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Salvation as Mine Salvation as mine, I write to forget or to embellish that what is unreal or untruthful, embellishment of realism or timeless forgetfulness.

When the urine soaked rope rots, and falls away remember who you were and are, a grain of sand on a million acre ranch of useless human waste.

Respect is gone, with the livelihood of mankind, dredging the bottom of the unspoken word.

Making greed your father figure, your loser mentality and way of displaced life within the stratosphere of abundance.

Come to me in your adversarial way, punish my obligatory words of kindness and results oriented thought. Piss up the rope of your clamoring injustice and misgivings for time belongs to know one, human or otherwise.

Spread your magate infested wings, and join us at the gates of hell, for death is sure to overtake you.

Salvation as Mine by William Brough

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