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Moontown Café Community: 7 Literature Critique: 6 Functionality: 9 Resources: 9 Literary Attention: 9 Total= 40 MoonTown Café is such a nice find, the site layout is refreshing and simple which means you don’t have to go around the corner and through four alleys to find where you want to go. The most uncommon aspect would have to be that all literary work is stored in the forum. When the populace thinks ‘forum’ usually a bland two color page comes to mind where people chat back and forth about how ‘Lord of the Rings’ relates to real life, or the take over of Xbox to Playstation. In MoonTown Café the forum consists of literature categories such as poetry, prose and flash fiction you can choose the one that appeals to you most and start reading other artists’ work or post some yourself. The community is very friendly though not overly strong so if you like a more relaxing ambiance this is for you. You can also add writers to your friends’ list, gain points by commenting and enter contests. The critique that you receive on the site is slightly above 50/50 percent, between an awesomely detailed critique to just a ‘good job’. The good thing is that your poetry will get attention, not right away but if you work at it people will start to review and comment. Also MoonTown and LuLu teamed up to help you selfpublish your poetry or stories. This website is a pearl in the rough, so go on and check it out for good reads as well as submitting some of your own work.


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DeviantART Community: 10 Literature Critique: 6 Functionality: 7 Resources: 6 Literary Attention: 5 Total= 34 Last up is the notorious DeviantART, this place is a heavy hitting art site that shows a lot of artistic categories as well as literature. I would recommend this site more for the writers who also have a love for visual arts since ‘dA’ as it is called by most of its patrons chooses to cater more towards its visual art members. Why would I choose this site for those who want to place their writing online you ask; one word: community. Though the site adorns itself more so for digital art, photography and such the literary community that you will find there is second to none. If you are a recluse and don’t like to mingle I suggest the two sites I mentioned above, but if you want support and help to mature your pieces there are some wonderful people on this site. If you are planning to join for literary reasons here are groups that some of the staff have run across: dA Literature, Scribblers Anonymous, and Live Love Write. DeviantART groups are like little villages filled to the brim with artists of similar interests. If I had to rate the resources for visual artists on this site it would be through the roof, they hold major contests where people from movies, big companies, and head CEOs judge and they get noticed. For example they held a Smart Car contest and the winner got their design on a car, two grand, an Apple Ipad, sixteen thousand DeviantART points, and a year’s subscription. After hearing that you must be waiting to know what the literary community gets, and like many

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