with this indoor seated cycle class. £3.10


Teen Tone (Age 12+ years)

(Age 5-10 & 11-16 years)

Punch it out, feel the power and train like a professional boxer. £2.70

Look good, feel good and feel forever fit with this easy to follow toning class. £2.70

Dodge Ball

Tots Games

(Age 6+ years)

Dodge, catch, duck and dive with this fast-paced, fun team game. £2.70

Family Fun Tennis

(Age 6+ years)

Could you be the next Andy Murray or Laura Robson? Grab your racquet and give it a go! £1

Family Trampolines

(Age 6+ years)

Why not have fun together and bring the whole family with Family Trampolines? £2.70

Pool Fun

(Age 8+ years)

(Age 3-5 years)

This session includes physical play and a variety of fun challenges. Let the games begin! £2.70 for an adult & child. £1.50 per additional child.


(Age 6+ years)

This session is for anyone everyone who prefers to be airborne! Please note: Long hair should be tied back and socks worn. £2.70

Tri Golf

(Age 6-12 years) A mini version of the game, played with user-friendly equipment designed specially for younger players. £2.70

Join us for a fantastic mix of games and fun in the pool (a qualified instructor will be poolside) £2.70


Teen Core

This rockin’, high-energy fitness party is packed with specially choreographed, easy to learn routines. £2.70

(Age 12+ years)

Get ripped and reveal those washboard abs with a body core session. £2.70

(Age 4-12 & 13-19 years)

e l b a t e m i T s e i t i Activ October 2013 th 21st - 27

Teen Revo lutions (Age 12+ y

Pool Fun Basketba ll (A

ge 6+ yea rs) Leasowe L eisure Ce Wednesd ntre ay, 10am - 11.30am

ears) (Age 8+ y e ure Centr Oval Leis - 3pm m p 2 Friday, & y a d s e u T

Teen Boo tcamp (Age 12+

years) Wirral Ten nis Centr Tuesday, 5pm - 5.4 e 5pm

e B o x e r c is years) (Age 5-10 e ure Centr Oval Leis m p 5 ay, 4pm Wednesd 6 years) (Age 11-1 e ure Centr Oval Leis m p 5 4pm Thursday,

Dodgeba ll

(Age 6+ y ears) Oval Leis ure Centr e Friday, 11 am - 12pm West Kirb Friday, 2p y Leisure Centre m - 3pm

un Family F Tennis ears) (Age 6+ y entre Leisure C Leasowe am 0 .3 10am - 11 Monday, entre Leisure C Leasowe m m - 4.30p Friday, 3p

Family Trampoli nes

(Age 6+ y

ears) Oval Leis ure Centr e Wednesd ay, 10am - 11am & 11am 12pm

ears) West Kirb Friday, 5.1 y Leisure Centre 5pm - 6pm

e Teen Cor years) (Age 12+ nis Centre Wirral Ten 5.45pm 5pm Monday, nis Centre Wirral Ten pm - 2pm Sunday, 1

Teen Fitn ess Suite

es Tots Gam years) (Age 3-5 e ure Centr Oval Leis m a 1 1 10am Monday, nis Centre Wirral Ten 3pm 2pm Monday, Centre y Leisure West Kirb - 1pm 12pm Monday,

Trampoli ning (Age

6+ years) West Kirb Monday, 2 y Leisure Centre pm - 3pm & 3pm - 4 pm West Kirb y L e is ure Centr Wednesd e ay, 11am - 12 10am - 11am & pm

(Age 12+ years) Oval Leis ure Centr e Tuesday, 3.30pm 4.30pm Oval Leis ure Centr e Saturday & Sunday, 9am - 10a 10am - 11 m am & 11a m - 12pm , Leasowe years) (Age 6-12 e Tuesday & Leisure Centre ure Centr Thursday, Oval Leis m 1pm - 2pm p 2 1 11am West Kirb Thursday, y L e is ure C entre Friday, 7.3 Leisure C 0pm - 9pm entre Leasowe 1pm - 2pm West Kirb Thursday, y L e is ure Centr Sunday, 1 e nis Centre .30pm - 3 Wirral Ten - 4pm .30pm 3pm Wirral Ten Thursday, Tuesday & nis Centre Thursday, 3pm - 5pm Wirral Ten n is C e ntre Saturday & Sunday, 2pm - 4pm (Age 4-12 years) Oval Leis ure Centr e Monday, 11am - 12 pm

Tri Golf

Zumbato mic

Teen Ton


years) (Age 12+ Centre y Leisure West Kirb 2 1 - .15pm 11.30am Tuesday, Centre y Leisure West Kirb - 5.45pm 5pm Thursday,

West Kirb y Leisure Monday, 1pm - 2pm Centre (Age 13-1 9 years) West Kirb y Leisure Monday, 2pm - 3pm Centre


October Half term activities  

Wirral Council October Half term Activities