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Brian Wallace 3/21/12 Prof. Koyuncu ENGL 106 Living in the 50’s When I first heard about this project I had no idea what I really wanted to do a photo essay on. As time went on and I started to brainstorm I noticed how many things I could use just in my dorm alone. Many dorms here at Purdue are outdated and either need to be gutted and remodeled or simply just knocked down and rebuilt. I originally wanted to talk about my dorm, Owen, and how it needed to be upgraded. No air conditioning, dust everywhere, and pipes sticking out the wall were just a few things that were wrong with the dorm, and I have to live here all year round with all sorts of weather. Then we had our conferences with Prof. Koyuncu and I suggested my idea to him. He came up with the brilliant plan of not talking about how it needed to be upgraded but instead pretending I was back in time and telling a story when Owen was first built. I took off with the idea and walked around my dorm looking for things that looked old fashion and was probably still here from the 50’s. I am sure some things have been updated or remodeled, but there are still a lot of things around the dorm that look out of date and out place. I wanted to make everything I did make it seem like I was in the 50’s. My paragraphs are even in the context of being back in time. Examples like a picture of a furnace but talking about how new it is and how well it works. Most of my pictures are black and white, or have a tan tint to them in order to help capture the 50’s look. This project is the first time I have ever worked

with a photo editing program before. It was defiantly a challenge for me because I was so inexperienced compared to some people who have done it before. I feel like I did a good job with my editing because I believe I captured the objective of my topic. My captions were creative and sometime funny, and my paragraphs are in the correct context with the pictures and time of the 50’s. I didn’t just make them black and white and then write a paragraph because then they would all be the same and not creative enough for a project like this. I used all sorts of black and white variations that Photoshop had to offer. Styles like infrared and old style are just a couple of examples of black and white variations I used on my photos. I really tried not to do the same style on more than one photo in order to obtain a create side and not a repetitive one. I also really enjoyed using the curve applications on my photos. It was really cool on how I could change the depth and density of one part of the photo without changing the other parts at the same time. It really helped me show the depth and contrast of my photos using my black and white methods. On two of my photos I did not use black and white because I wanted to emphasize on something important in the picture. One for example is the red pipes in the stair case of my dorm. The pipes are extremely red and seem out of place and I wouldn’t be able to get that across with using black and white colors. I really wanted to show how unusual and abstract the red pipes were compared to everything else. The other photo I did not use black and white on was the desk in my room. I used the invert application because I felt it really emphasized the desk and what was on it. It made the photo creative and while it might not have followed my topic of old fashion, it defiantly showed the old style that was in and on the desk.

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