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Although I did enjoy sitting at grandmas holding a musty, velvet covered, 100 pound book of images every holiday filled with the puzzling faces of relatives I had never met or care to for that matter, I must confess I am thrilled at the direction the art of photography has taken in this modern world. It is truly a marvel to see the content produced now that today’s photographer has had the fetters of film, darkroom and musty albums removed. In this neo-photographic world, this vast new flood plane of color and shape digitized for all to see the possibilities are seemingly limitless, however just because it is easier to make and share an image does not mean that every image should be shared and not every image is a good one. It still takes talent, a good eye and

Spring Time 1 by Lech Magnuszewski

Photographic albums are a relic, they are fast becoming a thing of memory, a throwback to an age that prized the of holding something physical when looking at an image. Many of those, at least in my day, contained the images of photographers who never ventured far beyond the realm of family and friends with at least a half dozen or so shots of one’s thumb and the family dog may it rest in peace. Today with the advantage of the internet and the relatively low cost of travel, the modern photographer can truly be a global citizen imaging areas around the world in the blink of an eye and sharing them at the speed of light, again with the world at large.

IWater Impression by Lech Magnuszewski

Background Image About the background, entitled The dawn in Himalayas; this image was taken during a flight in the early morning hours. While looking out the window I saw this breath taking view and I simply had to reach for the camera.

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