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E n t e rta i n i ng G u i d e


Wa l l ac e C ol l e c t i on

The Wallace Collection is situated off Oxford Street, in the heart of London’s West End. Its home, Hertford House, is a palatial town house occupying an entire side of a tranquil garden square. The building was once the residence of the aristocratic Hertford family and also played host to Spanish and French embassies before becoming a national museum in 1900. This was when Lady Wallace fulfilled her husband Sir Richard Wallace’s wishes by donating to the nation the collection he inherited from his father, the 4th Marquess of Hertford. Today, Hertford House retains the feel of the grand home it once was. Visitors to its 25 opulent galleries will find unsurpassed displays of French 18th century art including furniture, porcelain and gold snuffboxes of the finest quality, often with illustrious provenances from royal collections. The museum also contains an extraordinary display of masterpieces by some of the greatest names of European painting, such as Titian, Rembrandt, Hals and Velázquez. There are, in all of the galleries of the Wallace Collection, works of the highest international importance.

Hertford House at night, image by Event Concept

I nside H ertford H ouse

Jean-HonorĂŠ Fragonard, The Swing 1767

The Study


The Large Drawing Room

Frans Hals, The Laughing Cavalier 1624

Grand Staircase, image by Event Concept




C ou rt ya r d


Dinner in the Courtyard, image by Event Concept


C ou rt ya r d

di n n ers


r e c e p t i on s

Originally the Hertford family’s garden, the leafy setting of the glazed Courtyard can now be used for parties year round. Created by Rick Mather Architects in 2000 to celebrate the museum’s centenary, this contemporary space contrasts beautifully with the 18th century architecture of Hertford House. The maximum capacity is 300 for drinks receptions and 160 for dinner (140 for a dinner dance) but the space also works well for smaller numbers.

f l o or p l a n Ground Floor Capacity: Drinks reception – up to 300 Dinners – up to 160 Dimensions: Length: 22.40m / 73.47ft Width: 12m / 39.36ft


Ev e n t s

in the

Small Dinner, image by Mango Pie

Dinner Dance


C ou rt ya r d

Reception with house lighting

The Porphyry Court

Reception with food station


F i r s t F l o or G a l l e r i e s

View of the Boucher paintings from the first floor Landing



F i r s t F l o or D r aw i ng R o om s the

t h e l a rg e , sm a l l a n d ova l dr aw i ng ro om s , t h e s t u dy, t h e bou d o i r


t h e l a n d i ng

This suite of six recently refurbished rooms is intimate in scale and beautifully decorated with French silk wall coverings and curtains. Many of the most famous paintings in the Collection are displayed here, with Hals’s The Laughing Cavalier and Fragonard’s The Swing hanging alongside the museum’s fabulous holdings of 18th century French furniture and decorative arts. Many of the pieces have a remarkable provenance, having originally come from the collections of historical figures such as Madame de Pompadour and Queen Marie Antoinette. The Large and Oval Drawing Rooms were regularly used as ballrooms in the early 19th century and are also ideal for modern entertaining. With a maximum capacity of 160 guests, the Drawing Rooms are used for pre-dinner drinks and smaller drinks receptions. With the bar placed in the imposing setting of the Landing with its outstanding group of paintings by Boucher, the Drawing Rooms set the tone for an unforgettable evening event.

f l o or p l a n First Floor Capacity: Drinks reception – up to 160


The Small Drawing Room

Franรงois Boucher , Madame de Pompadour 1759

Landing bar, image by Event Concept


Reception in the Oval Drawing Room


Sm a ll Di n n ers

Dutch Gallery Dinner

Venetian Dinner


Dinner in the Dining Room


Dinner in the Dining Room


D i n i ng R o om

This light and airy room, with large windows and French doors opening on to the Courtyard was once, as its name suggests, the place where Sir Richard and Lady Wallace would take their evening meal. The Dining Room now features some of the Collection’s Spanish and Italian masterpieces including Velàzquez’s enigmatic The Lady with a Fan and Titian’s epic Perseus and Andromeda. It is a beautiful setting for a dinner and can accommodate 40 guests on four round tables or 22 guests on one long table.

f l o or p l a n Ground Floor Capacity: Dinner – up to 40 Dimensions: Length: 10m / 32.80 Width: 7m / 22.96ft



V e n et i a n R oom

Also known as the West Gallery, this room is a showcase for the Wallace Collection’s exceptional group of Venetian views by Canaletto and Francesco Guardi. Two of the Canaletto paintings were acquired by the 1st Marquess of Hertford while he was on the Grand Tour and marked the beginning of art collecting in the family. With its pale blue silk walls, the Venetian room is a tranquil setting for a smaller dinner and can seat a maximum of 24 guests on two round tables and up to 20 on one long table.

f l o or p l a n First Floor Capacity: Dinner – up to 24 Dimensions: Length: 9.20m / 30.18ft Width: 5.60m / 18.37ft


21 Dinner in the Venetian Room

22 Dinner in the Back State Room


Back State Room

Conceived as a tribute to the patronage of King Louis XV of France and his mistress Madame de Pompadour, this elegant room features some of the greatest examples of rococo art in the Wallace Collection. Used by Sir Richard Wallace to entertain important guests, the Back State Room with its rich red silk wall coverings is now a popular choice for intimate dinners for up to 30 guests on three round tables or 18 on one long table.

f l o or p l a n Ground Floor Capacity: Dinner – up to 30 Dimensions: Length: 10.80m / 35.42ft Width: 7m / 22.96ft



F l e m i s h R o om

Also called the East Drawing Room, in the early 19th century this room was Isabella, Marchioness of Hertford’s sitting room, and for 13 years it was where she entertained the Prince Regent (later George IV) during his daily visits. Refurbished in 2012, the rich burgundy silk on the walls sets off a selection of the Collection’s Flemish masterpieces including celebrated paintings by Rubens and Van Dyck. Seating a maximum of 24 guests on two round tables, the Flemish room is a beautiful backdrop for an unforgettable dinner.

f l o or p l a n First Floor Capacity: Dinner – up to 24 Dimensions: Length: 7m / 22.96ft Width: 5.30m / 17.38ft


25 Dinner in the Flemish Room

26 The Dutch Galleries, with Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait


D utch G alleries

These galleries were originally built by Sir Richard Wallace in the 1870s to house the vast art collection he inherited from his father. Newly refurbished in 2012 and featuring skylights and deep blue silk wall coverings, the Dutch Galleries are traditional in feel with modern amenities and lighting. The collection of Dutch paintings displayed in these galleries is considered one of the finest in the country. Many of the works were acquired by the 3rd Marquess, a debauched character whose excellent taste has been called his only redeeming feature. The rooms can be opened for a private view during a drinks reception or can be used for dinners with 30 guests on 3 round tables in one gallery or 60 guests on 6 tables spread over two adjoining rooms.

f l o or p l a n First Floor Capacity per room: Dinner – up to 30 Dimensions per room: Length: 9m / 29.52ft Width: 5m / 16.40ft


First Floor 19th Century Gallery West Gallery Study

West Room

Oval Drawing Room

Boudoir Landing Small Drawing Room

Large Drawing Room

East Galleries

East Drawing Room

Ground Floor

Courtyard Billiard Room Dining Room


Back State Room Front State Room

Lower Ground Floor

Exhibition Galleries

Porphyry Court Meeting Room

Lavatories Lecture Theatre


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