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Lake Titicaca Peru by Lech Magnuszewski

traveling around my home country Poland and around the world.” The images we chose to display on the pages of WalkingBlind are a wonderful and varied cross- section of Lech’s digital portfolio, his work really is amazing for one who calls himself an armature photographer, but you shouldn’t take our word for it though, you just have to go and see his gallery for yourself, his work can be found at:

Silence Lake by Lech Magnuszewski

“My first and foremost passion was, is and surely will be photography, which I have been engaged in for over 20 years.”

Gear Watch Lech uses Sony cameras, his gear is as follows: Cameras: Sony Alpha 350, a Sony Alpha 850 and for his lenses: a TAMRON XR di 2875 and a TAMRON 18250

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