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Viejo color Electro

“I love do take morning walks while in India. It gives me another view of the city. Everything is empty, silent .... getting ready for the imminent hurricane of chaos.”

images and reflections to take the photographer on a transcendental voyage to the very edge of creativity. Into this place, steeped in its own history, the photographer Igor Nieto Joly was tossed, “The images of India are those I made them when I went back to live there for the second time in my life, but seven years later. India is a country that is changing very fast, and when I went for the first time in 2000 it was not open to globalization or to the popularizations of technology. But its also a culture with very basic and strong lines, and a lot of the global change in society don’t affect the general flavor in the streets… and I was looking for that, trying to match it with my memories when I photographed her. I got in to photography by my parents. My father

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