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Bio: Mads Strand Karlsholm, is a nineteen-year-old from Norway, who is currently studying history and English at university, hoping to one day become a teacher in both. He has been passionate about writing since he was a child, and his love for horror and tragedy can sometimes get the best of him. Dreams and a generally overactive imagination helps push out new writings every now and then. He posts most of his work at

What was your motivation for this piece? (Cassandra): I wrote the initial draft for Cassandra back in 2007, but I have returned to the story many times. The story is a tale of how friendship and love are the most important things in life, and that is the reason why I keep coming back to it. I wanted to write something about the value of companionship, whilst keeping elements of fantasy and tragedy. I wanted to show how love can come from where you least expect it, and that it is important to value all the time you get with your loved ones. Sooner or later, every story has an end.

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