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// By Anthony Jong

The Wonderful World of Upgrades

Which ones give you the most bang for your buck?


Anthony Jong BA (Hons), M. Arch. is a contributing writer to Home & Condo Guide-Chinese Edition, and a broker who specializes in residential homes, condos and commercial properties. Email him at, or visit him online at

e are living in a world where customization and individuality is sought in almost every consumer product in the world. From cellphone covers to running shoes to vehicle options, there is an abundance of choice. New homes are no different, and builders have long realized that giving buyers the ability to make upgrades is essential. Entering into a firm offer to purchase a new condominium is only half of the work. The most exciting part of a home purchase for a buyer is going to the design centre and choosing colour schemes, finishes and upgrades. And, to make things easier, an interior designer pre-selects all floor, tile and wall finishes/colours, grouping them into three or four beautifully coordinated packages. However, there are rules and bylaws for condominiums that prohibit certain unit upgrades and renovations after you move in, and you will require the approval of your condo board to proceed. It is therefore recommended that upgrades be done through the builder to save time and avoid potential issues such as warranty concerns.

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Calgary New Condo Guide - July 26, 2013  

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