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Places To Submit Your Writing To


sually I find myself wanting to share some philosophical subject with you about the essence of writing, like the harnessing of our lexicon for the purpose of literature, or how to encapsulate your very being in the vehicle of words in order to gain eternal life. Those topics were very heavy intellectual soups that fed the mind until fat, in this issue I will be attempting to give you all a slight breather by critiquing possible places to upload your precious morsels of literary delight. As writers we wonder daily about how our stories, poetry, and other literary creations will fair in the real world. We often ask ourselves if the exposure we receive will soften the purposely placed rough edges on our work or if people will appreciate it for what it is and comment accordingly; the answer to that question is both of course. One of the great things about finding a good place to submit your work is that you will gain supporters who will wait in earnest for each piece you lavish them with, and there will be others who frown at every grammatical error, point to each unclear plot, and pull your work apart sentence by sentence; you will need these two types of people for your work to mature. I will be critiquing five well known sites on: community, literature critique, functionality, resources and literary attention each category will be rated from one to ten, with ten being the highest and best rating. Without further introduction let us begin our short journey though some great literary sites.

LuLu.Poetry Community: 5 Literature Critique: 7 Functionality: 9 Resources: 9 Literary Attention: 10

Lulu.Poetry got off to a rocky start due to them purchasing the domain which was a well known poetry scamming website. Which promised writers (ALL writers) that they were going to be published all they had to do was pay. They also gave people the opportunity to show up at some important convention, but of course they had to pay several hundred dollars to attend. I am sure that many writers have heard the stories of poet’s hopes being smashed with a myriad of lies raining down from this administration and it was hard to welcome this site back even under a honest and trustworthy company such as LuLu. They have taken something that was meant for bad and made a great legitimate business out of it, which poets benefit from. Though the site has a good amount of people you can only communicate with them through comments on their poetry, so there isn’t much interaction between members. You don’t add friends or share msn addresses on this site, so if your looking for a more ‘tight-knit’ place please read on. As for literary critique from readers I have found some good ones, but most just congratulate the writer for accomplishing such an outstanding piece. Where LuLu.Poetry shines is it’s resources and literary attention. This website is out to help poets not only write, but succeed and become better. Art sites with a purpose are beautiful things that must be cherished when found. LuLu.Poetry provides daily, monthly, and yearly contests which you can win up to twenty-five dollars to five grand! Not only that they also help you publish and sell your very own poetry books. What makes the whole package great is that the site is really clean and easy to navigate. This is defiantly worth looking into.

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